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Kurt Lockwood: ADT Bans Me

> Kurt Lockwood Posts on First I get threads locked here, then there and now they “deactivate” me. I’m causing quite a stir!. Fucking hypocrites. All I’m doing is giving back what I’ve been given FOR YEARS and they can’t fuckin’ take it. But they’ll let ALANA THREATEN ME over there but they don’t “deactivate her.” They let Conky post multiple “Anyone Dislike Kurt Lockwood threads” but they never deactivate him. I DEFEND myself and I get deactivated. If porn boards are gonna shut out the very porn stars they are gossiping about then what is the point besides a self-congratulatory circle jerk of haters, losers and wannabe, think-they-know-it-all fanboys. Isn’t there a saying, “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it?”

> Deep Throat responds: As you all know DEEP THROAT has never been wrong! Kurt Lockwood has decided to quit porn, backed out of his SEX Z PICTURES contract, so that he can focus 100% of his time responding to criticisms of himself on adult message boards. Unforunately for XXXPORNTALK.COM, Kurt has been banned from ADT, now they have to suffer through his meltdown and bear most of the burden.

> Lockwood responds: You wish, whoever’s ALT this is. I just thought I’d give y’all at XPT yet more fuel to hate ADT like many here already do. If they are gonna let posters THREATEN ME and I can’t respond, that’s pretty fucking hypocritical.

> Saevus Maximus writes:Get ready for it people because Kurt is heading towards a epic meltdown.

> Lockwood responds: You guys keep saying that but where is the evidence? Five days in and holding steady… I think it’s wishful thinking on your part, but I’m here to stay and I’ve a shot a scene a day since I’ve been posting here, gone to Vegas, saw “O,” went to the “Rock the Bells” concert, and a Dodger game. I’m “steady as she goes,” mate. Sorry to disappoint you.

> Cleetus VanDamme writes: Adt never lets anyone speak ill of the pornstars, even if it is another in the industry as far as I can see. I’m old my memory fails me but didn’t they do Jewel that way too?

> Safado writes:You know, while I always thought your scenes were annoying and to be honest, GAY as fuck but I never understood the hate people have for you.

That is until now that you’ve become a member and started posting, Jesus Christ just get over yourself already.

> Lockwood responds: No one can please everybody. And I don’t give a fuck if you like me. For everyone one of you, I have at least two fans that do like me. So, eat it.

> Conky writes: Kurt, for what it’s worth, I have created maybe two threads in a year about you that weren’t direct pick ups from Gene or Luke. Yes, I bumped a bunch of Kurt threads created by other posters, but get your facts right before you let fly. And again, I have NEVER posted at ADT! I’m not Conquistador. How many times do you have to be told?

Such inaccuracy in a man of your intellect is unbecoming.

But here’s a genuine question for you: how do you think the rest of the industry–and we both know a lot of them check the threads–is reacting to your outstanding work here?

> Safado writes: Seriously, I can understand your annoyance at all the shit that is said about you but did you ever stop and consider that you bring it on yourself?

The world dosen’t evolve around “Kurt Lockwood”. If you’re happy and you have fans then great.

Ignore everyone else and the bashing will stop, as it is, you just keep handing people ammunition to use against you.

> JRV writes: I can’t believe ADT banned Kurt without giving him a chance to explain the gerbils.

> Saevis maximus writes: I bet if you ban Kurt from here he kills himself this weekend.

> Lockwood responds: Just the opposite. That would be a clear victory on my part that I brought the haters to their knees and they couldn’t take their own medicine. Even if they would post about me after that, like at ADT now, it is from a chickenshit defeated position. Real brave to talk about somebody who you block out so they can’t respond back.

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