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Lockwood’s Ass Was in Bidding War-final

Porn Valley- Friday night on KSEX, Devinn Lane put to rest all the rumors about how much she paid Kurt Lockwood to take it in the ass. My sources had told me it was $3,000. Harry Weiss on his KSEX show Thursday night claims his source saw the check and that Lockwood was paid $1500 to do the strap-on scene for Lane.

The envelope please.

Weiss’ source apparently needs reading glasses.

Lane told Jason Sechrest,, who was interviewing her for a show whoaw theme was strap-on sex, that she paid Lockwood $3600 after a bidding war. Sechrest noted that the movie was shot for Shane’s World and called it “groundbreaking”.

“I see this as you [Lane] going back to your roots,” said Sechrest. “You began in fetish work and this is a niche, a fetish of sorts.” Lane said it made her mad because she shot a scene like that in 2000 with Mickey G.

“I got slammed for it, like oh my God, how could they put that in a movie?” Lane recalled. “The reviewers just ripped it apart and I had guys coming up at the convetion- I’d let you do me in the ass with a strap-on. And how about Tom Byron? He’s been doing it like years before me. And now all of a sudden it’s this cool, popular thing to do.”

Sechrest didn’t know if it was popular so much as the fact that it’s not frowned upon by the industry any more.

“In fact I think a lot of people respect Kurt Lockwood for starring in it,” mused Sechrest. “He stars in the movie and takes it up the ass from his girlfriend, I believe as well as another girl [Sandra Romain].

“Getting Kurt Lockwood for this was not easy,” said Lane. Asked what gave her the idea of getting Lockwood, Lane said she was looking high and low for guys to do the scene.

“I went to Jason and said there’s not a lot of people.” Sechrest remembers laughing it off, saying, well, you can always ask Kurt Lockwood to do it. But on second thought, Sechrest also recalled that Lockwood has performed solo scenes for gay porn.

“But it was all about the right price,” said Sechrest. “What I told you [Lane] verbatim is that he would probably ask an ungodly amount for it, but that if you paid him that amount, the publicity and the sales from his fan base would skyrocket that money through the roof, that it would be worth it to pay him whatever he asked for.” Lane didn’t know that Lockwood would even consider it.

“When you mentioned his name, I was, like, I hired Lockwood before,” Lane continued. “He’s been cool- I’ll see if I can get him to do this scene. I sent him an e-mail. He answered back and then word got out about it. I had another studio offer him more money, so now, all of a sudden, I’m in a bidding war over Lockwood’s ass.”

Lane was told by Lockwood that if he did the scene, he was only going to do it once and that was it; but if he did it again it would be for his website.

“That price tag for Kurt Lockwood’s ass was $3600,” Lane revealed. “I wrote the check myself- he may be the highest straight male performer for that one scene. I would have to do some research. I would say the only other person maybe who got that much was somebody like Rocco.”

“I believe that Gene Ross reported it as $3,000 at one point,” said Sechrest. “Then, earlier this week Harry Weiss reported as being something ridiculously lower than that. Of course, his sources are always wrong.”

Lane will also venture to say that, to date, the Lockwood scene is the hottest she’s ever shot.

“Kurt gave three anal positions- it was absolutely amazing,” said Lane. “To have a guy like Kurt step up to the plate and say fuck it, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But there was some speculation that if he does this kind of scene, it’s going to ruin his career. No, that’s like saying you’ll never work in this business again. That’s kind of silly.”

Sechrest said there’s also speculation that Lockwood’s done it in his private life for years.

“I think this was his ultimate fuck you to everyone who had been sort of been making snide remarks about that,” Sechrest continued. “This is his way of being, like, without actually saying it, yeah, I did it and don’t be a hater.”

Sechrest marveled at the size of Lane’s breasts [“they are larger than the size of your head”] and swore that she stole them from Danni Ash.

“She doesn’t need them any more- what is she using them for?” Sechrest wondered. It was noted that Lane was going to write a column promoting all her projects for Sechrest under the umbrella of her company and website, Sechrest asked if Lane would provide some pictures from the Lockwood scene. Lane said that could probably be negotiated with Shane’s World and that she’s been approached by women, including Stacy Valentine, who want to watch this scene.

The last time Sechrest saw Lane was in her truck.

“I believe that Jack Ryan and I were giving each other head,” Sechrest recalled. Lane said it was the back of her truck.

“I remembered grabbing your tit while he was going down on me,” said Sechrest. “I thought that was so hot.” Lane laughed about how she was driving the two of them around like Miss Daisy. It was also Sechrest’s recollection that Lane insisted they blow one another. Sechrest also recalled stopping for something to eat at The Cheesecake Factory at The Galleria.

“That was two years ago?” said Sechrest. Lane also mentioned that she had taken some time off and wasn’t nearly as busy.

“I decided to take a break- I had a little burn out phase,” she said. Sechrest saw the fact that Lane had reached a peak in her career where she won a best Actress award.

“That’s really as far as you can go- that’s the top honor. That’s huge as far as acting is concerned.”

