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Latest Shocker: Anna Nicole Got Hookers for Her Son

WWW- The personal assistant of Anna Nicole Smith, Nathan Collins, has given an interview to the National Enquirer about what the TrimSpa model and Playboy Playmate’s life was like before her death on February 8th at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. As you might imagine, the details are shocking or as shocking as anything can be in the increasingly more over-the-top story of Anna Nicole Smith. According to Nathan Collins, Anna Nicole Smith enjoyed sex with both genders, hired prostitutes for her son Daniel (who died last September just days after his mom gave birth to his sister Dannielynn), and was definitely hooked on drugs.

The interview about Anna Nicole Smith through the eyes of her personal assistant will be published in the new issue of the National Enquirer. Nathan Collins is claiming that he frequently saw Howard K. Stern, the lawyer and alleged lover of Anna Nicole Smith, inject the former reality TV star with Phenegram, an anti-nausea medication.

According to, Collins also claims that Stern kept Smith well stocked with a variety of prescription drugs like Xanax, Vicodin, and methadone. Considering the fact that a combination of drugs led to the death of Daniel Smith, that has been the number one suspect in a cause for Anna Nicole Smith’s death since her passing three weeks ago.

Collins tells the National Enquirer that he once fought with Howard K. Stern over the dosage that the attorney was administering to Anna Nicole Smith, saying that when Anna asked that her Lexapro, an anti-depressant, dosage be doubled, red flags were raised in the assistant’s mind and he fought with Stern. “He knew it could be harmful or fatal but backed off because Anna was in charge. What Anna wanted, Anna got. Everyone wanted to appease Anna.”

The assistant to Anna Nicole Smith calls Howard K. Stern “an enabler” and that he obtained multiple prescriptions under her legal name – Vickie Lynn Marshall – and even used other aliases to get the woman more drugs. Collins even claims that the staff knew that if there was an overdose they weren’t allowed to call 911 and were instructed just to drive Anna Nicole Smith to the closest hospital and that “Her medications were to be hidden.”

Nathan Collins also told the paper that Anna Nicole Smith was once so strung out on drugs that she had a hallucination involving rats under he bed – “It was very sad to watch.”

Collins believes that Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern were close at one point but that they were no longer sleeping together long before the Playmate got pregnant – “I believe Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna’s baby. She’s a very sexual person. She had a lot of wild encounters.”

Finally, Collins claims that Anna Nicole Smith hired two escorts for her virgin son Daniel because she started to question his sexuality but that “Daniel never went through with it.”

In other new Anna Nicole Smith news, the estranged mother of Anna Nicole finally got to see her granddaughter last night just 48 hours after Larry Birkhead, the alleged father of Dannielynn was allowed his first visit. WENN reports that Virgie Arthur was allowed a 50-minute visit with Dannielynn and that the supervised meeting took place at the Bahamas mansion where the girl is staying with Howard K. Stern. TMZ even had an exclusive photo of Virgie Arthur leaving the estate after the visit and looking distraught.

It’s interesting that Howard K. Stern allowed Virgie Arthur to see Dannielynn considering how vicious the fight between the two for the body of Anna Nicole Smith has been and both parties have said some nasty things about each other. In fact, hours before Arthur met with Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter. Howard K. Stern filed papers that say that Arthur’s refusal to allow her daughter’s body to come back to the Bahamas shows “a blatant disregard and dishonor of Anna Nicole’s ultimate, final, personal wish.”

This morning, attorneys for Virgie Arthur and Howard K. Stern will appear in a Florida court to address Arthur’s appeal of the ruling that will send Anna Nicole Smith to be buried in the Bahamas under the care of Dannielynn’s court-appointed guardian, Richard Milstein. Anna Nicole Smith’s body is still above ground, almost three weeks after her death, as every aspect of the woman’s life – her child, home, and body – stays held up in legal debates. The first situation to get resolved – where and when Anna Nicole Smith will be buried – could happen as early as today.


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