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Labor Day at The Ducati Water Park Where Everybody Does It

Porn Valley- Skeeter Kerkove’s only guessing but he imagines that the Ducati Water Park, scene of great Labor Day festivities in the past is located next to the fabled Ducati Ranch.

Skeeter also suspects that Kevin Rubio, aka Count Ducati who also goes by the name of Rockin’ Rod, runs both enterprises and can well afford to.

“This guy said he’s the highest paid male performer in porn, that he gets $30,000 a scene,” swears Skeeter.

“I think that’s pretty impressive. God, he’s got a lot of power, then. He’s a fuckin’ dream. Kevin Rubio earns $30,000 a scene! He said it on, not me. That’s probably why when guys like Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes Jon Strong and Ben English just see him, they shudder in fear. Because there comes Rockin’ Rod with all five inches of his middle aged penis.”

“You know what I also like?” Skeeter asks. “That he shows up on sets on time. Because it’s at his house. It was fun reading those Sandy Bunz comments on But it feels good to see Rockin’ Rod hustling his house and his talent. Because I know things changed financially since he gor fired from North Star Associates.”

For reasons known only to him, Skeeter says he doesn’t particularly relish the Ducatin name only because it reminds you of a Euro Trash motorcycle.

“And I don’t know what his failed rock star-thing is. What is Rockin’ Rod?”

[Here might be an educated guess if you take a look at this article posted earlier:]

“Is Rockin’ Rod some rockabilly guy from 1984?” Skeeter wonders.

According to Skeeter, Count Ducati’s claims of making $30,000 are about as close to a very tall porn tale as you can get.

“And when he’s making that claim that’s suicidal if somebody sends that to the IRS,” Skeeter continues. “Because that’s considered a statement of fact.”

Skeeter still has his lawsuit going on with the Count.

“He’s suing me for losing money,” says Skeeter. [Skeeter directed a movie which The Count claims he’s lost tons of money on.]

“He made money off my $10,000 movie,” Skeeter claims. “One Euro deal that he did was for over $7,500 take home profit- a check that was written directly to him after all fees and everything. He took home $7500. But he tried explaining that by not hiring Genesis Skye it made him lose money over Audrey Hollander and Hillary Scott.”

“Well, Hillary Scott is the current female performer of the year,” Skeeter points out. “And before that was Audrey Hollander. So I gave him the best of the best according to AVN. But he felt that Genesis Skye was the best.”

“And he’s got a lot of other mistakes that he’s making that are bad,” Skeeter contends. “His neighbors are starting to get very pissed off with what he’s doing. Did you know there’s also a law that if you do not have your home furnishings blocking the inside of your inside of your attached garage for remodeling that it is actually illegal for you not to be able to park your cars in your garage? But at Kevin Ducati’s house? Floor to ceiling of his cheap comps that he sold as new.”

“I am so upset with him- that on Welcome to the Bunghole #3- the entire movie is a comp. Poor Peter North. North Star Associates takes pride in telling people that when it’s a new release, it really is. It’s a new release and that’s what you’re paying for. So when they released Welcome to the Bung Hole #3 produced and directed by Kevin Ducati- every scene in the movie had been previously released in a Euro Trash Ducati Productions movie.

“So it turned out that Peter North and all of his wonderful, spectacular associates sold Welcome to the Bung Hole #3 at full brand new price, wholesale. It wasn’t marketed as the best of the beautiful Kevin Ducati as it should have.”

“They sold it at full price and people started complaining when they found out that it was all comp. Every scene was a comp, re-used, re-circulated. Two of the scenes Kevin Ducati didn’t even direct- like his transsexual movies? He just buys them from Brazil. But why does it say produced and directed and shot by Kevin Ducati when it wasn’t?”

“But when he released Welcome to the Bung Hole #3, he did not let people know that all scenes had been previously released. Did North Star Associates do it? They did not. But I know people in the wholesale industry who bought these movies at their one-stop as brand new, exclusive movies. They later on found out that Welcome to the Bung Hole #3 was not brand new. exclusive but that every scene in it had been in a prior Ducati movie. Which means that they just paid retail for a comp movie that is worth $1.25. There is no way that Peter North and his associates would knowingly sell a Kevin Ducati movie that is all comps.”

Skeeter also recalls an interview Count Ducati did with me in which he says, “Everyone does it.”

“That’s not true- not everyone sells comps as new releases,” comments Skeeter. “Maybe Kevin Ducati does it, but he should openly say this is a comp and the Katsumi scene and the other scene- I had nothing to do with it. Craven Morehead did it- he made his money off it. Then he got it and tricked it out and put it in yet another movie called Strap Ons. And that’s what he did.”

“In my opinion the reason Peter North fired him was due to my comments on Adultfyi,” states Skeeter. “What if it’s true, and I enlightened Peter North and made him ultra sassy where he realized that his friend Kevin Rubio, Rockin’ Rod, was giving him comps and partial comps as brand new?”

“But Kevin Ducati says everybody does it. Well, let’s go interview everybody and see if it’s true.”

According to Skeeter, a very well hung woman may also be adding comments of her own in the near future regarding her association with The Count.


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