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Ladies and Gentlemen Place Your Bets: What Do The Cards See for The XBiz Best New Starlet Nominees?

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On the eve of this year’s election I did a Tarot reading on whether the condom initiative would pass. As I suspected in my guts, the cards told me “Yes” on Measure B was likely to, and that there’d be a lot of changes in store for the adult industry. Some of them very unpleasant.

Because the “Death” card was prominent in this reading, I avoided making an announcement but hinted that things might not go well for the industry because Mercury was in retrograde.

The next time Mercury turns retrograde will Be February 23, 2013 which probably will be another significant shake ’em up period for the adult business. Not that it will have any affect on awards show, but this past week XBiz announced its nominations, and the nominees/winner in the Best New Starlet category is always of particular interest to fans.

Fifteen performers have been nominated for this year’s XBiz Best New Starlet. They are Anikka Albrite, Molly Bennett, Dani Daniels, Presley Hart, Adrianna Luna, Remy LaCroix, Melina Mason, Alexis Monroe, Maddy O’Reilly [pictured], Riley Reid, Jessie Rogers, Penny Pax, Stevie Shae, Trinity St. Clair and Christie Stevens.

Let’s see what the Tarot cards have to say….

A 5’6” blonde, Anikka Albrite is an August 7, Leo. These are people who don’t live life by convention or by the rules. Attractive and magnetic, nonetheless, they are mysterious and hard to fathom.

According to the cards, things are up in the air right now for Albrite. She finds it hard pinning people down to promises or commitments right now.

Things should clear up by November 28th, and something very significant is in store for her at this time. Very good news is coming her way. Matters of transportation also become an issue, but overall, I’d say her career is as good as she’s willing to make the effort.

Chances of winning: Less than 50-50

Blonde 5’7” Jessie Rogers hails from Brazil and is an August 8th Leo. These are Leos who more often than not have to be hit on the head a number of times before a point registers with them.

They’re hard workers. But, being the independent cusses they are, they have to set their own schedules to the consternation of others who have to deal with them. According to the cards, she’s got issues on the table that are weighing heavily on her mind. She feels she has something to prove. Jessie also needs to develop better communication skills.

Chances of winning: 50-50

Blonde 5’2” Christie Stevens is the next Leo on the list born August 19th. Overall, these Leos are late bloomers. They have sunny dispositions and are quite easy to get along with. Stevens is a woman of great strength. She’s smart, resourceful and is a problem solver. Stevens has the ability to take these traits and go a long ways in life whatever career choice she makes.

Chances of winning: 80-20

At 5’7”, brunette Dani Daniels is a September 23rd Libra. Ideally these Leos make excellent researchers because they’re energetic fact finders and love information for information’s sake. People with this sign also have great social skills and use that to their advantage to open doors and make professional contacts.

According to the cards, there are situations occurring where people are making Daniels crazy and Daniels must rely on the strengths of diplomacy and communication to resolve these issues. She can appear to be easily manipulated but once she sets her foot down, this woman won’t budge.

She has probably received some very sad news and is dealing with that. Romantic relationships don’t seem to be her forte as well. An adventuress, Daniels is also one of those people who go wherever the winds blows them.

Chances of winning: Less than 50-50

Born in Kentucky, blonde Alexis Monroe has an October 22nd birthday putting her on the Libra/Scorpio cusp. These individuals love the spotlight, love sex and Monroe has apparently chosen a good career for herself.

Unfortunately because they are also romantics and want to believe the best about a suitor, they are targets for a broken heart. Monroe has a lot of offers and projects on the table for which she’ll have to be adaptable. Moving is also in the wind for it and she seems to be having some reservations about that.

Chances of winning: 70-30

From San Jose, California, blonde Stevie Shae is an October 23rd Scorpio. Controversy and drama tend to follow those born under this sign.

They enjoy the cloak and dagger aspects of life and if there’s a romance that involves secrecy or meeting on the sly, they’re all for it. Looks like things are going very good for Stevie but some situations have been puzzling her and she’s dying of curiosity. She’s a seeker of knowledge and truth and makes a point of doing right by others. This is a person who is good on their word.

