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Lisa Daniels, The Beauty from Bogota

Porn Valley- With newcomer Larin Lane [pictured right] serving as co-host, Jew Hefner welcomed Lisa Daniels [left] to his KSEX show recently.

Lane, who’s repped by Shy Love’s Agnecy, Adult Talent Management, talked about a Lesbian Bukkake shoot she did recently, and Hefner told a story about when he visited the set of a JM Productions 70 guy bukkake with load after load being dumped on Amber Rayne’s face.

“It was gnarly,” observed Hefner, mentioning how Ashley Blue [who was still with the company at the time] was there to scrape the nut off Rayne’s face.

“She’s there putting it in a cup,” says Hefner. “Then they took it and put it in a blender, and she [Rayne] drank out of it with a straw. It was pretty gross but she was into it; she loved it.”

Lane, who still insists that she’s going to do a double vag, said her favorite thing has now become anal. Lane also intends to do one “major” interracial scene, and for that she wants it with Shane Diesel. According to Lane, Love hooked her up with that booking October 8th.

Hefner suggested that after the scene Lane be sure to sleep with an ice pack firmly between her legs.

Lane talked about recently hanging out with her grandmother who raised her. Lane said her grandmother knows about her being in the business but not about the scene she’s going to do with Diesel.

“Otherwise she knows everything I do,” smiles Lane. Lane’s father is a big porn watcher and at a recent family BBQ, she gave them the account of her Lesbian Bukkake participation.

“They weren’t as grossed out as I thought they’d be,” she roars. Asked about her personal life, Lane said it sucks.

“Nothing’s go on,” Lane comments. According to her, now’s not the right time for a boyfriend, eiher, that she prefers to concentrate on her career. At the time of the broadcast, Jack Venice, who was accused of raping a coed in Pullman, Washington, hadn’t surrendered to the authorities as yet. And Hefner said he heard that Vegas was up there as part of a Shane’s World shoot.

“If he did it, he’s got to be penalized but if he’s innocent it will pan out too.”

Although she began doing b-g scenes when she first got into the business, Lisa Daniels said she’s now only doing them for her website,

Otherwise she just does g-g. Hefner, who’s a good friend of hers, was surprised to learn that Daniels had been married for nearly two years but is now divorced.

Hefner wanted to know why that was and Daniels said it was because, “this man’s like no other.” Daniels didn’t seem to mean that in a good or unique sense.

“I had to leave him- he was the worst thing ever,” she continued. “We tried to be friends…for a minute.”

Asked about her site, Daniels credited Media Pimping for doing it. According to Daniels, they put either pics or a new video clip up each week. Heather suggested she might put more content up but Daniels says she lets them do what they have to do.

Hefner noted that a lot of girls don’t have the type of sites or content to reel in fans. And he’s also a firm believer in making free material available.

“The more you give, the more you’re going to get,” he says. He asked Daniels if fans can download her scenes.

“I think they can,” said Daniels. Lane, who just bought her domain name, was curious when it was a good time to put up a site. Hefner, who’s apparently running a consulting service, advised her not to do it until she had at least 15 scenes to put up.

Hefner also felt that too many webmasters palm off cookie cutter sites on performers.

Daniels said she’s reached the point where she can no longer watch porn.

“Since I’m new, I like watching it,” said Lane. “It’s my homework.”

Daniels said she’ll look at past scenes she’s done and wonder why she did them.

“But you learn what’s good for you,” she adds. Daniels began doing b-g scenes to get people to come to her site but really wasn’t happy about doing them at first. Daniels, who’s a Latina, said some people mistake her for being Asian so because of that she gets additional traffic from that market.

Hefner, who works for New Sensations pointed out how the company runs maybe 100 different sites devoted to different niches, with one site running traffic to another, etc. Daniels said the nice thing is that her site is making her money while she’s asleep.

Hefner said one of the advantages of marketing your product on the Internet via VOD is the lack of end-use overhead.

“You’re not paying for coding, jackets, shrink wrap and duplicating.”

Daniels wondered if Hefner performed in scenes.

“It’s not my speed or preference,” he told her. “I don’t need to do it on camera. I get my share off camera.”

However Hefner does appear in some series like Busty College Coeds and Fuck For Dollars to do set-ups.

Daniels laughed about how she got into porn thinking no one would recognize her.

“I don’t know how much vodka I was drinking that day,” she laughs. Asked if being recognized worked to her disadvantage, Daniels said guys will try to pick her up in bars thinking she’s an easy porn slut.

When Daniuels talked about how her family flipped out to learn she was in the business, Lane considered herself pretty lucky. In one instance one of Daniels’ cousins called her a dirty whore.

Daniels is originally from Bogota, Columbia.

“I came from a broken family and a single mom who wasn’t home that often.”

Hefner wondered if Lane’s family hits her up for cash now that they know she’s in the business.

“I would give it to my family,” she answers. “My father’s in real estate and it’s slow right now.”

Whereas Daniels said she wouldn’t have that problem since her family’s well off.


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