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Mary Carey on Stern- final

Porn Valley- Mary Carey was on The Howard Stern show Friday morning along with Kendra Jade. Carey said she was getting out of porn and talked about her passion for having sex with NBA players. Particularly black NBA players. Carey said she likes tall, skinny guys. Jade said Carey was now her best friend.

Stern told Carey she had lost weight. “You were looking very fat,” he said. “You look a lot better.” Robin Quivers said Carey hasn’t looked that good in a long time. Stern told Carey she could stand to lose another 20 pounds, however. Jade said that would be kind of Nicole Rirchie-ish. Stern, though, thinks Nicole Ritchie looks good in her present condition. Carey said she would lose her “natural” boobs.

“They’re already gone down since I’ve been losing weight,” Carey says. Stern wanted to know what Carey weighed. Carey wanted to talk about anything but her weight.

Stern told Jade she looked good and was keeping her weight nice. Asked where she’s been, Jade said she doesn’t know where she’s been. Jade said she wasn’t doing porn and Carey said pretty much the same for her. Asked how many pornos she’s done, Carey said according to the Internet 89, but 40 that she knows about. Carey said she had an idea for a porno where she makes love to at least one member from each team in the NBA, that basketball is her favorite sport. Carey said she was also happy to see Larry Brown sign with the Knicks that he was her NBA favorite coach of all time. Carey said she hasn’t had any of the Knicks so far. “Larry Brown is my dream guy,” she said. Stern took that to mean that Carey would fuck him. She said, yeah.

Stern also heard that Carey’s been drinking heavily and asked if she were drunk. Jade said Carey polished off a bottle of vodka just two hours before the show. Carey’s claiming she’s cut back on her drinking, was having severe blackouts and wanted to lose weight. Carey went to a nutritionist and was told white wine is high in sugar and vodka is not. “I was drinking a lot of wine,” she says. Carey said wine was the reason why she was putting on so much weight and that she was also going through severe depression over the death of her grandmother. “And I got divorced.”

Jade said Carey wanted to bring her grandmother’s ashes into the studio. Stern said that would be a bad idea. “I’ll do weird crap with her ashes.”

Stern then asked Carey to explain what the whole NBA-thing was about. Quivers said it wasn’t going to happen that these guys aren’t going to go on film. Carey was asked how many basketball players she’s had sex with and started counting off the number of teams. According to Carey, she’s banged players from The Orlando Magic; Indiana Pacers; the L.A. Lakers; the Timber Wolves; the Denver Nuggets; and the Miami Heat. Carey said she and Jade will go to games and sit behind the bench.

“The players will generally look at us and pass numbers.” Carey said it’s very easy for girls to meet basketball players. “Just go with a friend dressed in jerseys and sit as close as you can to the players and scream really loud.” Carey said she’ll fuck players at random that it didn’t matter who it was. “I think they’re all hot.” Carey said she made signs and got written up in the newspapers for it. “There was an article about how I distracted the players in the L.A. Times.” Carey said she’ll wear short skirts to show off her legs and be accompanied by someone else who’s cute. “Like Kendra is my new best friend. We scream really loud.” Stern asked Carey if players during the middle of the game talk to her. She said, yes.

Carey also passed her driver’s license to a player whose last name was the same as hers, Cook. “My girlfriend happened to be dating his manager,” Carey said. She was asked when she gets to meet the players. Carey told of one instance of a player flying her out to Minnesota. “They gave us a hotel room and we hung out for a couple of days.” Stern said most of these guys are married, but Jade said Carey was very discreet.

“Yeah, she’s the right girl to go with,” Stern said sarcastically. Carey said the line she generally gets is players telling her they like her boobs. “Are they real?” Resuming her Minnesota story, Carey said she and her girlfriend partied with some of the players. “We had sex.” According to Carey, she liked really one player and was banging him several nights in a row. Carey told another story about her conversation with a black player who told her he be chillin’. Carey said, yeah, most of the guys she meets are black players. “They speak chillin’ language.” Carey said, yeah, these guys are hung and last a long time. Carey said one guy did her four or five times in a day. Carey said she was blacked out most of the time and a friend of hers filled her in on what happened. Carey identified Jade was the responsible new friend.

“Hard to believe,” said Stern.

Carey has a thing for tall guys but claims she makes them wear rubbers. “God forbid if I got a disease- that would suck.” Stern assumed that would be the end of her career. Carey said she hasn’t shot in awhile and that she was working the politics gambit and going to run for Lt. Governor.

At one point Carey started opening her mouth and Stern said he had to haul her in for that. “I’ll lose listeners- you start opening your mouth and keep yapping.”

Stern then threw the phones open to callers. One guy said Carey and Jade were driving him crazy. “Lt. Governor? You’re a porn star!” Carey said she was probably smarter than the caller. Stern told Carey she didn’t really think she’d win. Carey said who knows. “California’s crazy.” The caller said the agenda of sports groupies like Carey was to get pregnant and extort money form the players. Carey said she just likes tall, skinny guys. “That’s my thing.” Carey said she likes guy 6’4″ and taller.

Another caller told Stern to get the whore off the radio. “You are nothing but a cheap prostitute, lady,” he told Carey. “You are a freakin’ loser. Wake your life up. Do something else besides spread your legs, little whore. You’re a nasty bitch. You’re disgusting.”

Asked if she was always loose sexually, Carey claims not at all and she’s still not. Stern said his cousin went to Carey’s high school and said she was the go-to girl for all your sexual needs. Carey said Stern was lying that she went to a private Jewish school. Carey said she’s 90% Jewish. Stern’s cousin Isaac then came into the studio and said he went to Pinecrest. Carey began screaming. She said she won some kind of founders’ award for ballet. Isaac claims he heard that Carey had a very active prom night and that she had a bad reputation.

“She was one of the three most famous people.” Carey claims she wasn’t a ho. Stern’s cousin then said he heard that when Carey began stripping a lot of Pinecrest students wore school colors to the strip club. “They wore the dress blazer.” Carey said a lot of them did come and were very supportive, though not wearing blazers.

“My high school’s so going to sue me,” said Carey. “They’re rich and they probably could.”


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