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Marc Wallice Wore Mitchell’s Underwear-update

Porn Valley- I’ve seen the so-called “forged” HIV test which Marc Wallice is accused of foisting on the adult industry. I know I saw a test one time that was marked “F” in the male-female category and I still wonder to this day, would Wallice have been that dumb to knowingly pass off a test like that or was there a clerical error where the issuing testing clinic was concerned?

Regardless, The Other Hollywood devotes a chapter to the Marc Wallice HIV story. Sharon Mitchell notes she roomed once with Tom Byron and Wallice, Byron being very neat, very clean but that Wallice would sneak in and mess around in her underwear, attempting, from what you’d gather, to wear Mitchell’s underwear. “It’s be all stretched out,” she says. “I couldn’t wear it.. I knew it was Marc’s kink so eventually I just started buying larger underwear.”

Seriously upset, Devereaux remembers how “the big, black lady” at the clinic took her in her arms when she first tested indetrminate. Devereaux then tested again saying people were already calling her asking if she was okay. What angers Devereaux, she feels, is the fact that Jim South was very indiscreet in handling her situation that he called her from his office with other people present to tell her that she tested indeterminate.

“Unbelievable,” she says. “He should have gone into a private room or something, you know?” All the while, Devereaux hoping that she had tested false positive. But that wasn’t the case.

In the chapter, it’s also noted that Mitchell started AIM with $13,000, Bill Margold noting that it didn’t stop there, however. “Sharon Mitchell wants to get paid more and more and more and more,” says Margold. Mitchell began testing people at the PAW office in The World Modeling building, noting that the office had a sink. “Which is the only legal requirement to draw blood,” says Mitchell.

As he’s quoted in the book, Marc Wallice appears to carry an immense chip on his shoulder about his world crashing, noting how people would recognize him as “that guy” from Elegant Angel who did Tails of Perversity and how it garnered great ratings, how he had been making the best movies at Elegant since Tom Byron left. “I was all Patrick Collins had until he hired Sean Michaels,” says Wallice. “I love the guy but the truth is his movies suck.

“At Elegant we are the kings of anal sex,” Wallice continues. “That’s what people want.” Wallice goes on to say that he “did not fake a test”.

“I was one day over the deadline, so I changed the date,” he states. Wallice also goes on to say that he preferred to do his HIV shopping at the clinic on San Fernando Road because the test only cost him five dollars. Regarding the alleged faked test, Wallice has this to say: “Sharon Mitchell checked the code number of the March 1998 ELISA test and it check out. She called the lab. It matched. So it was not a faked test. I gave PAW my last six or seven tests. One of them listed my age as forty-nine, some say thirty-seven, others thirty-eight, thirty-six. I never tell them my age.”

Before all of this occurred, Wallice says he was doing great – producing, directing and making more money than he had ever done as an actor.

Devereaux says that she worked with Wallice twice within two weeks- both on John Bond sets. “So it was definitely one of those times,” she says. Both scenes were anals says Devereaux who suspects it was probably the second one that did it when Wallice came on her ass. “And some of it got into my body.”

Devereaux, who discovered that Kimberly Jade and Hungarian performer Caroline had also tested positive and had Wallice in their recent genealogies as well as her, states that Wallice was brought over to AIM by Patrick Collins and that Wallice was crying.

Wallice, on the other hand, says the stories about him being dragged into AIM are bullshit. “Fucking lying, asshole punks. I wasn’t crying and I wasn’t dragged in there.”

Mitchell says she called Wallice and he actively avoided her, that she finally had to call Collins who was in Budapest at the time, to intercede. Collins had his pregnant wife pick up Wallice and bring him over to AIM. Wallice says if anyone tried dragging him to the clinic he’d have broken their necks, that he went of his own accord. “I would’ve never gone in there if I knew I was positive,” he says.

Sharon Mitchell is also saying that it was apparent that Wallice knew he was positive, that he was finally brought to Dr. York’s office in Mission Hills. Mitchell also observes that Wallice was a little thin and worn from being an old time drug user but it was his behavior that was disturbing. On the other hand, Wallice makes the case that if he truly knew of his condition, he would have just told everyone to fuck off and be done with it.

“And I’ll quit the business right now and direct.” When Mitchell finally got Wallice’s results, she wanted him to come in and discuss them with her but he wouldn’t. Wallice states that it was Patrick Collins who found out he was positive while Wallice was in Europe but would try to send flunkies on a mission instead of telling Wallice himself. Wallice didn’t appreciate it.

Mitchell also states that AIM’s release form gives them the right to disclose results with or without permission because there’s so many partners in jeopardy. Mitchell then went to company owners like Steve Hirsch, Steve Orenstein and Russ Hampshire. She says she was told that “We’ve got to close the doors to the press and just make the fucking announcement.”

Wallice states he was a victim of a lot of gossip which had him being positive for years but hiding it with faked tests. “I have no idea where I might have caught HIV,” he states. “It had to be from the set.” Wallice even goes so far to suggest that he might have given himself a nick on his balls from shaving, with sweat running down there from a sex scene. “Who knows?”

Devereaux reports that Wallice got blackballed from the entire industry except for a couple of companies, one of them being VCA. “VCA believed his story, that he didn’t know,” she says. “Eventually even VCA ended up firing him.”

Wallice, who says he used to shoot up with Mitchell, summed it up this way: “I’ve got to start like a regular fucking piece of shit again. A six-dollar-an-hour job….what does my life hold now? A job at McDonald’s in Utah?”

Mitchell also offers conjecture that Wallice is bisexual. “He had done some bisexual movies, so, you know, it happens that way.” Mitchell also admits she, herself, would shoot dope before a scene but insists that she was always a stickler for clean needles. “And I didn’t fuck in the ass and all that.”


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