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Lisa Ann: I’m Definitely Done with LA Direct

Porn Valley- Lisa Ann was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Friday night. Wankus laughed because Lisa Ann brought a print-out of topics they’d talk about on the show.

“I just like to be organized,” she explained. “People who know me, know I’m organized.” Lisa Ann noted that she was a Taurus and that she even took time to get showered for the show, that she didn’t want to arrive directly after taking a pop shot in the face. Wankus said a few girls have and then asked her to address rumors that she was gone from LA Direct Models and comments attributed to Derek Hay that there wouldn’t be third, fourth or fifth chances, that he has to reduce the drama levels.

“It is what it is,” she said. “I’m not with the agency any more. I still respect and like Derek very much. I still hope that we can be friends. When it comes to business I’m a little bit bull-headed. I think everyone in the industry knows that. I’m used to running my own schedule.”

Wankus said he’s heard comments that besides being a phenomenal performer, Lisa Ann was a cunt and a back-stabbing whore.

“I wear the back-stabbing whore one very well,” she said and again said she was definitely done with LA Direct. Wankus also brought up the falling out between Lisa Ann and Thomas Zupko. Lisa Ann asked Wankus if she ever met him.

“He’s a very interesting character, a very nice guy,” said Wankus, “but he’s all over the place.” Lisa Ann agreed and noted that Zupko was a bit eccentric.

“Now that we’re in this gonzo area- thank God for gonzo, the longest thing it takes you to do is makeup,” she said. “You’re out the door in three hours tops. My conversation with Zupko where to meet him is three hours. So mind you, there was a lot of running around and craziness. It never happened. I shot the boxcover for the movie. I put hours and hours in a meeting with him and talking about this movie, what am I going to do, who am I going to do a scene with. We had the scene all planned and all of a sudden he comes to me, you’re going to do the scene with Nick East.”

Tyler Faith, who was co-hosting the show, had no idea who East was. Lisa Ann also made mention of the fact that Zupko e-mailed her to tell her we all know she’s nuts and could they sit down and talk about this.

“So I e-mailed him back- frankly, Thomas Zupko, you’re fuckin’ nuts, too.” Wankus asked her about Zupko wanting her to masturbate with a crucifix.

“He actually asked if somebody could pee on me,” she added. “It was some random person. It was a lot of weird things. I thought I was being booked for a boy-girl scene. Then I started renting his movies. I had no idea who he was, to be honest with you, because it’s not the type of porn I would watch. He came and told me I was the girl who inspired him to move out here and get in the industry.”

Lisa Ann said when someone tells you something like that you’re inclined to listen to what they have to say. Wankus said Zupko left a message for Tyler Faith that he wanted to shoot her. Wankus called him back saying basically thanks but no thanks that Faith didn’t do that kind of porn.

“She does pretty porn- happy, passionate porn.”

“And so he writes back, dude, I know she’s available to shoot,” Wankus continued. “I’ll write a script around anything that makes her comfortable just so I can shoot her.” Lisa Ann said two days before the movie was shot, Zupko had neither a set nor a script done.

“We had been working on this for two months.” With all that going on, Lisa Ann said she was thinking about having security with her on set.

Faith joked about there being a time when she stuck a picnic table up her ass.

“The cool thing was all the food stayed on the table,” laughed Wankus.

“It’s a great way to avoid flies at a picnic,” Lisa Ann agreed. Lisa Ann then mentioned the fact that she worked with Erik Everhard earlier in the day and that doing a scene with him makes your head comfortably numb.

”I drove by a steak house- I wanted a steak,” she laughed, noting by that time she’d agreed to anything. Lisa Ann agreed that Everhard was the right guy in the right job and Faith observed that he had a dick like a Christmas tree.

“It’s so fat at the bottom- it’s like a tree trunk. He’s a fucking maniac.”

Wankus noted that Everhard wasn’t on Faith’s list and wondered if there were something wrong. Faith said she worked with him one time with JKP but she forgets about people.

“They were too cheap and wouldn’t hire him but he is really good,” she said. “But I’m too old to get fucked like that.”

Lisa Ann started commenting about how someone owns her url name. Faith wondered if it was Jay, Jenna’s husband. Lisa Ann said it wasn’t, that some guy years ago grabbed it when she first got into the business and before there was an Internet.

“I had the belief that I could shoot some magazines and the photos would come out for the month and they’d be gone- no one would remember,” Lisa Ann continued. “Two years later out comes the Internet and all the same layout are now in your home.” Lisa Ann said she wasn’t going to do a site but is now determined to have one.

“Everyone talked me into it,” she said. “I’m going to run a contest for the super geek of my dreams who can build me the most fantastic site. I’m going to take him to the AVN show- at the table with Lisa Ann we’re going to brag about what a great site he’s built. Get the fans involved.” Wankus asked if she was going to fuck the guy. She said provided he maintains the site.

Asked if she’s ever done anal on film, Lisa Ann said not yet but she’s been practicing in her personal life. Wankus also complimented her on her looks for being in the business as long as she has. On the other hand, Faith said a lot of girls just getting into the business are ugly. Lisa Ann attributed that to not eating between drug binges.

“What happens is you can get a little malnourished- your eyes get a little yellowish, your skin doesn’t look so good,” she added. “Just stop every couple of days and go get a Whopper.” Faith also mentioned that a lot of girls have the piss-gut.

“Like nobody has a flat stomach any more,” she said. Lisa Ann said if girls at the age of 21 just did two days a week at the gym they’d look amazing.

“It’s so easy to maintain at that age,” she stated.

Lisa Ann started talking about some of the scenes she’s done recently including one with Gina Lynn. Wankus assumed that one also included a bottle of vodka. Lisa Ann said, no, there was another girl but was hard pressed to come up with the name of Shyla Stylez. Wankus pointed out that Stylez was the former wife of Bob Friedland and changed his diapers every day. Lisa Ann also got to work with Jean Valjean for the first time.

“He’s so hot.” Tyler Faith mentioned that she just added Scott Nails to her list of male performers she’ll work with based on recommendations from women and male directors.

“He’s awesome,” said Faith. “He’s very professional- he walks in- hey, how are you doing, fucking handshake, fucks and goes. No touchy-feely. Nothing. I love that. That’s how everybody should be.” Lisa Ann recommended that she should also put James Deen on her list.

“I don’t like skinny guys,” Faith replied. ‘I don’t like guys who are thinner than me. They make me look fat.” Before considering guys for her list, Lisa Ann said she’ll take them on a test run at her house.


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