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Martin Del Toro’s Other Girlfriend

> a thread’s been started on regarding the when Marty Met Haley story run on over the weekend.

Martin 666 posts on XPT: what gets me the most is this scam artist had to move into haley’s place with his dogs, paying no bills or rent. i mean where did this idiot live before. i heard a month after the marriage, this piece of shit moved into his girlfriend’s house. his girlfriend was also in a marriage for green card purposes too. they should deport this piece of shit and his ugly whore girlfriend.

i’ll bet they were both in on this scam to get del taco a green card. Del Taco’s girlfriend [pictured] when married to Haley. It says she’s 31 years old. LOL

> Gen Padova adds: Very strange looking at her myspace profile… her pictures don’t do her justice at all. I’ve met her a few times on set when Csaba was shooting as a camera guy for a few people. She’s drop dead gorgeous in person. Some of these pictures make her look older but she doesn’t look like that in person. She’s very nice too. Quiet but beautiful. I hope Csaba doesn’t screw her over too like he did with Hailey. GRRRrRRrr!!!

> Martin 666 adds: Del Taco dated that ugly hungarian greencard stripper Monika Miklos for 6 years. They probably conspired to get him a greencard through haley. who knows? All the money Del Taco stole while his former wife is rotting in jail in Hungary was used to buy a house under Monika Miklos’ name. Such a sniveling con artist.

but while married, del taco started dating the other girl LORI who was American probably as a backup plan if his marriage with Haley didn’t work out. Dumb hungarian.

Deport his ass now. He’s an idiot director too.

> Gen Padova posts on XPT: I received this e-mail in my box today. It surely sounds like the biggest crock of shit more than anything. SEVEN FUCKIN POSITIONS!!?!?! Sorry dude but I’m not ready to lose my hole completely!! 7 diff costumes?!?! Sure buddy. Sounds like a private to me, go to Bella Models instead. And to top it all off… he names Alyssa West as the two girls he’s recently worked with. Um… no thank you. Enjoy:

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 15:01:22 -0700 (PDT)

From: “Dino” <[email protected]>

Subject: job offer

To: [email protected]

Hi Gen!

My name is Dino, just starting a new production company and currently working on some test tapes to be put together for a distributor showing. I am working on 2 different DVD serials, and will shoot test scenes with 3 girls during next week.

I have done some scenes with the likes of Devyn Devine and Alyssa West, but as I have changed my concept, I am now working on new test shots.

Here are some details:

– 2 scenes required for 2 projected DVD serials, total time with breaks 4 hours

– test tapes to be used only as show material, no publication rights at all

– AIM test required


– Detailed BJ scene [cockworship/balls/shaft/head/deepthroat/swallowing] with food-play [whipped cream, syrups etc.]- Sex scene: Sex in 7 positions [“This is how the girl likes it!”] in a costume [I have 7 available]

I am familiar with your work and would like to offer you a chance to be included in my test tapes. Please let me know if you are available for this test shoot and let me know what would be your rate for this.

Thanks and take care!


GG Productions

>lessthanzero comments: No doubt a scam, or a guy who has no idea how ridiculous he sounds when he knows you, you don’t know him, and hes offering you a chance.

But if you take the danger factor out of the equation, what’s all of the turning your noses up at the “POV with the lens cap on”.

So what if its a private, you’re whores, you fuck for money. So get off of your high horse and own your whoredom. Gen, I loved you in cum drippers w/Pete and Tony T, and Extreme Teen w/Mick, and 5 guy cream pie with those 5 guys, and gag factor, Anal, DP’s, Bukkake, Ass eating, etc…

Own it, say it, be it, live it. You are a whore who makes her living by selling her body for money and her dignity for a price. Its OK with me, why can’t YOU just admit it.

So the next time you whores get togeather and laugh at how ridiculous this loser sounds, just know that we are all laughing at how ridiculous you sound when you turn your noses up at his offer, like “I don’t have sex with strangers for money you silly boy”. Then what do you call it? Acting?

Monkey Piss for all you bitches!

>Brandie May comments on XPT about Alternative Modeling’s Eli Tomas: Mr. Eli is a fat lazy slob and i can say that because in the beginning of my career he told me i would never make it and look at me now 19 i own my own company and im a feature all i have to say is SUIT CASE PIMP!!!

>Jamesn comments: is “eli” the guy responsible for setting up the shoots that were canned hunts then having the girls fuck on dead water buffalo a year ago?

just another example of a snake slithering back because your industry has such a high turnover/short memory?

i’m just some dude in a tie in boston, i could also be clueless, but am i close?

>cockafunya writes: And some people actually forget in this..the adult biz….

Well it should be a complete clusterfuck since they all will be in attendance at the first annual Miami exxotica next month.

“Eli” Thomas is President & CEO of Alternative Modeling (roster: Mason Storm, Daisy Duxxx, Ashley Gracie & boyfriend to Brianna Beach) and with another male talent Jack Spade boyfriend of mega pornstar Jenny Hexdrix (Jack & Jenny are from defunct agencies vixen models & adult star bookings) had the problems with “Lars” of Sexy Outdoor Sports. Lars is the guy who does the fucking next to dead animal carcasses shoots.

jamesn you should care…..your from Boston…where “Eli” is originally from!!! Don’t let him disgrace beantown.

Anyways getting back to the real reason I brought you here in the first place…..another male talent who was repped by Mr. Eli was “Jordan”….Jordan was dating a former Alternative Modeling client who had moved over to Tylers Talent “Shy”….so they broke up eventually but the figure head of Tylers Talent liked “Jordan” and he also had something that Tyler wanted being that she is a recovering addict. Brian, Tylers husband and real owner of Tylers Talent caught Jordan and Tyler having some fun together. If you can do the math you may understand……

Needless to say I will be attending the Miami EXXXOTICA next month and will be posting photos of the debacle.

> Jessi Summers posts on her MySpace blog: i am so happy to say that thanks to god i have been sober for just a couple days shy of two months. he has taken my cravings for eveythinng away. and i’m no talkng a little coke habit or supposed weed addiction. i was so bad for the last 9 months i had to smoke tweak all day everyday or i couldn’t function, i also used coke daily, loved pills and ate them every chance i got, drank enough to get drunk daily and i also developed an addiction to sleeping pills…lol i wonder why i developed the last one? j/k. anyway i just hope that anyone out there that may be dealing with addiction of any sort will read this and see that if u ask and truly believe he will heal you! i never thought that there would be a day that i would crave drugs or alcohol and i am happy to say, i’m healed!


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