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Mary Carey Back with No-Neck She Tells Stern

The doyenne of plastic surgery, Tabitha Stevens and Mary Carey were on the Howard Stern Show this morning touting the upcoming pay-per-view special Can You Be a Porn Star? in which they serve as hosts. Stevens explained how the 28 contestants were required to go through various sex challenges. Stern wasn’t clear at the start whether it was a reality show or not construed to follow the lives of Stevens and Carey.

“So it’s American Idol but you’re trying to find the next big porn star.” Stevens said the winner gets $100,000 and a year contract. Stern didn’t think it was that hard for a “chick” to get into porno. Stevens said if you saw the show, you might think otherwise. Stern insisted otherwise that any decent looking girl willing to bang guys can get into porno. Carey said that’s true but someone wanting to be a star had to have other attributes. “Talking in front of a microphone is key,” Carey insisted. Stern seemed surprised by the comment. Carey went on to argue that a woman, besides personality, would have to be able to communicate with mainstream media as well. Stern wanted to know what makes a girl “unqualified.” Someone threw out the possibility of missing a limb as something to disqualify a girl. Stevens said she’d find that hot and would be “right on the stump.” Stern also noted Stevens has done everything including wheelchair guys.

Carey said she and Stevens have yet to get it on. Stern noted that Carey lost the California governorship by a mere 80 million votes. “It was a close call.” Carey said she did win the game show beating Gary Coleman, though. Truthfully, Carey also didn’t think she’d be ask to host the pay per view hadn’t it been for the governor’s race. “That got me more well known.”

Stern then asked Carey and Stevens to summarize the events the contestants had to compete in. Stevens said there were events like naked twister. “We had games with them and they had to stay together overnight in groups of four. We have drinks and play Truth Or Dare.” Carey, who hosted the night time events, said she kissed a couple of the girls.

“But some of them I didn’t want to kiss,” she said almost embarrassed to let that out. Carey said a few weren’t her type. “I’m pretty picky with my girls.” Artie reminded everyone that this was a comment coming from a girl whose head was dunked in a toilet. Stern said he wanted to meet the girl Carey wouldn’t kiss. Stevens went on to explain that there were actual judges for the events, like Ginger Lynn. Stern asked some questions about the costs to viewer to watch the event. Carey and Stevens seemed unclear on that, but they said the winner will be determined by internet voting, and they don’t know who the winner is yet.

Carey said the first episodes [January’s the first installment] were shot to determine the top seven finalists, then they’ll come back live to determine who wins the event by fan voting. Stern wanted to know if one of the requirements involved doing anal. Stevens said it really wasn’t like that. “They do have sex. But the more you do, the better your chances.” Asked if there was a Simon Cowell-type who was hard and critical with the girls, Stevens said Ginger was a little bit. Stevens said there was an incident in a hot tub involving two ladies who were getting it on. “I walked in the middle of it just for fun cause I normally interview them after their scene to see how it went.” Stevens said the girls got upset because she walked in the middle of it.

Stevens apparently commented that it wasn’t fun, that the scene was actually pretty boring. I said, “Hey, what are you guys doing? Having lunch? They just looked at me and got upset. They had toys and I told them what I thought they should do with those toys.” Stevens said the girls acted huffy in an interview because she had stepped into their scene. “The attitude,” she said. “I’m sorry. What did I do?” Stern commented sarcastically about Stevens letting that story out. “It’s going to ruin the special for me. That story is so instrumental to the outcome.”

Stevens, according to Stern, is in a legitimate film that stars Emilio Estevez. She said she does dialogue with actor William Forsythe. Stern was willing to bet it was a porn film. Stern asked if she got naked in the film. Stevens said no. Asked how she got the part, Stevens said because of Stern, everyone knows who she is. “I get calls all the time.” Stern also heard rumors that Stevens fell in love with a half-black guy. Stevens explained that she did some recordings with Methods of Mayhem, the singer. “I’m on his new album and we’ve been hanging out. I think he’s hot.” Asked why she hasn’t had sex with him, Stevens said she wasn’t sure yet and was waiting it out. Artie said he’d be pissed if he were that guy because Stevens has had sex with Jeff The Drunk.

Stern had also heard that Carey went on a cocaine binge for a month after losing the governor’s race. Carey said she did a little bit for a month. Carey also admitted to campaigning and doing coke. From being wired, Carey also said she got a problem with her tongue. “If you don’t sleep you’ll get an infection on your tongue. It wasn’t herpes.” Artie said it wasn’t sleep deprivation as much as licking coke. Carey also reported that she’s back with her husband. Stevens then wanted Carey to lick her butt and Carey was reluctant to do so thinking that her husband was going to get mad at her. Carey finally did it and commented that it was better than licking a toilet.


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