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Kylie Worthy Interviewed- final

Porn Valley- Kylie Worthy, who’s with L.A. Direct Models, was a guest on The Wanker Show Friday night. Worthy is brand new to the business and has done maybe 25 scenes so far. Worthy ran an escort agency in Arizona and closed it down. Worthy said she was licensed but wasn’t getting the kind of business she was expecting. Worthy would also make herself available for the higher end clients.

Worthy was born and raised on a tiny farm in Colorado, she went on to relate. “I managed the farm the entire time and decided I needed the change.” Worthy moved to Arizona, interviewed to be a phone operator with a porn operation and took it over right from the beginning. It was suggested that maybe Worthy make herself available to the big spenders.

Worthy grew up a Denver Broncos fan. Her brother and sister are cool with the fact that she’s in the business. Her sister’s husband is on a military base and is always asking for Worthy’s movies. “My little brother is, like, just tell me what you did so I don’t buy it.” Other than that, Worthy’s told a select few of her friends but not everyone.

Worthy got into the porn business by answering an ad in the newspaper. “It said adult modeling.” Worthy said because she did pix for the escort agency, this was not a problem. But Worthy didn’t want to give out the name of the company whose ad she answered. “They were horrible. It was a gentleman from Tucson.” Wankus assumed a POV was involved and Worthy said, pretty much. “But it was not going to happen.” The guy, according to Worthy, sent her to work with his partner in L.A.- Thomas Hope.

“He’s horrid- don’t anybody go with him,” said Worthy, unclear as to whether she was talking about Hope or the partner in Tucson. “He’s just a jerk. He’s, like, let’s do a POV. We’re going to have you do anal, let me practice.” Worthy said she then moved to L.A. Direct. “He’s been the best,” she says. Worthy says she gets a lot of work and Wankus imagined that she must have to work every day. “It’s like a sweat shop-almost.” Worthy said she can take time off and Wankus found that surprising. “Most girls can’t say that with Derek.”

Worthy begged to differ. Worthy also works with girls, depending on the girl, and says she’s been told her scenes are cool. She also does facials and swallows. She just started anal. Wankus assumed that Derek was getting good money on her behalf, noting that one 18 year-old is already commanding $1200 for b-g. “I tried to book her- she shot three scenes.” Worthy’s first anal scene started off with Talon. “But it didn’t work out- it was a little messy because I’ve not done anal. I don’t do it in my personal life.” Worthy then worked with Van Damage. “It was my actual, actual first A.”

Worthy said she was nervous, nonetheless and Wankus advised against Taco Bell beforehand. “I didn’t know what you had to day,” said Worthy, noting that she didn’t eat the day before. “I took too much enema.”

Regarding Talon, Wankus said he’s a decent performer but that he hates his family. “I hate TT Boy and all those scumbags.” Worthy said she didn’t know Talon was related. Wankus also advised her to stay away from Harry, the uncle. Worthy hasn’t tried d.p.’s as yet. Now that she’s done anal on screen, Wankus asked Worthy about doing it in her personal life. Worthy said there’s not much of a personal life there. “It’s hard- I’m in an industry that if you tell someone you’re in it and they’re not in it, they’re, oooooooooooooooooooooh!” On the other hand, Worthy was of the opinion that if you’re in an industry romance, you have to keep it hush-hush in some instances.

Worthy said she would also consider doing bukkakes and blowbangs but no anal milkshakes. She’ll also do interracials. Worthy, who’s going to be 27 Sunday, is satisfied with the fact she got into the business but thinks some people shouldn’t. Asked if she had any second-thoughts about being in the business, Worthy said, yes, during a Chlamydia scare. “I didn’t have it, but I got a call from somebody saying, oh, I have it.” Wankus assured Worthy that she would get it, rest assured. Worthy said that would scare her to death. “Other than that I have no regrets.”

Asked if there were any male performers who have rocked her world, Worthy was hesitant to say because, maybe, she’s done the guy off camera. By the same token, Worthy said she worked with Rico and that was a bad experience. “He was disgusting- that was supposed to be my first scene ever. And it’s interracial? Great. He had cottage cheese under his balls. I was brand new. I didn’t know what to do. I puked.” Worthy said she was also working for a jerky director. “Then the director’s like it’s all her fault.” Worthy then found out that Rico does bisexual movies. Wankus said a lot of male gay talent have either shot gay or done personal gay shit. “You can change your name as a male porn star and make a lot of money making gay porn on the side. I don’t have a problem with that but from a girl’s perspective, I should know about that. I really think a girl should be notified- hey, I’m working both sides. The gay community does not test the way the straight community does.”

So far everyone Worthy has worked with has been real nice, she says. Worthy also notes that some directors have asked her if she wanted to do a “private” after the scene. They’ve offered her cash; some have offered her an extra $500. Wankus has heard about directors being skeevy, touchy-feely and asking girls out. “But I’ve never heard of a director who propositioned for money. I’m sure it happens.” Worthy was told by one guy whatever your price is, I’ll pay it. “He said I’m tested- I said good for you.” Worthy started working in the business the middle of April. She did maybe five or six scenes for Hope, noting that he had also sent her on some jobs where there were no discernible cameras.

Wankus said there are so many scumbags in the business that Worthy was performing a service by letting girls know what they’re in for. Asked if she wanted to promote any of her movies, Worthy said she didn’t know half of them out. “I know I’m in Whore Gaggers 7. Or Throat Gaggers 7. It’s one of the two.” Worthy also noted that she was getting calls to do MILF movies. Wankus said, nah. Worthy said, yeah, that she has two kids.


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