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Layla Jade: Can’t Eat Bran Muffins Any More

Porn Valley- Tony Tedeschi was a guest host on Layla Jade’s KSEX Show Friday night,

In some prelim chit chit Tedeschi asked Jade if she’s done a pump-up pussy video as yet. Jade said she hadn’t and Tedeschi went on to explain that he had been in one titled Honey I Blew Up My Pussy. “Ever seen a breast milking kit?” Tedeschi asked Jade. “There’s one large sized pump and a small sized one. You put the large sized one over the pussy and pump the vacuum. It makes it swell up. And they pump it for like 15 minutes. It makes it all puffy.”

Jade began imagining what it was like to have an over-inflated pussy. “Visually it’s interesting,” said Tedeschi.

Jade remembered doing a video with Nina Hartley. “Nina pumped up my clit. The front of my pussy was like three times the size, normally.” Tedeschi said it was the same idea. “The whole thing gets blown up like 9-11. It looks like someone went 10 rounds with it. There’s more exterior flesh to grab on to.”

Tedeschi said the girl involved was concerned about getting to the Cottonmouth Kings concert. “I could just picture someone on stage saying this is going out to the girl with the massive camel toe in the front row.”

Jade said she was being told that the industry was going more extreme, now, because of Rob Black and Max Hardcore,

“Puking and pissing is just going to become the norm,” she said. Jade asked Tedeschi his opinion on that. “I’m not a fan of the vomiting,” said Tony noting that it was probably true that with Rob Black’s acquittal, people were going to start taking more chances. “I don’t do double-anal or double-vaginal. I guess I’m old fashioned.”

Jade said some of the ideas were getting ridiculous like the 65-guy cream pie. Jade also reported that she would be in Phoenix the weekend of the 18th at Stevie Secret’s Nude Cabaret in Scottsdale. The last time she was in Phoenix, Jade turned down the job opportunity of a lifetime, according to her.

“Some guy wanted me to go down there, do a scene with two guys- an anal and vaginal d.p.- the grand finale of the scene would have been such a good career move for me,” she said perhaps a bit sarcastically. Jade was asked if she would snort cum up her nose with a straw, then puke. “Damn I wish I had done that job!”

“It’s so erotic,” Tedeschi agreed. “I can feel my sack tightening up right there just thinking about it.” Jade said the reason why she didn’t take the job was the fact that she was being offered $300 to $400 below her regular rate. “Damn, I really should have taken that job. It would have been a good career move.”

Tedeschi remembered running into a guy in Vegas who pays crack whores $100 to do videos. “He had this ZZ Top beard that came down to about his belly.” On the subject of Phoenix, Tedeschi said there’s strip clubs where you can get lap dances for $7. “Something like that.”

Asked what he did in vegas, Tedeschi said he was in the Passion Pictures booth during AEE. “It’s kind of like the porno test of manhood to last all the way through that show.” Other than that he attended a couple of parties and went to one at the Palms Hotel. Evidently the guy who produced a movie of his got Hugh Hefner’s private booth. “It was really cool.”

Ted Hunter was also a guest on the show, Hunter, noting that he used to perform under the name Frank Towers. Hunter has been in the business since December, 1992.

“Right before Christmas- it was a great Christmas present,” said Hunter not believing how quickly the time has past. Tedeschi said, yes, until you start counting up your movies that’s of course unless you happen to be a Dave Hardman who does ten of them a day.

“Is he still around?” Hunter asked, rather surprised to learn that Hardman was still working. Tedeschi told Jade that her being from England, she would appreciate the fact that Hardman was a chimney sweep in New Mexico for awhile. “They have all those Mexican style adobe houses with the chimneys. He wore the hat, the muffler, the whole thing.” Jade said she definitely wanted to get Hardman on her show. “He’s a crazy, motherfucking man.”

Hunter remembered Hardman coming into the business maybe a month before him. “The first time I met him he was like, gosh, I have three checks over $1700 in my pocket. I’ve got to go cash them. He’s a character.”

Jade said her Hardman story had to do with someone shooting at his house. “He wasn’t in the scene. He was trying to be in the scene and wasn’t scheduled to be in the scene. He had already done like three fucking scenes that day. It was like Dave you can’t be in the scene. Eventually they got pissed off with him and threw him out of the house. They were halfway shooting the scene and they turned around to find him outside jacking off, looking through the window. It was crazy.”

Asked to give an account of his number of movies, Hunter guessed maybe six hundred. “Veronica Brazil taught me everything I know about sex,” he said. “Then I really enjoyed working with Kaylin Nicole and Marylin Starr was a kick.” Hunter said Starr would ask him to run errands for her, get him bran muffins and juice. “Sure, Marylin. Hey, you bet.”

Jade remembered a time when she first came over to the US in 1999. “I did Breakfast with Mike Hott,” she remembers. “And God knows ten guys coming on a bran muffin and having me eat the fucking bran muffin. The shit was all congealed.” Jade said this was before everyone started going psycho and doing those movies with regularity. “That was completely unheard of at that point. Right now that would be nothing.” Because of that scene, Jade said she can’t eat bran muffins any more.

During the course of conversation, Jade brought up the fact that she had done a scene with Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander earlier that week and that her ass was a bit sore.

Jade said she also worked with a John Holmes dildo.

“It went well but then the dildo had to go in the bathroom for three hours and smoke crack,” Tedeschi imagined.

Noting that he’s still performing, Hunter said a lot of people didn’t know that he was a Punk Rocker back in the early Eighties. “I had a Mohawk- you wouldn’t believe it. I was a 145 pounds at 6’2″.” Hunter said he was pretty mellow.


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