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Lex Hosts Aurora Snow and Hannah Harper

As is his normal state of affairs, Lexington Steele was surrounded by women. This time it was Sin City contract girls Aurora Snow [the 2003 female performer of the year], Hannah Harper and Sin City publicist Tina Tyler. Snow, Harper and Tyler were guests on Lex’s Thursday afternoon KSEX radio show.

Lex referred to Snow as “indomitable” whereas some publicists might use the word “irreproachable,” but that’s beside the point. Packing good dictionary, Tyler hastened to point out that Snow can be dominated. Asked what has defined her career to date, Snow said gangbangs, particularly anal ones, double anals and gaping. “You are queen of gape,” said Tyler. Even Snow said she found pictures of her doing it to be scary. Snow also gave a plug to her website, [Snow said she actually answers fan e-mails.]

Steele thought Harper was from Australia. She corrected that notion. “I’m from England,” she said in her cultured queen mother accent. Harper said she’s been in L.A. about three years. “I started and worked in England. I worked for Ben Dover doing anal scenes for his movie, End Games” she explained. “I also did some work for Club Magazine.” Harper said she also did some amateur “off-the-radar” stuff. “Well maybe not as quite as off the radar as I’d like it to be,” she laughed. Steele noted that Harper also has a modeling agency, L.A. Direct Models and that about 75% of his models are booked through her.

Steele wanted to know about Aurora’s new career behind the camera as a director. Snow that she tries to include as much double-anal and gaping as possible. “A lot of toy play, actually. Pretty large toys.” She gave a plug to Falcon Products, maker of big toys for big girls. Snow said her first experience with the big boy prompted her to think, no way. “But we just fit it in- it went in slowly. And first it started to hurt. Then we went in fast. All of a sudden it felt great.”

Steele asked Snow if she was at the stage where she was taking baseball bats up her ass. Snow giggled to make approximations but thought it was certainly on he level of a bat handle. Harper said she hasn’t worked in any of Snow’s projects so far but would like to. Tyler suggested that Harper and Snow have a chat about that off the air that Snow was casting for an upcoming movie. It was also noted that Snow appears in the October issue of Fox Magazine. Snow also has a show on Playboy TV [every other Wednesday], called Private calls. “People get to interact. They call me with whatever three girls I have. I jockey the calls and they can have live phone sex with the girls that they see on their TV.”

Steele asked Harper, how she went about recruiting her girls, many of whom are international models. Harper runs the company along with Ben English and Steele mentioned that English was starring in a project of his called Super Whores which was coming out Sept. 26. Steele said Red Light was putting out the hottest gonzo but Tyler said it might have a run for its money with stuff on Sin City’s Mayhem line. Steele took exception to Tyler’s taking exception. “I’m not arguing- there’s room for booth,” Tyler said.

Harper said that she and English both understand the huge differences between the industry here and abroad. “That’s why we like to bring the English girls across. And we have an agent in England who recruits the girls for us. He interviews them, arranges their flights.” Steele described a lot of Harper’s competitors as “loose cannons.” Steele said that’s why he likes working with Harper’s company. “Everything seems to be in order and makes the job easier.”

Harper said the company is currently repping seven models. “Everybody helps each other out.” Harper explained that she had been at the Nightmoves show in Tampa last week. Tyler interjected by stating that Sin City won for Best Film or Video Company. “It was the Editors’ Choice,” Harper further explained. Tyler added by saying that Sin City’s Riptide also won Best Film or Video, a Michjael Raven film that stars Chloe D’Or. Tyler said she’s a very hot new girl and has a body that Lexington would dig.

“Nice big titties- nice rump, ripe butt.” Lex said he had also hoped Shay Sweet, the third Sin City contract girl would have been on the show but Tyler explained that Sweet resides out of state and was currently on the road dancing. Steele wanted to give a feel for one of Snow’s scenes. Tyler said Aurora’s scene with Jay Ashley in Assploitation was legendary. It was Snow’s directorial debut. Tyler said the street date for that one was Sept. 30 and that the scene was a virtual Kama Sutra of lovemaking. Tyler noted that Snow was doing piledrivers on a concrete floor and that Ashley had also put her in a standing 69. Steele asked what it was like sucking dick upside down. Snow said she was concerned that her teeth didn’t scrape Jay. “You don’t have as much control.”

