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Porn Valley- DCypher on interviews Mason. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mason indicates that, at some point, she’d like to move somewhere remote and far away. As a kid she entertained thoughts about being a medical examiner and used to watch the TV show Quincy. “I used to carry around a doctor’s bag and perform autopsies on my stuffed animals,” she says.

By the age of 10 she had seen her first porn movie when she discovered it on a cable channel while she was vacuuming her mother’s bedroom. At first horrified, she continued to watch and would then go to convenience stores to read Oui and Hustler, always masking them behind covers of Tiger Beat. According to Mason, she got run out of a lot of stores that way and always had to find new ones.

Mason enjoyed a subsequent career in soap operas. “That requires as much talent as a blow up doll,” she says. Mason doesn’t think too much about movies, either, describing them as being boring. An ex boyfriend loved them, but Mason says she’d have to get loaded on alcohol just to go. “I swear I’d pass out within 12 minutes of the feature then automatically wake up 5 minutes before it was over.” On the other hand, she prefers the realness of documentaries which shape her work, she says. Neither does she want “actors” on her sets. “I want people who like to fuck in my movies, not people acting like they like it. Go to Hollywood if you want to do that.”

Her idea of a good time is going for 10 mile runs but because of a recent automobile accident she’s curtailed that activity for several months. Because she’s shot movies featuring rough sex, Mason was asked whether creating a product degrading to women conflicts her. Not if it’s degrading women whose sexual appetites crave such activity, she’s inclinded to say, noting that many people don’t understand that a lot of women, herself included, are turned on by unconventional sex. Mason also says the last time she checked, she had power over her cunt.

“I like aggressive men,” she adds. “I like testosterone. I love the power of a man. Combine that with a bit of humiliation, and I am so fucking there.”

Passion can take place in a variety of forms, she says – a slap, a kiss, an intense embrace. “As long as it’s consensual and the people involved are truly enjoying it.” And she’s not adverse to shooting scenes featuring kissing and embracing, either, even more so, now. To critics who’d suggest that there are rape themes in her movies, Mason says they probably haven’t seen any of them. “Or they come with a sexual bias before viewing them,” she says. “I know many people who have emailed me saying how much their perceptions have changed after watching something I directed. Many say, ‘ Wow, they are nothing like I expected them to be!’ ”

According to Mason, a female reviewer, one time, wrote how one of her scenes featured a female talent screaming no repeatedly. Mason looked at the same scene, and the talent was screaming yes. “I later found out the reviewer was abused by her husband.”

Mason states that her personal sexuality is an extension of what you see on camera. “I am no longer ashamed of my desires,” she says. “I have become more connected with my sex, more comfortable with my needs, and more willing to communicate with my partner about what turns me on.”

She also believes that it’s possible to become addicted to porn but is warded off against sex where women aren’t getting off. Since the HIV outbreak, she no longer shoots scenes with internal popshots. “They can be simulated of course, but, I doubt I would ever shoot a real internal scene ever again.”

Describing how her preconceived notions of women being victims of porn were dispelled, Mason also shares positive comments about Elegant Angel’s Patrick Collins, noting how her first impression was that Collins was a typical porn guy who might come on to her and want sexual favors.

“He was a perfect gentleman,” she says. “Treated me as an equal.” Mason describes Collins as an amazing director. “He has this innate ability to uncover the ‘truth’ in the men and women he puts in front of his camera. He takes the performance out of the performers. It’s magical.” She was also asked what happened at Elegant and whether Collins is manic depressive or nuts. Mason puts the blame, not on Collins, but on some other “asshole”. She didn’t name names but says Collins gave her artistic freedom at Elegant and that she would be forever indebted to him.

Mason has a degree in Political Science and had planned on attending law after graduation. Unlike most people who fall into porn, Mason says she actively sought a career in it, worked her ass off long hours and paid her dues.

“I always had directing in sight, long before I even knew how to go about it,” she says. “I had a plan, and sacrificed very hard to get there.”

Mason also credits Rodney Moore for teaching her how to shoot camera and edit. She also credits Andre Madness for making the call to Collins on her behalf. “He was the ‘in’ I needed. It never would have happened without Andre.”

Asked how friends and family react to her decision to become a porn director, Mason says none of her friends are surprised and that her mom and dad are her biggest supporters. “My Mom went to the AVN show, and I’ve shot in my Dad’s airplane hangar and a bunch of his friends’ warehouses.” Mason says her father is constantly feeding her ideas.

She states that she’s never had sex on film. “It’s never been something I’d be personally comfortable with,” she reveals. “I don’t have the self-confidence to wear that stigma for the rest of my life… it would hurt me. I salute the girls that have the courage to do what they do.”

The most intense scene she’s ever shot, is, hands down, the Julie Night airplane hangar scene from Dirty Trixxx 2 (Elegant Angel). “It’s been such a fucking thorn in my side trying to recreate that kind of intensity.”

Asked if there was one thing about the porn industry she could change, Mason mentions how girls are taken advantage of and that there is a porno casting couch. “I have grown to really hate the business because of these things.” Her opinions of the greatest male porn star in the world vary depending on her mood, she says, but names Manuel Ferrara and Brandon Iron. “But, Denis Marti is such the lover. I’m getting more into the romantic, tender side of sex, and Denis does that so well.”

Mason is currently shooting for Hustler.


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