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Lara Roxx, Patient Zero?

Porn Valley- I’ve been suggesting to people all along that Lara Roxx, not Darren James, is Patient Zero in this whole HIV flap. And Wankus’ interview with Dick Tracey Friday night on KSEX, gives me even more reason to believe that.

For one thing, Tracey lends credence to the Roxx ass picture that has appeared on the one where Roxx’s anal tract appears to be housing a leper colony. Roxx is claiming she got that rash the day after she worked with Darren James which is utter nonsense. Roxx had that condition the day she worked with James, and here’s what Tracey had said to Wankus.

Noting that he hasn’t worked with any of the people who’s worked with the people on the quarantine list, Tracey said he got lucky in that instance. “But I’ve got a fucked up story,” said Tracey, referring to Roxx. Tracey said he could have worked with Roxx approximately the time she worked with James, that Roxx was a step-in for another girl who didn’t show up.

“She showed up on set and me being the picky bastard that I am, I’m, who the fuck is this? This wasn’t the girl I was supposed to work with.” Tracey’s woman Cailley Taylor who was also on The Wanker Show piped in by saying that Roxx was ugly and that’s why Tracey had his reservations. Tracey said another girl was also on the set talking to Roxx in the dressing room. Tracey was called over and the girl pulled Roxx’s pants down. “She [Roxx] had lesions.”

Tracey said he saw the picture on and confirmed that was Roxx. “When I saw that I said no fucking way am I working with that. I called Aria who was down the street. She saved my fucking life. I called her up and she came over and did the scene.”

Wankus wondered what was Roxx’s reaction to Tracey’s reaction. “She said that she got waxed and got this rash after she did a double anal scene with Darren. I’ve waxed my chest and stuff and I’ve never seen anything like that. It looked like the worst case of herpes I had ever seen.”

Wankus relayed the information that the Roxx picture was allegedly taken the same day she worked with James. However it was a photo shot during a “recreational” scene. Tracey said that Roxx supposedly showed up to “a certain interracial porn company” to do an interview to get work.

“They took her in the back and d.p.’d her off camera for fun and someone brought a camera in.”

Wankus said he had been told that Roxx had been turned down by other male performers, noting her condition but that James said he didn’t give a fuck because he was known to have herpes anyway. “This is what I heard.”

Tracey said he saw the Roxx picture before it got posted on and knew for a fact it was legitimate. “I know what I saw.”

Wankus asked Tracey if Roxx had been the same cunt Gene Ross discovered her to be. Tracey said that wasn’t his experience.

“But she had all these stupid excuses that you always hear that are always the red light,” Tracey said. “She got a little pissed off because her agent was there. He was the one who seemed pissed off because I didn’t want to work with his girl. But I didn’t give a fuck.” Tracey said Roxx’ agent is David Hope [of Ecstasy Models], and Wankus made a note to remind every girl in the business never to work for him.

For his part, Tracey said he didn’t think that Hope knew. “To be honest he didn’t seem like he really had his shit together like most agents.”


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  1. Hey bitch this is Lara Roxx, and this crap was written by someone with no writing talent and nothing to write about. Here is what happened I shot the scene with darren and Anthony. Woke up the next day with those nasty huge zits on my ass, pretty much where darrens sperm leaked. The next day my LA agent Thomas Hope, which is more of a pimp than a proper agent told me I had a scene. I told him about the zits and the fact that I couldn’t sit on my ass, because PAIN and he pressured me to get in the jeep. From the moment I got in that truck my plan all along was to show the actors I was about to shoot with so that fucking pimp Hope would have no choice but bring me home. Guess what you little bitch with no life? My plan worked, only I did not plan that the actors I was about to work with where teenagers with low IQ and apparently long term memory lost and would take a shitty pic with a shitty phone. Period End of fucking story. Now I have so many questions for you: what went wrong with the porn industry that you where still talking about me 12 years later? What is wrong with your life to see conspiracy theories in a fucking picture? Do you touch yourself thinking about me? Wait don’t answer that last one. Where was your mother growing up? No wait pretty sure I know the answer to that one as well.

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