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Mark Kulkis: Mary Carey Was “Natural” When She Worked for Us

Porn Valley- Today’s startling development- the fact that Mary Carey announced she was going to auction off her old implants, begs a question.

Carey once was the contract girl for Kick Ass Pictures, and Kick Ass has always held firm on the motto that it was a 100% natural company. So was Carey natural or not?

Mark Kulkis, who heads Kick Ass, says she was.

Kulkis, the P.R. mastermind behind Carey’s run for governor in California, said that was the reason why he dropped Carey in the first place- because she got breast implants.

“I didn’t make a big deal about it but that was the reason,” states Kulkis, noting that there was one Carey movie left which his company hasn’t as yet released.

“It’s called Totally Mary,” he says. “I think we’re going to put it out early this next year. Hopefully, she’ll gain attention from the celebrity rehab-thing on VH-1. She shot that movie and it was fine. A few weeks later Scott Preston was going to do a photo shoot for some magazine. I said can you shoot some cover shots for me for the movie? No problem.

“So he sends me the pictures,” Kulkis continues. “I’m looking at ’em, like, what? Her breasts were totally different looking. So I called her up. Mary, what’s going on. It looks like you got fake tits all of a sudden. Instead of saying yes or no, she goes can I come in to talk to you? As soon as I heard that, I go, brother. My theory always was she went on a crash diet because she did lose a lot of weight around that time. And she crashed too much and lost too much too fast. They started sagging. They must have looked really bad is all I could think of.

“So she tried to sneak ’em in on me,” says Kulkis.

“She had been on a hiatus for awhile where she was dancing and what not. She was in one of those moods. She had a new boyfriend and didn’t want to do boy-girl or anything. So it was like six months where she didn’t shoot anything. Then it was, yeah, I want to get back in. So that’s the ‘lost’ Mary Carey movie that got shot.”

“She tried to sneak the implants in on me,” Kulkis goes on to say. “I don’t know what she was thinking because she knew I’d have zero tolerance for that and I guess she was thinking I wouldn’t notice.”

All told, Carey when she was “natural” did five Mary Carey Rules, a Club Carey, a Run Mary Run and an interactive movie. Plus she did scenes in about four or five other movies.

Then, when Kulkis let Carey go because of the tit incident, she wound up with Legend. Kulkis elected to hold on to Totally Mary.

“Besides her popularity kind of trailed off,” he reasons. “I sold a ton of movies when she was running for governor. But a year or two later she cooled off. She’s always talked about the mainstream gigs she’s on the verge of getting so I thought it can’t hurt to wait and release it at that point.”


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