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Porn Valley- For variety, The Wanker Show Wednesday night was a life force exchange of appealing lunacy. Forgetting the mechanical talking parrot for the moment which provided untold sources of Wankus’ amusement, Jim South Jr. was a real live guest.

And Wankus, acknowledging a previous run-in at Sardos with the scion of World Modeling, was asking him if he was grabbing a little action on the side. Lisa Marie, formerly one-third of the wacky Jack Spade-Becka Bratt-Lisa Marie trilogy came on and talked about how an errant pop shot once left her with an $18,000 hospital bill for the treatment of “Chlamydia eye.”

Jezabel Bond came on and was given an opportunity to worm her way out of a no-show when KSEX shot its first movie recently and Bond was scheduled to perform. Bond’s boyfriend, Damian, is a dead-ringer for Woody Harrelson. And at least one dead vodka bottle in the jock lounge told you that Max Hardcore, was in the house.

Max, at the peak of his form, came on later in the show and slurred something about “The Long Reach Prand Grix” [actually The Long Beach Grand Prix] being held this weekend. While Max was inviting fans to come down and party it was pretty obvious that he had already gotten a jump start.

But it was after the show that Max, who somehow found the capacity to operate his cell phone, was on it talking to someone named Doug Moore [or is it Dug More?] I asked Max about the spelling. He couldn’t venture a guess but indicated that Doug Moore or Dug More or Dugmor was a stand up guy who operated the website

Under ordinary circumstances that wouldn’t mean a helluva lot, but it just so happened that Doug Moore or Dug More or Dugmor was occupying a motel room on Sepulveda with Laura Roxx. Roxx just so happens to be one of the first generation women who’s now under the adult industry microscope for working with Darren James.

Much like Taylor Sumers who fell victim of foul play several weeks ago, Roxx is another 18 year-old Canadian who decided to find her fame and fortune in the adult industry. Sumers got sent home in a body bag from Philadelphia, and Roxx is currently mulling her fate in a Van Nuys motel room hoping she got luckier, notwithstanding the fact that she’s already another industry statistic.

Doug Moore or Dug More or Dugmor wouldn’t put Roxx on the phone, however, stating that she was “shook up and not easy to deal with”.

He said Roxx, from Montreal, was in town to shoot but people have been passing up on her- for obvious reasons. Roxx, he said, was trying to raise the scratch to pay off her hotel bill and get back home, that people were sending her donations towards that end.

While I didn’t suggest that he personally foot the bill for a one-way ticket, the suggestion might have been obvious because Roxx has worked for his company in the past. Doug Moore said Roxx, described as a petite brunette, had been using condoms while working in Canada but didn’t use one in her scene with James.

“She’s accepting the consequences,” he said. “She thought things were safe, but right now she’d just like to make the whole thing go away. She’s a nice girl who’s now carrying this weight on her shoulders.”

Roxx’s family has apparently been apprised of the situation.


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