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LA Direct Night at Rouge-final

Porn Valley- On his Monday night KSEX show Wankus had the LA Direct girls that will be performing at Rouge Tuesday night. First on tap was Brandy Talore. Talore said she had been on KSEX several months ago and said she was upset because she was billed as Bobbie Taylor. “That’s why we got rid of that old producer who produced the show,” said Wankus. “Now I do it myself. That’s also why I moved to coffee and let the Jack Daniels go.” Talore explained that the spelling of her last name had to do with a domain name dispute. Talore also made note of the fact that she’s packing 36DDD’s. As if it needed to be said, Talore mentioned that she has a hard time finding bras. “Do you go to the parachute store?” Wankus asked her. Talore also said that after her last appearance on KSEX, she took a break and went home. “I went to Disneyworld,” she said. “And I just got back a week ago. I’m back into everything. I’ve done New Sensations movies. and I do a million of their movies.” Talore hinted that there might be someone in her personal life. “I’m a picky girl,” she said. “I don’t like the guys to come up and go, wow you’re hot. I know. I like funny people and to have fun. I’m seeing someone. He’s okay, I guess for now. We’ll see if he makes the cut.” Talore said he’s non-industry and is cool about what she does for now. Talore also said that she won’t let people dictate to her. “Nobody does that to me,” she said. Talore also suspects that she ruins porn for people. “I tell them the truth and people are, like, really, wow.” To that extent Talore thinks she killed the porn image for her present boyfriend. “He sees that it’s wok even though there’s a lot of stuff I don’t tell him,” she laughs. “Other than that, he sees that it’s work.” Wankus said he’ll tell people that t many of he girls are ugly as fuck in person and that the sets are boring and that there isn’t cocaine everywhere. “I’ve never seen drugs on a porn set,” Talore agreed. “Apparently you haven’t worked with Cytherea!” Wankus laughed. Because she doesn’t do drugs herself, Talore suspects that people feel the need to keep them away from her. “But sets are boring,” Talore also agreed. “They’re usually like the camera guy, the makeup artist- you do your thing and that’s it.” When asked, Talore couldn’t think of any favorite people to work with. But Talore said she definitely has people she hates. “Saturday I do this scene with this guy,” she continues. “He’s not so friendly. He’s been in the business a long time and I’m this new girl to him. He couldn’t keep up, couldn’t do it, couldn’t open up to the camera; pretty much couldn’t do anything.” Wankus found that hard to believe of a guy who’s been around for awhile. Talore said she was upset. “I tried to be helpful in this one part of the scene,” she explained. “He’s like, hey, don’t tell me what to do. I’ve been in this a long time. I’m, like, dude, don’t be rude. That was pretty much my bad scene. But he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t open up. That was the biggest part- opening up to the camera. I was, like, okay, seriously- give up, now and move on.” Talore wouldn’t mention the guy and said he was probably cursing her out. Talore said she didn’t want anyone to know she did the scene because it was horrendous. Talore mentioned that the minute she walked off the set she texted Derek and said never again. Talore has never been to Rouge but she’s been dancing about five years. “I’m totally nervous- I’m terrified,” she said, however. “Even though I’ve been dancing a long time what if I suck? They say it’s a big LA Direct-thing and you know those bitches are waiting to bash on me.” Wankus told her she’ll be fine and Talore admitted that she knows how to put on a pretty good show. “I can dance.” Missy Monroe then came on and Wankus asked if her tits were natural. Wankus was trying to recall the last time Monroe was on his show. He remembered her as being brunette. Monroe said she’s been all colors. She also sports a new tat- a pink dove- on her shoulder. Monroe also suspects she’ll have a tattooed sleeve like Janine. Monroe thinks Janine’s hot and Wankus thought Janine somewhat ruined herself with the tats. “I want to fuck her ass,” said Monroe who’s been dancing a lot and just completed two Vivid movies last week. “She does great girl-girl scene” Wankus replied. “You do a little of everything- you get pretty crazy,” said Wankus. Monroe said she has a “no” list as far as performers but not what she’ll do. Monroe mentioned one guy, RB, and Wankus didn’t know who he was. “His dick is like a mushroom- it’s disgusting,” said Monroe mentioning that it also stunk. Monroe said she’s worked with Ron Jeremy but this guy’s dick was worse. On the subject of aromas, Wankus said Jeremy was a great guy but had one. Monroe said she did a scene with Jeremy at the Tampa show and that the only time he was hard was when he was cumming. “Well he is getting older,” Wankus conceded. “But that cock has been in 30,000 pussies. Give him a break. he’s paid his dues.” Asked what it was like to be one of 30,000 women, Monroe said, sexy. “I feel very purified.” Monroe said there were a couple of girls on her list but didn’t want to trash them. Wankus was perfectly content to allow the guys that honor, however. As illustration, Monroe said while she’s good friends with Sascha, she can’t fuck him any more. “I’m good friends with him- I like him a lot- but in my movies I direct I put him in the scene with me,” she said. “But the last time I worked with