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Lielani Visits KSEX

Porn Valley- Lielani’s ready to go on air with Jason Sechrest, live at 4 pm. It’s Monday afternoon, and the KSEX studios, now settled in Chatsworth, are a vast improvement over the old Burbank habitat.

“It’s nicer than the smell of urine,” muses Sechrest, sounding like a real estate agent putting the best sales pitch forward. But he was right. The old digs featured a uni-bathroom and a sense of adventure every time you needed to flush. Here it’s way different. There are separate facilities.

I asked Lielani,, if she has a last name. The spelling of her name is her idea, but she says she was shooting too often to get a last one. Besides a Mika Tan wit, you get a sense that Lielani, repped by Foxxx Modeling, is something of a tease merchant. And it’s pretty obvious once she does her little strip number on air.

“Oh, it’s too cold, ” she begs off at first, hugging a sweater to her exposed breasts. Then Lielani doffs the goods as though someone’s twisting her arm although it’s predetermined she’ll give in.

Naked, she bends here, she squirms there. Lielani displays her beautiful ass to great advantage. On impulse, you’d like to butt fuck her on the couch. But Sechrest particularly likes her nipples.

“I’m shy about them,” she replies. “They used to be bigger but I lost a lot of weight.”

“You’ve got quite a set of nipples,” Sechrest insists. “They’re very large- is there milk being produced there? They’re like a small penis- a five year old cock, not that I would know. They’re half the size of your head.”

“And, my God, you have an ass!” he roars. “It’s like a man’s ass. It’s hot. You’ve got some private parts to make men weak in the knees.”

Asked why she was so coy about covering up, Leilani replies, “I’m being cute.” Sechrest particularly wants a camera close-up of her asshole.

“You have an ass that won’t quit.” And she continues to play with it in a manner consciously designed to arouse.

Sechrest takes a swipe at some unnamed sites that have apparently been stealing the KSEX feeds, and someone suspected of being an infiltrator is summarily kicked out of the chatroom.

Lielani mentions that this isn’t her first time on KSEX, that once she had been on Tony Batman’s show and had been in a movie with him where he played “a no-sex creepy gardener.”

“He has a way about things coming out of his mouth and his penis,” Sechrest observed dryly, commenting on Batman’s style of show.

With two singing gigs also on his busy weekly calendar, Sechrest touts the miracle benefits of this throat spray. It has Chinese licorice root and echinacea among its ingredients. And Sechrest makes a comedy bit of it all during the interview.

“I’ve exceeded my daily application of throat spray,” he keeps reminding his audience.

Sechrest asks Lielani if she, too, has the urge to spray her throat. As far as brilliance goes, Sechrest then compares the KSEX,, toolbar to the invention of the cigarette lighter.

Likewise, he dishes out some background on Lielani, claiming that she toiled in the sweat shops as a child and later became a geisha until a fallout with madame Hotsumomo. Lielani’s going along with this saying, yes, there are sweatshops in Laurel, Montana among the cows and the coal mines where she grew up. She makes note that the Unibomber was also from Montana.

“Laurel is the home of the locomotive,” she adds. Sechrest thought she said automotive and was ready to debate on the subject. Lielani explains that she now lives in Orange County and told a story about how she got four college boys to help her move recently and paid them in free brownies and cookies.

“You know how empowering it is to drive a U-Haul?” she asks Sechrest.

But, most of all, Sechrest couldn’t get over how incredibly normal his guest was.

An interior designer before she got into porn, Lielani says she also gets that comment from fans who run into her at the grocery store. Sechrest tells her that a length of stay in porn is a surefire way of choking the life out of that normality.

“You look and behave like someone in corporate America,” he keeps telling her. Sechrest was also of the opinion that Lielani should be the girl to interview with Night Line. “You’re so normal- and there’s many girls who come on here that aren’t.”

“I really love sex,” Lielani replies, noting that she can get off three to ten times a day but certainly no less than twice. She describes how in one gig for she was planted on a back stretcher and came for ten minutes straight. Though for the most part, she squirts at home.

“When you’re home you get to decide how to do it,” she tells Sechrest. “In the movies you’re told what positions to do. At home you can come 12 times.”

“Why can’t men squirt?” Sechtest wonders. “I’m very confused. Axel Braun would know.”

Lielani’s been in the business about a year and has done maybe 60 scenes, she thinks. Her original plan was to have been already out by now.

