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Mary Carey Gets PrimeTimeUncensored Show; XPT: “Confirmation Craig Valentine is white trash “

> Gene sez: I learned Wednesday night that Mary “I Pretend I’m Stupid” Carey gets a PrimeTimeUncensored, Show beginning this Monday night; her show will air in the 5pm to 7pm slot.

> Gene sez: I heard on a set the other day that Jezabelle Bond’s now working as a waitress in a strip club.

>tj_johnson1979 weites on ADT: Hi, I am a big fan of Digital Playground contract star Lacie Heart and I wanted to ask if anyone knows for sure whether or not she is pregnant.

The rumors that she is pregnant seem to stem from her Wikipedia page, where the “page history” records show that it was on March 6, 2007 that someone added the note to her Wikipedia entry about her supposedly being “engaged and pregnant.”

I know she still has a couple movies coming out soon from Digital Playground, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not pregnant because those were all filmed several months ago if they’re just coming out now.

So anyway, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows one way or the other. I don’t want to be fantasizing about a pornstar if she is pregnant, so that’s why I want to find out.

> Derek 117 writes:The reason you’re not getting an answer is because no one knows for sure.

There are rumors on the Internet that she’s preggers, but neither Lacie or Digital Playground (her employer) are making any announcements. Which is standard practice in the porn biz.

Most porn performers won’t announce they are pregnant. This could be for any number of reasons including personal privacy or fear of losing fans who may not find mothers sexy–though the MILF craze may be changing this notion. Also many porn girls have children prior to getting into the biz, but rarely talk about them, in order to be viewed as “sexy” by fans. [Examples: Jesse Jane & Savanna Samson, although Sam is now photographed more with her family as she moves away from porn and more into the mainstream.]

The usual practice of a pregnant active performer is she simply stops performing, maybe moves away from LA for about a year, has her baby, and either returns to performing or retires.

Often when a porn girl gets pregnant, it also signals that she’s leaving the biz. Which is part of the rumor about Lacie that I’ve seen on the internet.

Bottom line: IMO, pregnancies and marriage are two aspects of their personal lives that porn girls usually downplay or keep private from their fans, because they believe their careers as fuck queens could be effected. This is the best answer I can give.

PS:Oh…and let’s not forget another solid reason pornstars don’t publicly speak about being pregnant or having kids.

Since porn is still not “acceptable” (no matter how much the industry talks about Jenna crossing-over to mainstream) a single mother/pornstar has to be careful that local child welfare authorities don’t take away her kid(s). Think about how easy it could be to take a child taken away from a performer when you can produce in court videos of her doing cum-swapping and multi-partner anals. Gonzo and extreme porn may play well at the Frat houses–but not in the Court house.

In fact, I believe former Vivid and Digital Playground contract girl, Janine, is currently having some child custody issues. And, she doesn’t even perform anymore in sexvids! Plus, I also recall reading that performer TJ Hart said she wasn’t allowed to adopt a child because she worked in porn.

It may not be “fair” but these are strong arguments not to acknowledge that you have (or are expecting) a child.

> Fuckwhore writes on From Gene Ross’ site:
“Craig valentine writes: Ed is a crusted old fucking crook…. I owe him 1k yeah my CPA say he owes me about 7k plus the un collected’s that total 5k on his own report, he wants me ot send him 1k so he can ship my product back and piss away the uncollected’s plus what ever indecrepanceys..i want this posted i will scan each page of each report and post it online and we will see EDs cusotmers say if they paid or not…again i see ED and BOB being crooks…and over fucking payment yeah i guess he needs to pay the rent…

Not a problem i called the stuff in stolen since ed admited to keeping the stuff come monday it goes to a collection agent….One good thing is Ed personally is worth over 10 million dollars….can anyone see the scamin this…ya know daneis broke when they are selling VHS…also DALLAS was the good girl in the office …liz walked out becuase ED is and asshole and a cheap crook……and i have emails where Ed has asked me to hold checks and where i have had to chase him for months at a time fo rthem


This guy writes worst then a 3rd grader. I truly don’t believe that Dane owes him any money and that he really owes Dane money. Why?

It is really hard to believe that Craig’s videos of his ugly ass wife Summer Haze would sell more than $7000 worth of videos let alone have a $7000 balance after what he has already been paid.

Would you buy a video with this ugly ass hoe in it?

> Fred Salaff posts: Well, its been exactly one week and still no decision from the judge. I have sadly been preparing for this eventuality while cautiously optimistic about the final outcome. I have received many emails and phone calls from friends and supporters wanting to know what’s happened and all I can say is the same old “this is Panama.”

On Monday, May 7th I am going with my lawyer to the judge’s secretary and will try and get a sense of what’s up. It’s probably nothing sinister; only the usual bureaucratic backlog. The judge has laready apologized for theses delays in getting the actual trial and I suppose its just more of the same.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile we all worry about the U.S. citizen tried by a kangaroo court in Nicaragua for a murder he could not possibly have committed. He got a 30 year sentence and is doing poorly in a jail similar to the ones I spent time in here in Panama.


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