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Kurt Lockwood Calls Out “Skankus”

Kurt Lockwood posts on the AVN blog: I swore to Gene Ross I wasn’t ever gonna do this. I really did NOT want to respond to SKANKUS because this is exactly what he wants- me, us, everyone talking about his favorite topic… himself -meaning this industry hanger-on and self-professed “attention whore.” Everything this fool does is geared to turning whatever our industry has to offer into a daily commercial about himself. When I didn’t respond to his continuous attacks he got so frustrated that he took advantage of this anonymous registering board and posted weak shit as me against him (he posts as others -including his g/f- all the time) so that he could get attention. How pathetic.

I’ve got news for you Skankus, and this may a bit of an eye opener for you… Porn and any subsequent perks like FAME is for PORN STARS, DIRECTORS, and the money men, period. (Much love to tech and crew, too, tho!) But you and the rest of the bloggers are MEDIA, you write and talk ABOUT US, you particularly, are like the Fat O’Brian of the industry. I, for one, cannot believe that in a town of L.A.-with porn-loving rockstars (Mark McGrath?), comics, t.v. stars… that YOU are the best they can get to host XRCO.

What was Pauley Shore busy?

Now to the real issue.

Something I have never commented publicly on until now because I’m not like you, you rat-snitch-fat-snail.When I went to kick the living shit out of you at the Jim Holiday Memorial for talking shit… First of all, it was a memorial and NOT a funeral. You always try to make it sound like Mr. Holiday himself was laid out right there when in fact, he wasn’t he’d been cremated. Plus, the memorial had been over for about fifteen minutes with most people already filing out.

Second of all, other than two girls (who you hid behind like a pussy) NO ONE knew I had gotten in your face. Not even Gene Ross and Ron Jeremy who was sitting five feet away noticed a thing. I was that discreet. Third of all, as far as me wanting a place where it would be “broke up quick,” I BEGGED YOU TO STEP OUTSIDE LIKE A MAN YOU LYING MOTHERFUCKER!! But again you pussied out and as soon as the girls got in between us I could see in your eyes that you couldn’t wait to get home to post all about it on the internet like the rat-snitch-gossip-bitch you are. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how bravely YOU CALLED ME ON THE PHONE a half hour later to “break bad,” tough guy.

Fourth of all, by your own admission you admit that you had been talking shit about me on and off-camera. And the shit you have been talking… Listen asshole, again, by your own admission I have had a girlfriend for seven months, so fucking say whatever you want because the business will see right thru your bullshit for what it is- busllshit from jealous haters who ain’t got nothing goin on in their own lives. But most importantly, I want you to watch how NOTHING YOU SAY WILL CHANGE A FUCKING THING because YOU don’t mean a fucking thing to this business. I will work as much as ever because unlike yourself I AM DAMN GOOD AT MY JOB.

Fifth, you admit you had been talking all this shit anyway so why is it so hard for you to get thru your neanderthal brain that THAT is why I was gonna beat you to a whimpering pulp and not because of an ex of mine THAT I HAD PUBLICLY BROKEN UP WITH MONTHS BEFORE AND WAS ALREADY LIVING WITH MY NEW GIRLFRIEND. HELLO? And the “I’m with your bitch” comment you made. SO FUCKING WHAT?!! She’s not “my bitch” and I haven’t wanted her as “my bitch” for seven fucking months now! (I can’t believe my ex let’s you to refer to her as ever being “my bitch” anyway-that’s so condescending and cheap but then so are you.)

Sixth, I want this over. One way or the other. I have ZERO interest in you or my ex. I have moved on and so should you. I want your bullshit from you and her to stop. No more of your imposter postings, no more snide remarks, and as to your challenge to fight. I work out with 250 lbs. about three times a week and run about fifteen miles. I’ve got you on strength, speed, stamina, fighting skill and heart. Not too mention I would just REALLY LOVE to make you pay painfully for all your bullshit. (Oh yea, I’m full blooded Irish, bitch.) Oh and by the way, I’ve been training cage-fighting with DICK DELAWARE and we’ll be at the gym this Wed. night in fact. You’re welcome to stop by. Just make sure your medical insurance is paid up. Either that or shut the fuck up and you both need to LET IT GO AND MOVE ON!! And lastly, since you have stated that your ultimate goal is to one day host the AVN AWARDS, let me say this… The day our industry’s prestigious version of the OSCARS/ACADEMY AWARDS lowers itself to let the likes of a nobody hanger-on like SKANKUS host it is the day I and a whole lot of other AVN AWARD WINNERS who have been honored and included in the grand tradition of this business will be sending our treasured AVN AWARDS back because membership just won’t be worth anything anymore and it will be a truly, truly sad day…

Ashton Moore weighs in:First of all I think this Wankus/Kurt Lockwood feud is somewhat ridiculous. I know all parties involved including my very good friend Tyler Faith. I have never had any problems with any of them and have always thought of them as nice people. I am very happy to see Wankus and Tyler together for the mere fact that my girl Miss Tyler is extremely happy, probably happier than I have ever seen her. So if Wankus is responsible for this and he is treating her well than he is a good guy in my book. Not that my opinion or my thoughts really matter to anyone but I felt that it necessary to comment on this issue. Over the last few months I have spoken to Wankus quite a few times since him and Tyler are always together. I have been on his show and he and Tyler came out to Arizona for my birthday party last month. He is a genuine guy who is funny and is very knowledgeable especially when it comes to matters involving the adult industry. Let’s all just play nice 🙂



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