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Lola, We Hardly Knew Ye

Porn Valley- Shakespeare said it best when he wrote the out, out brief candle speech for Macbeth. And Lola, who’s name and photo still appear on the website, was the shortest of wicks. Lola, who did a guest spot on the The British Are Coming KSEX show in early June, is already out of the business according to Dick Nasty who was repping her. Nasty was grousing just minutes earlier that the 2257 regs are prohibiting him from bringing girls over from Europe.

Wane said there’s plenty of American girls who want to get laid then brought up the subject of Lola. “A very hot young lady- she said she would do absolutely anything,” Wane said, noting that Lola had just been on the show the week previous. “I told her be careful. Don’t say you will do anything. That’s going a bit too far.” Asking Nasty what exactly happened, Nasty said he booked Lola a lot of work. “We booked her 26 jobs over the next three weeks. That’s not bad. She had done four or five of those. And after four or five of them she decided that porn was not for her.

“Really nothing bad happened to her,” Nasty added. “Nobody did anything outrageous or unpleasant to her.” Nasty said Lola hadn’t even gotten to the d.p. stage, although Wane said that was Lola’s intention. Nasty said she did one anal scene. Asked how Lola was on camera, Nasty said he had no complaints from anyone. “She’s brand new so she can’t be the most animated performer ever,” he said. “But no one said that.”

According to Nasty, Lola had an anal scene one morning and later that day did a boy-girl scene. It was after that scene that Lola wanted out and to collect her money. Nasty took her to the airport and booked her a flight. “It wasn’t particularly cheap but it was her money. I’m not paying for it.”

Lola’s from Miami and Nasty asked her what she was going to do now. Lola apparently told him that she was going to get a regular job. “I’m wondering what a regular job is,” said Nasty. “I booked her $35,000 worth of work. What is she going to do to match that in Florida?” Wane thought Lola was a really cute girl. “But you just don’t know what’s going to happen to these girls.”

According to Nasty, Lola kept reassuring him. “Don’t worry. I’m tougher than I look.” Wane said that comment was it in a nutshell. “You have to listen to people. You already here what they’re telling you. I’m tougher than I look? That’s not the attitude you want when you get into porn. When I got into porn my attitude was, you mean I get paid to fuck all these people?” Wane said Lola’s comments were indicative of her being abused. “It’s hard work- if you read between the lines, it’s all there for you.”

Wane then held Keisha to the light as an example of a true porn star. “This is a girl who has been doing porn for 16 years [19 actually]; she loves men- she loves to fuck. She never gets tired. She’s out there pulling her boobs out for whoever wants to get hold of her.”

Nasty later told Taylor Wane about the time that Channel 4 in Great Britain had done a 20-minute documentary on him. But Nasty wasn’t happy with it. Asked how they got in touch with him, Nasty couldn’t remember noting that it was sometime ago. “They trashed me,” he said. “I wasn’t very happy with them. They used a lot of stuff out of context. The theme was the British guy coming to America and bringing girls over and getting them work. They made out that I was just a horrible pimp. They made out that I didn’t care what I did.”

Wane joked about the fact that Nasty can’t manage to remember porn girls’ names, perhaps illustrating the point. Wane felt Nasty better remember the girls who are with his agency, “it’s only girls that you fuck that you don’t remember their names,” said Wane, who conceded the point that she’s also forgotten guys she’s worked with. Wane suspected that because it was early on in her career she wasn’t focusing on the guy because she was so concerned with doing a good job and a good scene.

Nasty said fans can tell him about movies he did years ago, who with, what he did to them and where it was. “And I couldn’t remember the girl they’re talking about,” he laughed.


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