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Madam Blows Whistle on Time Warner CFO

NYC- An alleged high-end madam made bombshell claims yesterday that Time Warner’s top financial officer was her “sugar daddy” – showering her with gifts, clothes, cash and even helping her buy an apartment during a four-year “relationship.”

“I liked him very much,” Brazilian babe Andrea Schwartz said of Wayne Pace, who made $3.7 million last year as chief financial officer of the company that owns CNN, Time Warner cable, People magazine and a slew of other top-flight media properties.

In a Rikers Island interview, in which she wore a standard jail-issue gray jumpsuit, Schwartz, 31, said she met the power player – who lists “dancing with his wife” as a hobby – while trolling for men at a luxury hotel in 2001 or 2002.

“I met him at the Four Seasons bar. I was looking for someone who could take care of me,” she said.

At the time, the brown-eyed beauty claimed that Pace – a philanthropist and social figure in New York and Atlanta – told her he was “separating” from his wife, Bobbi.

Schwartz, who said she is attracted to older men because she never had a father figure as a child, was eager to be taken care of. “He helped me a lot,” she said.

Pace, 56, who has been married for 35 years, could not be located yesterday in New York or Atlanta.

His lawyer, Mark Pomerantz of white-shoe firm Paul Weiss, said “I’m sure he knows her,” but said his client “denies having had any inappropriate relationship with her.”

Schwartz said Pace e-mailed her several weeks ago and wrote, “Things are different now” – words she took to mean their relationship was over.

Schwartz would not say whether the relationship was sexual, only answering, “I liked him a lot.”

Pace’s lawyer declined to comment on the details Schwartz offered of the relationship.

Among the other luxury gifts Pace gave her, Schwartz said her “sugar daddy” helped her buy a Chelsea apartment where she and her then-husband lived for several years. She moved in around 2002 and later sold it for $500,000.

The buxom beauty said her friendship with Pace angered her hubby, who drank a lot and hit her – but she quashed his complaints by reminding him: “He’s the reason we’re living here.” They have since divorced.

Pace, a pillar of Atlanta society, is involved in the Special Olympics and in 1997 was named a distinguished alumnus of the University of Georgia, where he attended graduate school. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his undergraduate alma mater, Austin Peay State University in Tennessee.

After earning his master’s degree in accounting, Pace went to work for Price Waterhouse for 23 years, and ended up handling the firm’s Turner Broadcasting account. Ted Turner hired him away in 1993 to become Turner Broadcasting’s CFO.

Pace stayed on after Turner merged with Time Warner in 1996, and was promoted to CFO of the whole company in 2001. Last year, Pace drew a base salary of $1 million and $2.7 million bonus.

A recent profile said his hobbies include golf, reading and “dancing with his wife.” He once boasted of hobnobbing with Billy Crystal and Hank Aaron. Until several months ago, Pace paid $15,000 a month for an apartment in The Century on Central Park West, just steps from the Time Warner Center.

“He was surprisingly nice for such a rich man,” said one neighbor.

In her interview, Schwartz denied working as a prostitute or running a call-girl ring. When she first moved to New York, she said she worked for two months as a stripper at FlashDancers Gentleman’s Club but “hated it.”

After she broke up with her husband, Schwartz said, she moved in with four friends – all call girls.

Sometimes, Schwartz said, her friends brought clients to the apartment – but she insisted she wasn’t involved. “I have 200 friends in New York – only 10 are call girls,” she said.

Schwartz recalled recently dining at Cipriani with some friends who had pooled money for a house in the Hamptons. She said those friends weren’t prostitutes – “You don’t mix call girls with normal people.”

In February, she moved into her own place on West 58th Street. It was there that the NYPD sent in an undercover cop.

Schwartz said the cop pretended to be a family friend, bought her flowers and “told me he loved me” during a three-month relationship. She implied that the officer tried to solicit her services, but she said no. “I told him I don’t take money for sex,” she said.

“I never did prostitution,” she said, claiming it was “ridiculous” to call her a madam. But since she had friends who were hookers, she said she suggested one – though she denied showing him any pictures.

The cop also asked if she knew where he could score 10 grams of cocaine for a bachelor party and Schwartz said she called a friend who knew a dealer because “everyone in New York knows a drug dealer.”

In the end, Schwartz ended up giving the cop the coke and taking the money as a middleman, but the officer videotaped her. “That’s entrapment,” she said.

She also laughed at claims she’s a millionaire who sold the Chelsea apartment for $1.5 million. “You know how much I have? $300,000. I’ve never had a million five.”

“This is like a nightmare. My life is destroyed.


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