him he was too rough. I couldn’t breathe.” Monroe said her muscle was pulled and she hurt for three days as a result. Other than that, Monroe said he was a great person. The craziest thing she’s done, said Monroe, may have been a 12-guy anal gangbang. “It started out with two guys- Michael Steffano and Sean Michaels,” she said. “I went to three guys, then four guys…” So far Monroe said she’s done four double-anals. “That’s with guys- I’ve done two with girls.” Monroe’s also attempted a triple but the third guy realized he was going to be sandwiched between two other dicks and freaked. “He probably closet fucks the other guys in the ass,” said Wankus. Monroe recalled another scene where 42 guys came on her face and Kami Andrews then licked it off. “There was so much cum- I was, like, oh my God.” Wankus imagined that it must have been pretty smelly at that point. Monroe realized that she wasn’t in Kansas any more when she did her first anal scene for Red Light District. “I did four guys d.p. my first anal,” she said, pointing out that she waited a year and half before doing her first anal. Monroe said it wasn’t for the rate as much as longevity. For now she’s chilling out and not really dating anyone, she said. But when asked she admitted she was dating Flower Tucci’s ex, Mike. Wankus wondered how they hooked up. “Just friends,” said Monroe. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Monroe mentioned the fact that she was in The DaVinci Load and read an interview that said she was a better actor than Tom Hanks. Wankus wondered if Monroe’s new boyfriend had any issues with what she does. “With me if you don’t like what you see, leave,” she replied. “What you see is what you get and I’m not going to change for anybody. It doesn’t matter. I’m me. I like to fuck whoever I want.” Wankus said Mike having dated Flower dealt with a lot of shit. “But we’ll leave it at that,” he laughed. Asked if she had a website, Monroe does, “I’m actually buying it right now from the guy,” she said. “I’ve already got my site built up. I’m just switching over, soon.” Vixen, the redhead of the group, was next on the couch. “She is tall,” Wankus commented. “You got some legs. Wow.” Vixen is a 36 C while Monroe tapes at a 34-D. Wankus thought she looked familiar but Vixen said she just got into the business in March. Wankus thought it was because they were looking to cast some girls for a Ream Tyler shoot and Vixen asked why they didn’t hire her. “Tyler was looking for some blond girls,” he replied. “We’ll get you down the road- don’t worry.” Before she got into porn, Vixen was selling phones for T-Mobile and told about how she went a year and a half without a date and that’s why she got into porn. “I got up in the morning, went to work and didn’t come home until 11 o’clock at night and went to sleep,” she continued. Wankus suspected that probably because she was around a bunch of nerdy guys there wasn’t anyone attractive for her. “Did you ever fool around with the manager in the back room?” he asked her. “Not the manager,” she said. “The guy I’m dating now is the guy I recruited, hired, trained and assisted in the hiring of. I molested him.” Vixen said the guy started off as a good friend and spent many nights in her guest bedroom. “But I’m at his house and he keeps feeding me vodka and more and more,” she continued. “Then all I remember is his dick was somehow in my mouth. He molested me.” They’re now dating. “And you still keep finding his dick in your mouth, it’s so strange,” Wankus laughed. Asked how she made the transaction to porn, Vixen said she was joking around. “I said you know what? I’m so sick of selling phones, I might as well fuck people over their cellphone plans and their bills,” she said apologizing to anyone she did that to. She then went from fucking people over to fucking them. When she told her boyfriend she was thinking about going into porn he told her he thought the same thing. “But I didn’t want to go to LA,” he told her. “I said, really? Well, I’m going to go do porn,” she told him in turn. Vixen said he didn’t think she was serious until he had to drive her to the airport. According to her, this all happened in Georgia and that the boyfriend is still there. She flies back home one week a month. Vixen said her boyfriend no longer thinks about getting into the business. “I’m his porn bitch,” she said. “I’m all the fame he needs.” Vixen said she would up with a shady agent at first but wasn’t going to name him. “They’re no longer in business,” she stated. “It was a guy who owned a bunch of locations. His girlfriend decided she wanted to be an agent and he found out she was lying to him. She broke up with him. The guy’s really nice and he didn’t do anything wrong. That’s why I don’t want to name him.” Vixen said by the end of the first month she was ready to leave porn. “I made less money than I would at a legitimate job,” she commented. “This is embarrassing.” Vixen’s first scene was a boy-girl with someone she forgot. “I was kind of nervous but they made me feel really comfortable,” she said. “The set cleared.” Vixen also mentioned that she’s now doing her first double-anal on Wednesday. So far she’s had no problems with her boyfriend about what she’s doing. Vixen said she’s never feature danced before. “I’m planning on going on first, I hope so that they can’t compare me to anybody,” Vixen said. “Since I’m the smallest chested woman here I definitely don’t want to go after Brandy.” Asked about her movies, Vixen didn’t think anything was out as yet and said the thought was in her mind about having a website.

