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LA Direct Night at Rouge

Porn Valley- Since this Tuesday is LA Direct night at Rouge, Wankus had another crew from LA Direct Models on his KSEX show this week. His guests included Kaylynn, Shanon Kelly, Isis Love and Vivian West. Kaylynn was his co-host, substituting for Rebecca Love.

Later on in the program, Wankus continued with his call-a-con segment in which Jay gave him an update from the North County Correctional Facility. Jay, who dates one of Tyler Faith’s girlfriends, got pinched for drugs. Monday night Jay was talking about the time he fucked Cindy Crawford after karaoke one night while Crawford’s husband waited outside his bedroom. And once the hubby had enough of Jay banging his girl, instead of barging in the room and being a man, he faked an asthma attack.

Wankus earlier told a story about how Kaylynn walked into KSEX and the first thing she said was, “It smells like ball sac in here.”

“Totally- it smells like balls,” she agreed. Asked if she was still doing the show Totally Busted, Kaylynn said she had been doing it for its length. Generally the shows on Playboy suck, said Wankus, but that one was pretty good. Kaylynn said a lot of people recognize her from that show Kaylynn also mentioned that Joel Lawrence now has her on his Gold Star Modeling site,

“I never had agents before,” she explained. “I just decided the last couple of months I’m not doing this any more. They can do it for me.” Kaylynn said she’s just hanging around her house waiting for the phone to ring. Wankus was curious how the Rouge night worked out since Kaylynn’s with Lawrence.

“I was with Derek and he fired me!” she laughed. “It was something a little bit more severe. He couldn’t believe all the shit that was happening to me on the sets. It was bizarre shit. Like a pizza man showed up at this one location I was shooting on.” According to Kaylynn, the pizza man grabbed her tit. And Kaylynn said she was all dressed up and didn’t even look like she belonged on a porn set. Wankus wondered what kind of reaction she had when the guy grabbed her tit.

“He would have gotten more of a reaction if he had just mugged me,” said Kaylynn. “I can’t believe that someone would have the gall to walk up to you and just grab your titty. I didn’t even have time to think. I just got really fucked up and stunned then walked back into the house with the pizza box. I kind of sat there and was all screwed up about it. Five minutes later, I told somebody but he was gone. They ran out there looking for him- probably to give him a job.”

Kaylynn explained that another reason that she’s on tonight’s roster was the fact she knows the guy who owns the club. Kaylynn said she’s gone to the club a number of times in support and always sees her fans there. Kaylynn used to dance and was with The Lee Network.

“I haven’t danced in awhile but it’s alright,” she said. “I have weak knees- just kidding. That pole really beats you up.” Kaylynn said with all the fans cheering at you, you tend to throw yourself on the stage. Kaylynn laughed about how once she got her boobs, it made her job easier and cut the effort in half. Wankus was then showing his viewers some pix from the Erotic Expo in New York then came across the one featuring Flower Tucci’s ass popping out of her dress. Although he didn’t mention her by name, it was fairly obvious who he was talking about.

“Is that a female?” asked Kaylynn.

“I’m not going to out her name because I don’t want to embarrass her,” said Wankus. “But what are you thinking wearing that? You got balls if you’ve got a nice ass. But that ass? Are you fuckin’ kidding?”

“That just doesn’t look right,” said Kaylynn. “There’s not even a word for it.”

Asked if she was a MySpacer, Kaylynn said no but warned everyone that there was a Kaylynn imposter who used to be in the business and went by the name Honey.

“That is the bitch that is doing it- she’s a fucking meth head.” According to Kaylynn, Honey’s still sore because Kaylynn kicked her out of her house. Kaylynn also gave a shout out to a guy named Walter, indicating that she’s been banging him for two years. Kaylynn talked about how she was stopped by some guy the other day as she was getting in her car.

“He said next time you’re on MySpace just accept me- stop denying me,” she said. “Dude, I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about.” Wankus was chatting about the fact that Weight Watchers has pulled its ads off of MySpace because it caters to porn stars, noting that when KSEX first started up, it appropriated some of the funny Budweiser commercials to give itself credibility.

“We got a cease and desist letter from Budweiser,” he said. “We wrote back we were doing it at no charge to you. They were, thank you, we don’t want any free advertising. We wrote back, how about an advertising package. They said we don’t want to associate ourselves with adult. You’re beer. Give me a fucking break.”


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