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Mark Kernes is At It Again with the Marc Wallice Canard

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I’ve always said the story put out by Mark Kernes that Marc Wallice’s HIV test was a forgery is dead wrong. I saw those tests. They weren’t forgeries. Today on AVN, Kernes is at it again. He wrote the following piece, Analysis: AHF Files Motion to Dismiss Vivid’s Measure B Lawsuit.

Somewhere in there Kernes states, “HIV-positive performer, Marc Wallice, infected several adult actresses thanks to a forged HIV test.”

That is absolutely incorrect. I’m not saying that Wallice wasn’t HIV.

Kernes and Eli Cross both covered the HIV story when it broke and both got facts wrong in their individual ways. I’ve been in contact with a person who was actually there when Kernes and Cross did their fact gathering. I’ll give you what he tells me:

“I am going to give you a tidbit of information, not the whole story, and it is going to pretty much rock your world.

On LIB a few days ago Fat boy Kernes made a reference to the old Marc
Wallice scandal, and the alleged positive test with the 49 year old female
written on it. I know the 49 year old female. I met her personally twice. And that test result is NOT a forgery in any way. It contains incorrect information, but it is not a forgery, fake, or manipulated duplicate of any kind, and I can prove it….

“There were two tests. The test did NOT always say 49 year old female. And the other test that supposedly had the address of clinic that had been closed for a few months, is also not a forgery. Fat boy Kernes is such a fucking tool he doesn’t even know that 1600 San Fernando road was not a clinic. Those old AVN articles, about going to NEVCC (is that
acronym correct, I know its close) and seeing the results there are

“Hilarious in that the AVN person, I don’t think it was Fat boy, it was Eli Cross, asked the doctor all these questions and he didn’t have a clue what the doctor was talking about. And it is obvious that the AVN guy didn’t even understand what the doc was saying, and didn’t even understand the true nature of the question he was trying to ask.

“Literally, I laugh when I read those articles from back then, In all the years of crap that has come out of AVN, those Marc Wallice articles are so far from the truth it is funny. The complete ineptitude of the entire AVN at that time was hilarious. It is like watching a bunch of children trying to say “we got you we got you” when they actually did not have a clue.

“I really do feel sorry for Wallice, that dude got so railroaded, and his own viral count showed it, just that nobody back then knew what the fuck was happening, not even Sharon Mitchell, who by the way, got railroaded in ways that you have no clue about either….

“Poor Eli, he was trying so hard to find a “got ya” situation, but he had no idea what questions to ask, and the doctor, who had a weird name, I always referred to him as Dr. Bro, was almost, and at one time I think he actually did, laugh in Eli’s face. Of course Eli never put that in his article, and he never put many of the things the doctor said to him in the article, and the doctor spent most of the time basically calling the guy an idiot, and said to him several times, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about.’

“Eli at one point raised his voice, and the doc told him to take a hike, of
course Eli never reported that either. I had actually left the building
about 5 minutes before Eli arrived.(there’s a clue for ya)”


The fact that Eli Cross would raise his voice in any social situation is mystifying to me. I say this, of course, with tongue planted firmly in cheek because it was Cross who was one of the industry reps that created all the havoc at the Cal/OSHA meeting where the industry lost any say in the condom regulations.


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