Chances of winning: 50-50

Honey blonde Molly Bennett is an October 30th, Scorpio. Those born under this sign love to travel and experience foreign cultures.

While an occupation as a travel agent is a no-brainer, these Scorpios also make great teachers and guidance counselors. The cards say Bennett has more gifts and talents than what she gives herself credit for. She can achieve pretty much whatever she wants but knowing what she wants is another thing entirely for her. In that respect Bennett is a long way from realizing her full potential.

Chances of winning: 60-40

Brunette Presley Hart is 5’3” and a December 1st Sagittarius. Those born under this sign are theatrical and flamboyant. Dare I say drama queens? But to go along with that, they possess a marvelous sense of humor.

Modeling and show business make ideal occupations for this Sag. According to the cards Hart has a devil-may-care attitude and is the life of the party or orgy. She is quite amused my life’s ironies and nothing keeps her down for long.

Chances of winning: 65-35

At 5’3” dark haired Adrianna Luna is a December 31st Capricorn. True to the circumstances of their birthday, this sign is all about, out with the old and in with the new. Unfortunately that also pertains to relationships.

This sign tends to be impractical in a lot of respects, and they’re inevitably drawn to good-looking people who treat them badly. But their real gift in life is spending more money than they make.

The cards say these are prosperous times for Adrianna and for her to enjoy them for all its worth. Another aspect of the sign is the making of wrong choices, but this doesn’t seem to bother Adrianna.

Chances of winning: 50-50

From Redding, California, 5’1” brunette Trinity St. Clair is a February 3rd Aquarius. As most Aquarians are, this sign is eccentric but rooted in homespun values. Love is very important to this sign, but their crazy ways might scare off would be suitors.

The cards are advising St. Clair to slow down, take it easy and realize that most things worthwhile in your life aren’t accomplished overnight. St. Clair will learn this lesson sooner or later, but more so later. The advice to her is patience and understanding.

Chances of winning: 60-40

Standing at 5’, blonde Penny Pax is a February 18th Aquarius. This sign enjoys challenges but disdains weakness in others who are not up to the challenge. In matters of love, you got to fit this Aquarian’s bill exactly or forget it.

The cards say Pax is more than willing to wait until she gets exactly what she wants. But nothing less. She’s probably very finicky when ordering in restaurants. Right now she’s bored and needs something new in her life.

Chances of winning: 50-50

From North Carolina, the 5’7” brunette Maddy O’Reilly is an April 8th Aries. Although they have great personalities, this sign is a born fighter and tough to negotiate with.

They possess formidable mental and spiritual endurance. However later in life they’re prone to suffer arthritis. Right now O’Reilly is mulling over a serious problem which she believes she caused but will discover that she’s absolved of guilt. This has been causing her a lot of grief and even good news like a Best New Starlet nomination doesn’t necessarily remove the sting.

Chances of winning: 70-30

From Long Island, NY, dark haired Melina Mason is a May 26th Gemini. This sign may be tough on the outside but is all mush on the inside. This Gemini makes very close friendships which last a lifetime. Actor John Wayne was born on this day so whatever you think you know about The Duke would probably apply to Mason.

Mason seems to be weighing several career options right now. They all look good, and it’s hard for her to make a decision; but in doing so she’s advised to rely on lessons learned from the past to seek her best options. Gathering advice from those experienced are her best bet.

Chances of wining: 50 to 50

At 5’5” brunette Remy LaCroix is a June 26th Cancer. Although you might mistake them for being loners, these people are blessed with brilliant and creative minds. And if you get to know them even better, they have a wicked sense of humor. Verbal communication is their strong suit.

The cards say Remy needs to build her self-confidence up. A complete makeover might achieve that. If she’s willing to make adjustments from her current lifestyle there’s no telling what might come her way.
Chances of winning: 60 to 40

Honey blonde Riley Reid hails from Florida and stands 5’4”. Born on July 9th, Reid is a Cancer and an extremely ambitious woman. This sign is also very health regimented and extremely career-dominated.

Money is very important to them and they’re very careful with the way they handle it. You win some, you lose some is their philosophy, and Reid knows what’s it’s like to have it one minute and lose it the next. She needs to be continually motivated but needs someone in her life to crack the whip in a productive way.

Chances of winning: Even money


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