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Kylee King Has Week to Pay Says Harry-final

Porn Valley- Even when she’s caught on tape, Kylee King will tell you what you’re hearing isn’t what you’re hearing. Earlier this week King was on The Wanker Show stating that I had misquoted her in an interview she did on KSEX a week before. Except there’s just one thing. I audiotape all the KSEX shows I write about. Thursday night on The Goddess of Gush show, Harry Weiss announced that King owes him money and indicated that some of his points are proven, likewise, by King’s being caught on tape. This was a behind the scenes tape shot on a Defiance Films, set.

On his deadbeat bitches and bastards segment, Weiss announced that King owes him $1,000. Weiss acknowledged that King had been on Wankus’ show earlier and said he was going to give King a chance and an opportunity to pay up.

“I’m basically a good guy,” said Weiss. “I’ll give you a chance to own up to your debts without having to make a whole public thing about this. But Kylee King apparently thinks otherwise.

“Kylee, I don’t know if I can blame you as much as bad parenting,” Weiss continued. “Apparently your parents did not instill in you things like honesty, honor, and integrity.” Weiss, noting that I would probably be doing a recap, asked that the words be spelled correctly so that King could look them up.

“Obviously she has no understanding of these words.”

Weiss went on to note, without naming Kevin Rubio, that King had been working with someone who just wanted to jump her bones. Then he addressed the Derek comments that King made on The Wanker Show.

“In her story on Adultfyi she [also] claims the other person who’s representing her now is [allegedly] jumping her bones,” Weiss said. “Apparently I’m the only one who had no interest in jumping her bones, I just wanted to make her money and make a few dollars myself by helping the girl out.” Weiss read the recap of King’s interview in which King stated that Weiss did get her work.

“That’s right- I sure fucking did,” said Weiss, noting that King did flake on a lot of jobs.

“She says that I invoiced her but he, [meaning Weiss], never had a contract with her,” Weiss continued quoting King. “If he tried to sue me it’s actually prostitution. I believe.”

“Let’s cover that now,” said Weiss addressing King. “Just so you fucking understand things, whoever is giving you advice just doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. You are not going to be arrested for prostitution because you were hired for an acting role. I negotiated and got jobs for you so that has nothing to do with prostitution. In my case you’re trying to say I’m pandering? But I’m protected the same way that you are because I got you acting roles. You did not go somewhere and have sex with someone for money. So whoever is giving you advice definitely doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.”

Weiss then addressed the issue brought up by King that she never had a contract with him.

“Sweetheart, true. We did not have a written contract,” Weiss admitted. “However we did have an oral contract and since the very first job I got you, you paid me with a check. That constitutes you ratifying the oral contract. I know that’s another big word. Take your time. Look it up. And then fuckin’ read the rest of the story.”

Now that he had established a paper trail proving the contract, Weiss said King received invoices from him listing dates and jobs that she did.

“That because of what my abilities got for you and negotiated for you,” Weiss explained. “There’s verification and proof that I did get you this work. Understand that. I’m not some idiot that you’re dealing with, here. Then you tell the story about going to Glamis with Taylor Rain for Defiance. I quote you: ‘There was $3,000 and for some reason I only got $1500 out of it.’

“Let me explain something to you,” Weiss went on to say. “You were hired by them because I negotiated a deal where you’d go to Glamis with them for a road trip-style shoot. And you would only work two scenes: a three-girl scene; and a girl-girl-boy scene. Apparently my understanding is- and I have witnesses who will verify and testify to this- you spent a lot more time partying than you ever did working. The one scene you did participate in, was the girl-girl-boy scene and apparently all you did was suck a little dick and that was it. So that doesn’t constitute much of a performance. You were supposed to be the star of this movie and you could have made up to $5,000 for a lousy five days working three scenes maximum. That’s a pretty fucking good deal and I don’t know any girl in this business who wouldn’t jump at that. But you did a lot of bullshit and you blame people when you broke your wrist. You claim that they didn’t want to take you to the hospital. Apparently on videotape, they’re offering to take you to the hospital and you were saying, no, I’m having too much fun- I’ll go another time. That’s pretty fucked up.”

As for the additional $1500 King claims Weiss owes her, Weiss said that Keith at Defiance claims to have on videotape King admitting the fact that she fucked up their movie and that she only did a partial scene; and what they paid her was more than generous compensation for what she did.

“And you offered to do a makeup scene for free,” Weiss added. “On videotape. So once again, more evidence against you.” On the matter of a lawsuit, Weiss said his attorney and collection agent [who is the same person] got in touch with King.

“Apparently your story differs every time something comes out of your mouth,” said Weiss. “He tried to explain to you all the evidence he has against you and that we can easily sue you and win. In case we do go to court, as you stated to Wankus, you’re now living at the LA Direct house. Guess what? Your real name in court will become public record. And your residence will become public record and it will be public for anybody who wants to find out where a bunch of porn chicks are living. So just remember things you don’t want to have public will become public in a public court. My attorney has advised me that he really, really, really wants to take you to court. His words are basically that it’s a slam dunk and you, for some reason, have deluded yourself into thinking you’re not going to have to pay what you owe.”

Weiss then offered King some wiggle room, giving her one week to cough up the $1,000. But Weiss also warned King that if she goes to court and loses she’ll pay that and interest plus court fees; his lawyer’s fees, etc.

“And you will lose- my lawyer is an expert in collections,” Weiss predicted, noting that if King retained an attorney that would cost her additional money.

“Or you can do the right thing and be honest and pay up,” he said. “Or we will go to court. I have no problem with that.”


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