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Luv’s Boyfriend Gives Details on Arrest

(HOLLYWOOD, FL) — Arresting Officer, Sean Bergert was unavailable for comment when Top Pro Talent called A-Ventura police department looking for more information on the recent arrest of adult star Ramona Luv’s boyfriend, Danny.
After being forwarded around from office to office, even laughed at by one female officer on the switch board for being from an adult news service, contact was finally made with Captain McCrory who is looking into the matter and claims someone will contact TPT soon with more information about Danny’s Disorderly Conduct arrest, last weekend while visiting a local shopping mall near the Westin Diplomat Hotel, the venue for the Internext-Expo, adult webmaster’s convention.

As reported here first on Monday, Luv’s boyfriend, Daniel Salas Jr. of Pamona, California was approached by officers from A-Ventura police department and instructed to remove his t-shirt or turn it inside out. The T-Shirt read “Will Fuck For Beer” and can be viewed on the homepage, in a video re-cap from the convention.

According to Salas, Officer Bergert said, “You need to take that fuckin’ shirt off or turn it inside out.” Salas claims he first told the officer, “I’m leaving right now…we’re leaving the mall.” To no avail as the officer is reported as saying, “turn it inside out, now.” Salas states he complied with the officer’s request and turned his shirt inside out so that the graphic text could not be read. The officers walked away.

Witnesses on the scene say within moments, the officers returned and grabbed the 5’4, 150 pound Salas, pushed him forcefully through a couple of double doors and according to Salas, “Bergert kept pushing me up against one of the walls hard, using just his elbow to contain me. I kept asking them what the charge was and they finally said Disorderly Conduct. They claimed it was because I was drunk, which I wasn’t. I was very hung over but not drunk. They went through my wallet, they found my convention badge and asked me, ‘what do you do porn? Are those your porno girlfriends? You’re from California huh? We don’t let you out on PTAs [Promise To Appear] here, you’re gettin’ locked up for 21 days.’ ”

Salas was taken to an A-Ventura substation, and claims all this while no notification was given to his girlfriend, Luv, as to where he was or why he was arrested. Following a brief stint at the substation, Salas was taken straight to Dade County Jail where he sat all night.

“I appeared before a ‘video judge’ and when he read the complaint, he didn’t understand it,” Salas remarked, “The judge said, ‘they told you to turn the shirt inside out, you did, this doesn’t justify an arrest.’ ”

The judge told him to come back for the hearing and all charges would be dismissed. Living in California made that difficult for him, with work, expenses, time and the judge then recommended he just plead guilty and he would get out on time served.

That’s exactly what Salas did, although now he’s wondering why he has to live with a negative police record, when he didn’t break the law.

Witnesses at the scene, including a mall security guard agreed that the police action was unnecessary. “Supposedly there was a sign at the entrance of the mall that said No Offensive Clothing allowed,” Salas continued, “Which is fine, but that’s not a police matter, it’s a mall policy. If their staff asked me to change my shirt or leave, I would’ve. Even one of the mall security guards said that there was no reason for ‘real’ police intervention.”

TPT looks forward to the response from the A-Ventura Police Department. As soon as we receive more information or clarification as to what went on this weekend, we will let you know.

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