Wankus mentioned that a lot of the KSEX viewers are into feet and Talore said she likes when hers are kissed and rubbed.

Wankus said all the women had great feet and that he’s seen some pretty ugly fucking feet. One of the girls said Chris Charming has a fucked up foot. Vixen mentioned that she gets pedicures at a place in Macon, Georgia and that they have a vibrating stool that gives her orgasms.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever experienced,” she said. Missy Monroe said she gets facials and wants to fuck her facial girl by the time she’s done.

“She starts rubbing down by my tits, I get so turned on, I swear.” Wankus then asked each girl how old they were when they first sucked cock. Monroe was 12 and brought the guy to completion. He was her neighbor.

“He told me what to do,” she said, noting that because she had a cable box she was able to watch porn and got some ideas from that. Vixen was 14 when she first sucked cock and it was in the furnace room of her church in Minnesota where her father, a minister, was delivering a sermon. She also got the guy off.

Talore said she first sucked cock at 17 and it was her boyfriend.

“It was my first everything with him,” she said. “I didn’t swallow but I tried. It was at my parent’s house.” Talore also got him off. Monroe’s first time with a girl was at the age of 12.

“It was another neighbor,” she said. “She did live on the other side.” Monroe remembers getting into a lot of trouble with her.

“We were calling the phone sex line,” she recalled, noting that they racked up a phone bill of $600 for her parents to pay.

“My mom was like oh my God and wouldn’t let me hang out with her for a long time.” Monroe remembers a much earlier instance when she was 4 and playing house with a friend.

“We got caught and I wasn’t allowed to hang out with her any more. We were naked humping. Her name was Valerie.” Vixen’s first time with a girl was at the age of 15 1/2.

“I stole my parents’ car in the middle of the night,” she said. “It didn’t need a key- it would start without a key. I was at my friend Andrea’s house drinking. And she pulled out her dildos. I’d never used one and I thought it would be fun to try it out. She helped me by trying it out on me. And to make sure that I got it, I had to do it back on her.” Vixen didn’t get off but liked the experience.

Talore was 21 when she was with her best friend and her friend’s boyfriend.

“We had a threesome- he doesn’t talk to her any more but he’s a really good friend of mine.” Talore said it was her girlfriend’s idea for the threesome but it backfired because the guy just wanted to fuck her.

“She got all pissed off and they broke up a couple of days after that,” she said. “And I’m still really good friends with him.” Wankus then addressed the subject of “sick situations” outside of porn. Monroe recalled a time when a girl came over her house with a guy. They were dating but had been fighting.

“She forced him to fuck her,” said Monroe. “You’re going to fuck me now! She made him fuck her on my couch. I said dude leave the room I said she was making me uncomfortable and she had to go. She stormed out all pissed off.”

“Thank God you moved out of the trailer,” Wankus laughed. Vixen recalled at the age of 17 where she moved in with her then-boyfriend.

“We had this neighbor- this was the crackhead neighbor- he left the window shade open one night as I was giving him head. He sees through it and calls. He keeps calling every single day saying hey, can I watch you fuck that redhead, yet? Finally one day I just grabbed the phone not even thinking I’m like, fine, if you want to see me fuck so badly, why don’t you come over right now.” Vixen said the creepy guy came over.

“We give him a chair to sit on,” she continued. “And we’re like you move from this chair, you’re gone.” The guy was not allowed to touch himself.

“We get about 45 seconds into it and he starts jacking himself,” she went on to say. “It was pretty uncomfortable because he’s like trying to talk dirty to me Then my boyfriend’s getting irate and I’m sitting on the bed naked. I’m like oh my God, someone’s going to get killed.” The guy then got kicked out.

For her part, Talore said she was at her friend’s wedding with a guy she was fucking at the time.

“We went to a Hilton hotel and the pool was closed,” she said. “We’re all trashed after the wedding and we got the guy to open the pool. It was two couples and we were all messing around. I said let’s have sex in the hot tub. Then we get back to our room and we get a call from a guy who said I loved watching you guys fuck. The groom’s parents were there too and he called them: do you know what’s going on. He kept calling until 4 in the morning. He was the desk guy.”

Talore said that happened three years ago. But when she did a tour for The Lion’s Den she was signing in Columbus where the incident happened.

“He came to the signing at the store- he was I remember you in the hotel. I was like oh a psycho.”



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