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Lisa the Lesbian Almost Dies in GHB-spiking Incident at Sardos

Porn Valley- There’s two Porn Star Karaoke-related items that share news headlines this week. One involves Lisa the Lesbian, the other Marc Wallice. We spoke to both of them this afternoon. Regarding Wallice, we were following up two stories- one in which he was reported to have died from a drug overdose this past week; the other involving Wallice as a victim of a hit and run accident some time back when his auto mishap was the buzz at karaoke.

“Whatever,” sighed Wallice, obviously not too disturbed about the overdose rumors other than to wonder aloud why people who knew better, didn’t attempt to stem the b.s. on XXX Porn Talk with their own postings. Regarding the automobile accident, Wallice didn’t want to lend too many details, stating that there was he-said, she-said civil litigation pending in that case. Safe to say, it was a road rage-related, leaving the scene of an accident situation involving Wallice and a truck driver with Wallice confronting the guy and being nearly run over leaving him with staples in the back of his head.

“It was a road rage thing and I got tired of him fucking with me,” said Wallice who apparently got out of his car to confront the driver whose pick-up truck nearly ran him over. In attempting to get out of the way, Wallice was injured but feels the extent of those injuries would have been worse had he not been quick on his feet. There were originally two eye witnesses. One disappeared and the other didn’t get a clear look at what happened.

The other incident involving Lisa the Lesbian left her nearly dead after someone-ostensibly a patron- had plied her drink with GHB last week at Sardos. Lisa will have Sardos manager Seymour Satin on the Ginger Lynn show at 5 pm on KSEX to discuss the incident. Another woman also had her drink spiked but Lisa would just as soon not name names.

“We’re going to talk about it on the show and, hopefully clear up a few things,” Lisa said. “Hopefully, people may be more aware of their surroundings and not let themselves be duped.” Lisa said she wasn’t originally going to broach the subject but was finally urged by Ginger Lynn to do so. “To sum it up, it involves myself and another girl who I would rather her remain anonymous because she’s not here to talk about,” Lisa continued. “I think she wants to put this incident behind her and doesn’t want all the hype about it.”

By her account, Lisa said she and the other woman literally had their third shot of the evening. “It contained a substance that we’re assuming to be GHB. The hospital really couldn’t pinpoint what it was because we were both rushed to the emergency room.” According to Lisa, the hospital told her after her third shot, her blood-alcohol level should have been somewhere in the range of .12 or .13.

“The level that was mine was .27; and .30 is death or something,” she went on to say. “I don’t really know. It was a really bad and horrific experience. And, thankfully enough, my friends were there for me. Luckily the other two girls who had shots bought for them didn’t drink their shots. And, luckily, my other friend only had a few sips of hers and so it didn’t hit everybody else as badly as it hit me.” Lisa said she was having lemon drop shots. Lisa said her friend had only a sip when she noticed that there was something funny-tasting about the drink. “But I didn’t think anything of it.”

Lisa thinks she started feeling the effects of that third drink within 15 minutes. “I threw it back in one gulp because they were pretty small shots. We were up on stage singing. I went back to the table I was like, oh my God, I don’t feel good. I went to the bathroom with a friend then I passed out. She took care of me and told me what happened. Apparently I threw up and then passed out. I went into convulsions and then I was carried out of there. I went into the car, puked in the car.”

Lisa was driven home but was subsequently taken by ambulance to the hospital. “It was a horrifying experience.” Lisa stayed in the hospital until 6 the next morning. “The hospital was being total assholes to my friends,” she said. “They were like you guys can’t go in there and they told my friends they didn’t even know if I was going to make it. They were dickheads to my friends. They said go home and we’ll call you guys. They never called them and we had to take a cab home.”



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