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Lani Changes Her Name

No more jokes about Kahlua and cream. Lani Kahlua is now Lani Lei, .

Lei was a guest on KSEX Monday night. It was mentioned that Lei has a tattoo with dolphins, Lei stating that she is a Miami fan and has been once since the age of 7. Lei was invited by Wankus to go to the Dolphins opening game provided she can come up with the scratch. Wankus, who organized a similar trip last year, said that one was a disaster but he was going to go about it differently this year and start getting some money from people up front.

Lei said her website was in-progress and should be up in the next couple of days. In a discussion that swung around to Disneyland, Wankus said he and Daisy were there Saturday, and while they were in line for the Haunted House, they were thinking about Lei. Lani suspected that was because the last time she was on KSEX she was asked the craziest place she’d like to have sex and remembered telling Brooke Hunter that she’d like to have sex in Disneyland. Wankus said that wasn’t exactly the reason why. But that there was a girl in line that resembled Lani and had the islands of Hawaii tattooed on her back. Lani was born in Hawaii.

Lei has worked for Digital Playground and has also done several projects for Playboy including Buck Wild. Wankus said you could quote him on the fact that most of Playboy’s TV shows sucked. Wankus said when he first met Lani she was working at a Kinkos but Lei says she’s now a dedicated porn star.

She mentioned that she’s also taking PA jobs as the opportunity presents. Asked if she’s had the opportunity of working with [CoHo] Rebecca Love, Lei said they’ve partied and hung out together but she hasn’t had the chance to do anything but grab her tits and suck on them.

Noting that Love was not the type to let a cock retract on set, Wankus asked Lei how she was on a set. “That’s the way it should be,” Lei said agreeing with Love’s philsophy of keeping a dick tumescent. “These guys work so fucking hard it’s not fair that these girls are, like, don’t touch me!” Wankus said a lot of them are like that and he discovered that on the KSEX shoot recently. “Some of our very own deejays are like that! I couldn’t believe it.” Wankus said it was alright to keep the guys stroked.

“You’re going to be there longer on set if he’s not fucking hard and ready to perform. You might as well give him the fake Rebecca Love smile and say, hey baby, it’s okay.” Wankus brought up an instance involving Love and Tommy Gunn where they were up on a roof of a building in downtown L.A.

“They’re fucking on top of an air conditioner or some such I don’t know what it was. They’re going we got to change tape and I’m watching Rebecca. She’s still going at it. She’s like, oh yeah baby stay with me, honey, oh you’re so fuckin’ hot! I’m thinkin’, you lyin’ bitch! You fuckin’ hate this guys guts!” Love said it’s all about the wood and that’s all she cares about.

Lani said she had taken a couple of weeks off and was now back in action. Noting that Lani lives not too far from him in a house with a pool, Wankus was trying to wrangle an invitation so that he could hang around naked poolside. To sweeten the deal he even promised to get his morning shits out of the way and wipe his ass thoroughly.

Asked if she’s gotten around to doing anal, Lei said no but that she does it in her personal life and is getting pretty good at it though she can’t imagine her ass accommodating a huge cock for two hours. Lei figures she’ll stay in the business as long as her body holds out. Asked if she’d have kids, she said it all depends on how soon she got behind camera. “If I don’t I don’t.” But Lei said she’d be very open to her kids when it came to talking about her porn career.


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