Asked what she might be doing new in her repertoire, Harper said she was considering doing double anal for her website. “They said you should always do something for your website that you haven’t done. Maybe I should shoot some double anal.” Harper said she’s getting it from the other girls she shares her house with that it’s no big deal. Lex threw the question out there about pushing the envelope and how the women felt about it. Tyler’s opinion is that she prefers to see passionate sex from people who enjoy each other.

“For me I’ve never been a big fan of gonzo.” Tyler said she likes a storyline so she could care about the characters and why they were having sex. “I’m a vanilla girl. I like my vanilla stuff.” On the other hand, Tyler said she has an aesthetic appreciation for over the top, nasty stuff that includes anal and gaping though if that stuff had been around when she first started, she’d have had no career. “That would have scared me,” she laughed nervously. But Tyler said more power o the girls who could do all that stuff, like Aurora.

Snow said she even amazes herself sometimes. “I don’t even realize- because I don’t see it when I’m doing it.” She said that going over the top was fun, with all the “dirty-stuff” but that you wonder sometimes how far is it all going. “You wonder how far can you stretch and what are you able to do.” Harper observed that the majority of directors never mislead a girl. “The girls are aware of what’s going to happen before a scene for the most part.” Steele was of the belief that there are girls who have had things sprung on them. “I’ve been in situations where I’ve heard a guy say why don’t you do this and the girl didn’t agree on that before the scene.”

Steele said talent feels pressured and are sometimes put in awkward positions, feeling that they’re compelled or coerced. Harper said she’ll give her girls as much information as possible and instructs them to call if charges are sprung on them. Harper said more often than not, a girl will accept a challenge, like double anal, to see if she can do it. Harper said it’s the agents job to keep track of that to make sure the girl is being properly compensated in kind. For her part Harper said she’s done features but wants to try gonzo. “That’s what fans want to see. They want to see you in an anal scene. They want to see you in a hardcore scene.” Harper said she’s worried that the market might not be accommodating features the way it does gonzo.

Tyler said with the cable market there will always be a place for features. But she conceded that the market for it has dwindled considerably. Steele felt that if Extreme loses its court case, it will have a dramatic effect on the types of movies being made. By the same token, if the company wins, Steele thinks it would open up the market for even harder product. “But I don’t think there’s going to be a loss one way or another- there’s always going to be a place for both.” Because someone in the chat room made reference, Tyler brought up the name of Hunter S. Thompson who coined the term gonzo. But Steele confessed he didn’t know who that was.

Of all the things Snow does, the one thing she won’t do, according to her, is bukkakes. Harper said she felt the same way. “As much as I like facial cum shots and I don’t want to hang around for 50 of them,” she laughed nervously. Harper said girls don’t get pleasure out of it and how can you enjoy something like that. Not to mention that the money is lousy, according to her and that the girls don’t get to handpick the guys. Tyler agreed. Steele noted that Sierra at KSEX may have taken 85 guys in the face. “It was quite unnerving.” Tyler asked if she had to be squeegeed afterwards.

Tyler threw out a question she’s been asked a lot- whether women in the business feel they’ve set the women’s movement back. Snow said they’ve moved it up. “Woman have a lot of power in the industry. We’re the ones on the boxcover. We’re the ones with the fan base. The girls can build a career out of it.” Not to mention, Snow added, a move towards women directors allowing them their own perspective. “Which is even more power.” Tyler said she’s talked to male talent who have said that working for a female director has given them a boost, so to speak. Steele agreed that male talent may go an extra mile if they knew they were working for someone hot like an Aurora Snow.

Steele said he always wanted to shoot Snow and never got a chance. “Now that I own my shit I can’t shoot you because you’re under exclusive contract.”



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