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LA City Beat Visits Pam Peaks Kitchen

Porn Valley- In the biggest, buffest house on an otherwise nondescript block in Valley Village, Pamela Peaks (star of numerous adult films, including Deep Inside Pamela Peaks) is getting ready to whip up a meal. Somehow, everything from a porn star’s mouth has a double meaning. “I need the juice from three lemons,” she says.

The director laughs, noting everything looks “very tasty.”

It’s his job on the set to keep the dialogue moving. He pans the hand-held from one casually dressed man to four women in miniskirts, bikinis, boots, and stilettos. There are compliments all around: “You ladies look very attractive tonight. You outdid yourselves.”

The camera rolls: “Good evening out there in TV land. My name is Pamela Peaks … we know you’ll enjoy the show. We are here to service you. So lay down, take off all your clothes, have a drink, have a cigarette, and call us in the morning.”

“That’s Ms. Panther,” Peaks says, pointing to a beautiful African-American woman in a deep green, plunging mini dress. She looks to be about 19 but is actually a 27-year-old student, majoring in economics. “I met Ms. Panther a few months ago. Isn’t she hot?” The co-stars – themselves all luminaries in the adult world – agree.

“Totally hot,” the director says.

“Are you into orgies?” Peaks asks the cast. “Have you ever done an orgy on camera? What was your favorite scene?”

“White Trash Whores No. 13,” answers world-famous adult star Harley Raine. She’s kind of a cross between Courteney Cox and Natalie Wood, and, according to her website (, has done more than 300 adult films in a decade. She shrugs. “I can’t remember them all.”

The director interrupts: “Who is watching your pots and pans?”

Welcome to In the Kitchen With Pamela Peaks, the world’s first and only reality-TV porn cooking show (as far as we know), streaming live every Wednesday night on local access TV courtesy of Adelphia, Time Warner, and Comcast cable (check for details).

Each week, Peaks invites a few guest stars to help her cook and enjoy a five-star meal on camera. They stand behind the island in the well-stocked kitchen, chopping onions, mincing herbs, rubbing up against each other, and stirring the sauce. Eventually they will also get naked, have sex, and try not to burn the food.

Hey, it happens. And when it does, Peaks calls the “firemen” to come put out the blaze.

“It’s Emeril gone porn,” Peaks explains, waving one of her recipe lists. In fact, no other description is necessary. Tonight’s main course – a dish of shrimp and scallops over linguine – was borrowed from a magazine, but Peaks has given it a more intriguing name. All the dishes get “pornish” names, she explains; tonight she’s serving “Prawns My Scallop Crispy,” with apple martinis mixed by Kitty Lee (she used to be a bartender) as an aperitif. (See recipes below.)

A successful producer, agent, Pamela Anderson look-alike, centerfold, and adult industry journalist, Peaks had done more than 70 episodes of her cooking show before leaving to spend a year in Europe, working in a brothel in a red light district. One of the first things she set out to do upon returning was to bring back the cooking show. This segment features Raine, Panther, Lori Lust, Lee and Lee’s boyfriend Dan Lewis, who has been busy chopping herbs and chilis and is the only guy in the mix. One male observer seems to think that this is “a lot of pressure.”

Peaks reassures cast and onlookers that Lewis can handle it and Lewis agrees. “It won’t be too difficult,” he says.

And it goes like that: Sexual banter and cooking instructions, which Peaks delivers nonstop, occasionally turning to fondle someone’s breasts and comment on their outfits, bodies, favorite co-stars, or recent jobs. The other three women follow along – tops scrunched down revealing some of the most famously enormous breasts in the industry (three women have silicone, two have natural; all bra sizes are available on their websites). They answer provocatively, chop and stir, reveal sexual fantasies, giggle, and pass the salt.

“Anything goes: nudity, fucking, cursing,” Peaks explains. “There’s no FCC here.” One of her questions, for instance, is: “Do you do anal and do you do it off-camera?”

Wherever the dark side of the adult industry is, it’s not on this set. In fact, watching Peaks shelling prawns, prepping ingredients, and handing out orders, you get the impression she could just as easily run IBM. The cast and crew casually interact with each other (on- and off-camera) as old friends or new acquaintances. (“Everyone around Pam is normal,” Raine offered earlier.) Peaks even asks the solid mainstream stuff, like, if Ms. Panther’s parents know she’s in the business. The answer is, unbelievably, they don’t, despite the fact that Ms. Panther is all over cyberspace and on adult-magazine covers, and has her own adult website at

Porn stars rarely get credit for this – for anything really beyond that maybe incomprehensible ability to have all that sex onscreen – but she really is a competent and funny talk show host. As anyone who has watched amateurs vie for their own show on the Food Network can attest, it’s hard enough just to cook and talk on TV, much less dish industry dirt, conduct nonstop interviews, and squeeze the co-stars’ tits.

(Last year, one Food Network contestant became so unglued just trying to roll out the pizza dough that he ended up completely covered in flour. Now, when that happens to Peaks, it’s pretty likely she planned it that way.)

This is Lust’s second appearance on In the Kitchen. In the previous episode, she chopped an apple. “It was rotten,” she laughs, “and it got a little crazy. They were making this sweet dish with apples. One girl put cinnamon all over me and licked it off. It was all messy. But we had fun.”

“I know the guys who are in shape like Tommy Gunn really appreciate you,” Peaks remarks. It’s a nice compliment. Lust turns to show off her rear and says they “grab her butt” a lot.

Billed as “The Best Body in the Industry,” Lust escaped Michigan and an abusive husband whom she says kept her locked up at home “in a closet,” wouldn’t let her wear sexy outfits, or even listen to the radio.

“But here I am now,” she announces, triumphant that in one short year she’s already been on Howard Stern’s radio show, hosted a Playboy Mansion party with Spike TV, is both a porn and mainstream model, and has a series of bestselling workout videos that come in tame, high heels with fishnets, and totally naughty versions.

We leave before they burn the food, so there is no way to accurately report about how the whipped cream finale turns out. Which is sort of a shame, when you think about it, since Peaks insists her dinner guests love the sweets. “In one show we made a chocolate brownie desert,” she enthuses, “and we had all this cream and cherries. We rubbed it on everyone and licked it off. It turned out great.”V


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