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Lynn Lemay Joins KSEX -final

Porn Valley- A veteran of 20 years in the adult industry, Lynn Lemay is trying something new as she took over the reins Monday night as permanent co-host of Don Hollywood’s Tits & Asshole Show on KSEX.

Hollywood noted that Lemay, as of late, has been steering into unchartered waters.

“I tried producing and directing,” Lemay explained. “I started Lemayzing Enterprises and it took a couple of movies to get started. We all heard about Phoenix. I’ve been here promoting that, like, twenty times.”

The next movie Lemay tackled was called Malibu Moms, though she conceded that it’s hard directing and producing.

“But at the end of the night I smile because I had such a good time with the talent,” she said. According to Lemay, that was the coolest project she’s ever done.

“I knew we shot a really cool movie with a lot of funny sight gags and a lot of great talent.” Lemay recalled how the cast went out drinking in the middle of the shoot.

“And I want to do that over and over and over again,” she said. Hollywood described the movie as being a lot more about eroticism and real life-type sexual misadventures.

“And all the things that go along with it,” Lemay added. “We rolled camera and had a great time. I have a script- a real script with pages and people read it. It’s a throwback to the Eighties. When I made porn, porn was a really good time. We got a script and we were reading it with one eye open trying to remember our lines. We got up there, we flubbed our lines. We laughed. It’s different now. When somebody hires me to go on a shoot, they’re, like, we’re going to start with him penetrating. And I’m, like, we start there? We don’t start like that. In my movies, we talk. We look. We exchange glances. We joke, We touch. We giggle a little then we fuck really well.”

Hollywood said he had a selfish interest in Malibu Moms 2 and Lemay said that was because she hired him. Hollywood recalled how he was walking out of the Criminal Courts building downtown and Lemay called him.

“She left me this voicemail inquiring about my availability,” Hollywood continued. “It was a very professional call and I returned the call to Lynn and much to my joy I’ll be playing a significant part.” Lemay said that’s because Hollywood has a lot of dialogue and one of the coolest visuals in the movie. Hollywood said they’ll be shooting this Saturday and that he’d be giving a re-cap on the show next Monday night. Lemay laughed about the fact that Tony Batman shot a scene for her recently and she hired him so she could see how big his cock was. Hollywood said it was a subject he wasn’t particularly interested in.

“Although I’m sure his cock is far bigger than the turnout to his party was the night before Thanksgiving,” Hollywood chuckled.

With Lemay now onboard at KSEX, Hollywood said he wants to go back to the original idea of his show and to talk about what really goes on sets.

“We didn’t do that much in the past but we’re going to talk a lot about what goes on sets- not only Lynn’s sets but other sets both of us have worked on. In the past- funny anecdotes, the way the business has changed.”

“We got a lot to talk about,” Lemay agreed. “It’s changed so much since I did movies. I’m calling people, what does that mean? I feel like a fool. I’m supposed to be this big legend and I don’t know how they’re shooting now. They start running these camera names. When I did porn they had these great, big broadcast quality cameras. Now these things sit in your pocket. Tomorrow we may be shooting with out cellphones.”

Hollywood remembered when it took three guys to operate a camera.

“The person to hold the camera, it took the video tech to balance out the color because the tape was in a deck on a cart which could have been hundreds of yards away from the camera; and there was an audio tech with headphones that had a cassette recorder around his neck that was recording the soundtrack. But in those days it was very high quality eroticism as opposed to now. Anybody that can afford to spend a few thousand dollars on a camera will come up with technically better quality, but sexually-speaking, real crap.”

“They’re not having a good time any more,” Lemay lamented. “That’s the biggest complaint I have with porn is nobody’s having a good time. They’re all in it for the money, how much are they going to make. I got told today [by performers] that they wanted more money because they had to talk. I’m, like, I know you’re kidding. I thought that would be a benefit. I’m giving you a great part.”

Lemay also mentioned how she participates in her movies in other ways.

“During the boxcover one of the guys needed to get a little harder so I pulled down my top and rubbed on his legs.” Lemay said she likes to innocently flirt by having her tits out.

“That’s why I bought ’em,” she laughed. Lemay talked about how on her set she kept grabbing Jack Lawrence’s bare ass.

“Me I’m old and I have no ass left,” Hollywood informed her. In the course of conversation, Hollywood mentioned that he wasn’t a lap dance fan and Lemay said that’s how she started out her career.

“But not a very good one,” she admitted. “I could rub well but I was a lousy salesman. I was more of a performer. I’d give it away before I’d sell it. It’s more fun that way. Then I got into porn and they paid for it but it all worked out.”

Besides her video projects, Lemay said her website, is “a constant shooting-thing” and that people are still hiring her.

“They know I’m coming close to retirement.” Lemay said she wants a couple of good movies under her belt to make that transition.

“Because I had a couple of bad movies that I practiced with and now I’ve got it and I got a great crew and good people working with me,” she continued. “I really want to make the transition so I’m really actively working at putting it out there, that you’ve got a month. If you don’t hire me in this month, you’re really going to have to talk me into it after that. Because that’s what retirement is- how well you can talk me out of it. I’ve never really retired before.”

“When you stop working in front of the camera, your work lives on,” Hollywood reminded her. Lemay says she has people who have seen her very first movie, The Flirt.

“I shot it on Easter Sunday of 1988,” she said. “It was for Vidway. A guy named Sarno [Joe]- he used to do the Swedish Erotica loops way back when. He had a formula and he taught me formula- you shoot it from this side, at your right foot you shoot it from the side angle- you go from the bottom, get the facials and you’re out. That’s how it used to be done. They literally had marks next to the beds of where to move the camera and he sat on an apple box with a camera in his hands and he shot this for this amount of time. And I learned to act from the guy sitting on the couch behind the monitors. I’d sit next to them and being the tease that I am, I’d cuddle against these guys and they’d go, see how she did that? That’s cool. I remembered every single thing they ever told me.”

To her recollection, Lemay said there were only 30 talent -men and women -when she started.

“We would rent a restaurant on Christmas eve and we’d all show up,” she went on. “We knew who was fucking who, who was married to who and it was just a family then. Fuck, now I don’t know who the hell these girls are.” Hollywood said he gets the impression that there’s thirty new girls every month in the business.

“I can’t keep up,” said Lemay. “Every time I go to cast, there’s 16 more girls on the list with the agent. And they live in Kentucky and want to be flown in. I just want her to have sex. Doesn’t she live here? No, we can fly her in for an extra $1500. I’m, like, you know what? Is there a girl who lives next door? I want a girl who knows how to have sex; a girl who is over 18; I’d like a girl over 35. They’re hot.”

For her Malibu Moms project Lemay said she’d like women over 35 but is taking women 30 and over.

“As long as they look older and act older.”


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