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Lee Stone’s Big-Boobed Girl Story- update

Porn Valley- Lee Stone was telling this story on his KSEX show, last Monday night. Stone was talking about having sex in the sand. “The sand has an exfoliating factor,” he pointed out. Stone talked about doing such a scene recently to discover that the skin on his cock “was so soft and subtle”. Stone was kidding, of course. To which Naughty Kitty in the chatroom threw a dig at Pamela Peaks, that Peaks should opt for a sandy cock: “God knows her pussy needs some buffing.”

Cracking up, Aria, Stone’s co-host, wanted to make it plain that those weren’t her own words, that she was just reading comments from the chatroom. “She [Peaks] is a very nice woman,” Aria stated, though she continued to chuckle.

Stone said he met Peaks once. “She used to talk to me on set and mentioned that she wanted to work with me. I never actually worked with her. But I met her on a set one time and she was the best-looking one on that set.” Stone explained that it was early on in his career. “That was a big boob movie.” Aria said it would be funny to get a copy of the movie, play it on KSEX and see Stone with an ugly, big-boobed woman. Stone hesitated to comment.

“You have to look at everything in perspective,” he said. “You can’t it out of context. Okay?” Stone said it was early on in his career and he was friends with one of the directors that shot a lot of stuff for a big-breasted company. Stone said he got a call at 6am when he was half-asleep. “I answer the phone.” Stone said he was asked to do a big favor, that the guy who was supposed to do the first scene for the company got arrested and thrown in jail. Stone was then asked if he could get there at 9 am to do the first scene. Stone, who had the day off, said he’d do it.

“As soon as I hang up the phone, I go, oh shit. That’s for the big boob movie.” Stone then enlightened his listeners to the fact that most of the girls in the big-bust genre- “I’m talking 44 HHH”- apparently left a lot to be desired in the aesthetics dept. “Girls with names like Peaks and Everest and Melons and Brabuster, things like that,” said Stone. “Most of them are feature dancers, novelty acts. They’re like carnies. Because they are massively huge, they’re going to have major back problems and they’re not used to doing every day porn activities per se. They’re used to feature dancing.”

Stone went on to say that strip clubs had the advantage of offering darkness. “You have the strobe lights and the fog machines- it’s easier to get away with being a little heavier. It’s easier to get away with a little cellulite. It’s easier to get away with being over 40.” Stone said he called the director back and asked what the girl looked like that he was supposed to be working with.

“She goes you’d like her, she’s got a really great personality. She’s a nice girl. I immediately went, oh shit.” Stone said he met the girl and it was a cordial introduction. “How are you doing? We’re having sex today.” Stone says he then walked towards the director with a look on his face prompting her to apologize that she would make it up to him.

“What makes it even worse,” said Stone, “is that there was a production crew from Playboy TV on set that day. They come up to me and said, Lee, we would like you to sign this release form, legalities and such so that we’re able to tape behind the scenes of your scene and put it into our Playboy special.” Stone said he told them thank you but no. Playboy told him that if he didn’t sign, they wouldn’t be able to use his face or scene.

“I’m, like, I’m well aware of that fact, thank you. No.” Stone said he talked to the director that there was no way he was going to have his friends and family, anyone that he knows, see this thing on TV: “Isn’t that Lee having sex with that girl that’s probably 44 ZZZ, a 180 pounds, wearing a corset and still has the fat coming out of the bottom of the corset?”

Stone said you’d break a sweat just picking up one leg to do a standing scissors. “And it looks like he’s Sumo wrestling.” Stone said it wasn’t going to happen. “I flatly refused and that’s how the day went.” Stone said he talked to the cameraman the following day on another set, the cameraman suggesting that the movie should have been called Coyote Ugly.

“Like I said Pamela was the prettiest woman in the movie,” said Stone, noting that what was ironic about the whole thing, was the fact that he was shooting a feature for Nicholas Steele and Adam & Eve the next day. “I show up on the set and I’m working with Leslie Zen. The exact same Playboy production crew is following Leslie that day. I walked straight up to that producer and said where is that release form?”


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