Sechrest suspected that a directing gig would have been next on Lane’s plate. Lane said when she came into Wicked, her intent was to direct.

“I told them I wanted to direct- that was the whole purpose of me really getting into the business,” she said. “Not only to be in front of the camera but behind the camera.” Lane said it took two years before she got that opportunity but wanted to do it way sooner.

“They weren’t ready,” Lane went on to say. “The stable of directors up until that point were all men.” Lane then became the first female director for Wicked.

“They should have publicized that more,” Sechrest thought.

“Back then there weren’t that many female directors- period,” said Lane. She mentioned Jewel De’Nyle, Jill Kelly and Toni English; and Jason added Veronica Hart.

“There were very few contract girls that were moving behind the camera at that particular time,” Lane noted. “Now it’s a different story.”

Sechrest suspected the feeling was that women directors didn’t know what men wanted in porn as much as men do.

“Not true,” replied Lane. “I actually think I get better performances out of a lot of people because I am a woman. I do create a very comfortable space on set especially with the movie I just shot.”

Asked what prompted her decision to leave Wicked, Lane said there were no hard feelings when she left.

“I just simply felt like I had grown as much as I was going to with that company,” she continued.

“Or as much as they were going to let you?” Sechrest suggested.

“Maybe both ways,” said Lane. “I don’t know- I can’t speak for anyone else. But I felt like I was also not going to be able to shoot exactly the way I want to shoot. The stuff I like to shoot is very much reality-documentary style shooting.”

“That’s not Wicked,” said Sechrest. “Wicked is big budget gloss.”

“Maybe they didn’t know exactly what to do with this product, with this stuff that I like to shoot,” Lane ventured to say. “But the biggest issue was the condom issue. For me as a performer, a condom-only company is great. But for that type of product to sell, it’s non-condom. And I tried for two years to get Wicked to let me branch off and do something that was non-condom. They just weren’t ready for it at that time.”

Lane said she no longer has any affiliations with the company.

Sechrest then threw out some names and asked for Lane to contribute what she thought was the most positive and the most negative attributes of those people.

If Sechrest was looking for controversy, he would have had better success at Ralph’s.

Lane was asked about Joy King and said that King was one of her best friends.

“I love everything about her,” said Lane. “The worst thing is that she’s still working at Wicked and not working for me! But that’s okay. I understand.”

Lane was inclined to say that King has a lot on her plate and does a good job with everything that she touches. Sechrest also asked about Stormy.

Lane said Stormy was very positive, very creative and very strong-willed but on the minus side was hard to read sometimes.

“You don’t know whether she likes you or she’s having a bad day- just hard to read,” said Lane. On the subject of Julia Ann, Lane said she just talked to her and that Julia Ann gets her shit done and gets it done well.

Lane also noted that she and Julia Ann didn’t talk for a couple of years.

“I don’t know- it was a weird falling out,” Lane went on to say. “We really didn’t talk for awhile. We talked now just recently in the last month or so and we’ve mentioned why did we stop talking? I don’t know if we both got wrapped up in the incestuous drama but I haven’t been around her enough, recently, to formulate a negative opinion.”

According to Sechrest, Julia Ann always struck him as being a little bit bipolar.

“There are moments when she’s extremely nice and extremely sweet and extremely kind; and others where she seems like a completely different person.”

Sechrest said there are stories about Julia Ann that he’s talked about before on his show.

“There are stories about her that I don’t know whether they’re true, or there are people just making them up,” he said. Lane said she tries now to give people the benefit of the doubt on those issues and won’t dive into a fracas.Sechrest said he talked about it a lot two or three years ago on his show.

“Gene Ross jumped on it- threw it up there and Michael Raven was mad at me. I’m terribly sorry if I hurt anyone and maybe those stories weren’t true. I just heard them and thought they were very funny.”

Sechrest said even if the stories are not true, they’re hysterical just the same.

“It’s funny how stories start,” Lane mused. “I left Wicked and took some time off. The story that I heard was two- either that I was in rehab or that I was pregnant. When I heard that all I could do was laugh because it’s so funny- because anybody who knows me, knows that I can’t have children.”

Lane said she couldn’t have children any more because she decided in her early Thirties to have an FDA-approved procedure done. Lane said she didn’t have her tubes tied but that it was non-surgical.

“It’s all good,” she said.

Asked if she was seeing anyone, Lane said no and commented that her love life was dry. Sechrest recalled that Lane had been dating a mainstream actor awhile back, with 4% body fat. Sechrest asked why she stopped seeing him.

“Because he was so fucking boring,” Lane laughed. “Honestly. He was nice to look at but when it came to it, he was way too vanilla for me. I can’t stand that. There’s got to be some substance, some personality, something there. When a man spends more time in the bathroom than me, I have an issue with that.”

Lane revealed that he was an actor with Days Of Our Lives and also mentioned that her former husband was now in Thailand dating trannies.

“For some reason I attract a lot of gay men,” she said. “My ex-husband is now in Thailand. He’s with a TV.”


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