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Lisa Sparxxx Gets Tipoff to Vice Bust

Porn Valley- Good thing Lisa Sparxxx got a heads-up, else she would have been a headline story like the

Sparxxx, along with Olivia O’Lovely, was all set to have a party in Woodland Hills last Saturday night for which fans were invited, but she got a call the night before alerting her that vice cops were sniffing around and ready to bust it up. Sparxxx gave the details on her KSEX show Monday night.

Asked by co-host Girth Brooks how her weekend was, Sparxxx said she had a “traumatic” one. Sparxxx explained how she got a call at the house Friday night from the promoter of the blow bang who told her that vice cops ran into the hotel Friday night saying that the party couldn’t be promoted, that it couldn’t be held at the hotel and that Sparxxx would be arrested immediately upon checking in.

Sparxxx said notice of the event was posted on a site called Sparxxx said up until now she never heard of the site but said they run escort ads and someone apparently had posted a notice for a sex party. “Vice got a hold of it because it had a donation fee for the room,” Sparxxx said. Sparxxx explained that it would cost her a couple hundred to get the room. “So everybody would pay $30 to help me cover the cost of the room. We’ll shoot, we’ll have a good time. That was what the $30 was for. It wasn’t for anything other than just to help me out with costs.”

Sparxxx said her friend who was promoting the event was having a party in the same hotel the night before. “They came in and he had to cancel his party the day of. He called me 10 o’clock at night and said there’s no way you’re going to be able to shoot up here.”

Sparxxx said she’ll try again, only with just a party this time. “We’ll run the cameras and let see what happens.” Sparxxx suspects that the new date will be April 23rd where it will be held at a friend’s private loft. “I’m not even dealing with hotels.”

Sparxxx said she’ll have to refund money but doesn’t understand why the whole thing was considered illegal.

“It wasn’t illegal because it was on my site. It was only illegal because it got posted on this craigslist site. I wasn’t saying you were guaranteed a blowjob. I wasn’t saying you were guaranteed sex.” Sparxxx said she was told that all the guys would be arrested. “They were considering it prostitution.”

According to Sparxxx, it wouldn’t have been considered prostitution because they were filming. “I think it was the issue of the $30. That’s what they had said- that it was the issue of me writing on there $30. They didn’t care if I accepted $30 as long as I didn’t advertise it with the $30.” Sparxxx said it seemed ridiculous because she could advertise a blowbang and be e-mailed for more information. “It’s ridiculous.”

Sparxxx said she was pissed off because she had already bought goodies for the room when she got the alert.

“My friend calls me and I’m at the ATM getting some cash out for the next. ‘By the way, I wouldn’t go if I were you.'” Sparxxx thanked lucky stars that word spread rapidly. “Within by 30 minutes I got five or six phone calls from people going, oh my God, is it true?” Sparxxx figured that maybe 40 people would show up noting that her friend who was promoting it, had 25 of his friends ready to show.

Sparxxx said it was a nice room with a Jacuzzi but assumes that she’s now banned from the hotel for life. Sparxxx said she had even invited the guy who made the reservation for her. “I figured if I had somebody from the hotel on our side we wouldn’t run into any problems. I guess I was wrong.” Sparxxx said when she called the hotel to find out what was what, they dismissed her, bluntly, telling her she’d have to talk to her friend about it. Sparxxx thought it would be funny to have had the camera at the ready as vice walked in. “And there’s nobody there.”

The way it was relayed to her promoter/friend, vice was weighing whether to talk to Sparxxx as soon as she got to the hotel or put someone on the inside to see what was going to happen. “That would be their way to put someone on the inside to get a free blowjob and then like storm the room.”

Sparxxx wondered who would care. “I wanted to shoot something for my fans. I wanted to suck my fans’ dicks, who cares?” Sparxxx said she does have cops among her fans and one from San Diego sent a picture of him standing next to her where she’s topless. “He’s dressed in full uniform- gun, handcuffs, the whole shebang with me standing there naked.” Sparxxx figured she probably could have held the party in San Diego and not get in trouble. Sparxxx said the next event will be held more like a Spring Break party. “I’m going to have a couple of other girls come and stand around in their bathing suits. Make it not so stressful.”

Sparxxx required that participants bring two different forms of HIV and if they wanted to play to bring an HIV test that is good for within 30 days.

Later in the show Sparxxx mentioned that she would be out of town next week, that she was going to New York on behalf of Exotica-2000. “I’m excited about going to New York. I haven’t been there since I was 9.” Sparxxx said people could book her through that website.

“Are you going to be dancing?” Brooks asked naively. Sparxxx explained that it was a private escort company.

“But it’s like high end and only for the girls in the adult industry. And it’s for people if that’s what they’re looking for.”

Sparxxx said she would be staying in Midtown Manhattan and planned a lot of sight seeing. Sparxxx also heard that working for the company was a lot of fun.

“The clients they deal with are really cool. Ninety percent of the time they just ant to take you out and have a good time. They just want to have a good looking person on their arm to go to a function. How cool is that?”

Sparxxx said she would also be shooting for a company called The Head Clinic. “We can all imagine what that is.”


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