“But I really enjoy it,” she says.

Sechrest was of the opinion that Lielani was way too pretty not to be better known and that she needed a publicist, hinting, broadly, that perhaps he should be the one writing the press releases.

Lielani went on to describe the first time she was in front of the camera. It was a feature titled The Desperate Wives of Lexington Place, Part 2. She said she didn’t know anything about porn’s dos and don’ts but when her male partner explained in a laundry list of what the don’ts might include, then she got really scared.

“I was overwhelmed,” she laughs.

But because another girl was involved in the scene, Lielani says she dove right into pussy.

“I always wanted to try it. It was awesome. Wonderfulness.”

By her comments, though, she didn’t want to give the impression that she’s not into guys. On another occasion, she told the story of how she fucked a guy named “Frenchie” in the ass with a strap-on during a Kick Ass shoot.

Nevertheless, Lielani said she likes porn when the performers are into one another.

“That’s whay I like Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo,” Sechrest chimes in. “They must have done ten hundred scenes together. They’re not the most attractive, but there’s a chemistry. I could watch them eat soup.”

Lielani also mentioned how she, herself, gets frequent Ashley Blue comparisons. [Erika McLean was the first to tell her that.] Except Sechrest dispels her of that notion. He makes a Tera Patrick reference which seems more apt. Lielani explains that she’s Chinese, Hawaiian and Okinawan.

“I could just put you in the trunk of my car- or a suitcase,” Sechrest gushed.

“I don’t know about the trunk but I’ll consider the suitcase,” she answers.

Asked about anal, Lielani says, “No, goodness, no.” She does it off camera but only with girls. And she’s never done a d.p.

“I’ve had two guys at home but they took turns because they were afraid of the penis,” she laughs. Sechrest thought it was in her best interests that she start doing anal.

“I really enjoy it,” she states. “But as soon as you start doing it, it’ll be every day. And I want some vag-action.”

Meanwhile, she has a boyfriend and describes it as an on and off relationship, explaining that she’s too busy to be a good girlfriend. Besides that, she says, her boyfriend encourages her independence. Referring to him as “Mon Cher,” Lielani says he’s 37 and that she likes older men.

“He manages a warehouse,” she adds, claiming that she’s not particularly into money. “But he has a huge cock.” She went on to describe how they first met and how she stopped dead in her tracks the first time she saw him.

“I get dizzy just being near him.”

According to Lielani, she aspires to be one of those done everything kind of girls.

And, at 23, she also craves jellybeans- particularly the popcorn flavored ones- and alway carries a pound bag of them around with her.

As far as her porn career goes, Lielani says she’s probably best noted for bondage scenes and has a fan who creates clamps for her nipples.

“I’m a submissive girl,” she goes on to say. “I like to say please and thank you.”

Because, over and over, he couldn’t get the pronunciation of her name right, Sechrest suggested she change her name.

“To what?” she asks. “Pumpkin?”

Dispensing more of her bio information, Leilani described how growing up she was a roller figure skater and started at the age of 6.

“Then I did hardcore-aggressive roller blading,” she goes on to say. “And I got into skate boarding.”

Noting that this was the first time in her life that she’s truly come to grips with sex, Lielani explained how she grew up a debutante swathed in hoop skirts and crinoline.

“It’s a huge change to go up to someone and say can I please suck your dick?”

“How many STD’s have you had?” Sechrest asks her bluntly. This was before she got into the business, but Lielani said she cried when she discovered that she had Chlamydia, that she got it from a guy who got it from her girlfriend.

“He was gorgeous but dumb- that’s hard to admit to,” she states. Sechrest related a similar story, that he dated a male porn star.

“He was such a fucking moron,” laughed Sechrest. He was really sweet to me but he couldn’t hold a conversation.”

For his part, Sechrest said he was oddly proud when he learned he had gonorrhea.

“I got it from sucking dick,” he says. “It was dreadful, horrible.”

Lielani mentions how the brother of the guy she went to her high school prom with, wants to get in the business.

“He’s covered in tats and is the cutest little thing ever,” she says. Asked if she ever fucked the guy, Leilani says it was a rule back home that you wouldn’t.

“He’s ridiculously cute,” observed Sechrest once Lielani told him where to find his picture on the Internet.

“And he’s got pouty lips too.” Sechrest told her he wants to shoot the two of them for his website.


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