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Lena S’moan Interviewed

Porn Valley- Lena S’moan got the big push about her squirting abilities from Cassie Young earlier on in The Wanker Show Friday night. After which, S’moan then came on KSEX with Dick Nasty during the second hour of the show. Wankus was very complimentary about her tits and asked where she got them from.

“From my mom,” answered S’moan who’s repped by Nasty Modeling. Asked if she was enjoying her stay in porn, S’moan described it as interesting which Wankus took as a comment that cuts both ways. S’moan started out as a feature dancer and got her start through Felicia Fox who introduced her to people at the AEE show in 2005.

“I got to meet a whole lot of people and she said when you’re ready let me know-I’ll hook you up,” said S’moan. “A year later I was ready.” S’moan’s shot four scenes so far and wasn’t nervous getting in front of the camera.

“I was getting my freak on,” she said. “My first scene was with Lexington Steele.” It was for Steele’s company, Mercenary.

S’moan’s originally from Ohio by way of Atlanta and said she had designs on becoming a genuine porn star and describes herself as a rarity.

“I have a very unique sense of freak,” says S’moan to describe herself. To which Wankus said most porn stars are just plain crazy. Asked what she was like in high school and if she fucked the whole football team, S’moan said she was in track so reach your own conclusions.

“I had a thing for runners.”

“You didn’t have those tits running track did you?” Wankus asked her. “That must have been hard.” S’moan said she had to wear something akin to a harness to keep herself tied down. Wankus assumed she must have given some thought to enhancing herself aerodynamically. S’moan said she had given thoughts to a boob reduction but she didn’t do it. S’moan also mentioned that she left high school in her sophomore year to go into performing arts.

“So I was a dancer through all of that.” S’moan is inclined to describe herself as your typical teenage freak.

“The first time I busted out was at 14- I was getting some head,” she said. According to S’moan the guy was 17 and was good at eating pussy. S’moan then discovered she had a talent for squirting.

“I do it naturally,” said S’moan who mentioned that she did her first girl before her first guy.

“We were on the levee playing hide and go get it,” said S’moan. “It was like, I’ll do it first and you got to repeat it.” S’moan mentioned that it was a black girl “from the hood.”

When it comes to eating pussy, S’moan thinks that women are “more meaner” than the men and that she doesn’t cum off a dick. According to S’moan, she has to have clitoral stimulation.

“There’s not enough dick to wrap around the world to make me cum before I have to play with my clit,” she said.Asked if she’s done any magazine work, S’Moan said she had but under a different name.

“Cashmere Cox was my feature name,” she replied. S’moan then began doing an ass shimmy for Wankus. Co-host Katie Morgan said she didn’t have that kind of buttocks control.

“I think Kurt Lockwood has,” said Wankus. S’moan, who doesn’t do anal, went on to say that she got a surprise Valentine’s Day surprise from Justin Slayer. S’moan said Slayer appeared in this one scene which she adored.

“I watch porn and I masturbate,” she explained, noting that she and Slayer got together as a result of an arrangement made by Nasty. “He [Slayer] stuck his thumb in my butt. My clit exploded.” S’moan said the whole deal was supposed to have been a casting call but it wound up consensual.

“Do you have any work lined up with him [Slayer]?” Wankus asked.

“I doubt it,” said S’moan.


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