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“Master Drew” strikes a deal in sex slave case; She Lied Says Cops

NEW PORT RICHEY – Andrew Kobak, or “Master Drew” as he preferred, avoided prison Wednesday, thanks to the lies and questionable testimony of his former sex slave, Alyssandra Cardillo.

Cardillo’s suspect statements forced prosecutors to drop 16 of the 19 charges against Kobak and instead agree to a deal resulting in just three years’ probation for the former Port Richey resident.

Kobak, 35, pleaded guilty to one count each of deriving proceeds from prostitution, maintaining a place for prostitution and possession of marijuana. He’ll serve his probation in Pennsylvania, where he lives.

For the three years, Kobak is to have no contact with Cardillo, cannot possess pornography and is barred from using any device to access the Internet, unless it’s for work.

Although he avoided prison, Kobak didn’t avoid a tongue-lashing from Circuit Judge Jack Day.

“I’d just like to say there’s nothing masterful about being a pimp,” Day said. “We have robbers, burglars, muggers and all kinds of gangsters that come through here, but there’s nothing more contemptible than a pimp.”

The plea brought a rather benign ending to a sordid case highlighted by a 10-page contract for Cardillo’s total sexual obedience to Kobak. More curious was that the 19-year-old signed the contract willingly after meeting Kobak on a bondage, discipline and sadomasochism Web site.

“I did it because that’s what he wanted,” Cardillo told the Tribune last year. “He said it would make him happy. I trusted him.”

Cardillo initially told investigators Kobak pimped her to more than a dozen men in the few days she spent at his Jasmine Boulevard home in Port Richey. Prosecutors had proof of at least one such incident because a confidential informant sent to the home paid Cardillo for sex.

As time passed, though, prosecutors began realizing Cardillo’s account had problems, Assistant State Attorney Bruce Bartlett said.

Cardillo told detectives a family member had sexually abused her but later recanted the story. Testimony from two women who were in the house called into question the time frame Cardillo gave investigators, and she couldn’t identify her sexual customers, except by first name. Cardillo and Kobak also continued to correspond by e-mail after Kobak’s arrest, which Cardillo didn’t tell prosecutors.

The nature of the case, coupled with the inconsistencies of Cardillo’s statements, made it impossible to present her testimony to a jury.

“We were not dealing from a position of strength,” Bartlett said. “We had so many defects that had been discovered, and every time we found out another piece, it was so bizarre. So aside from being detrimental to our case, it would be almost comical.”

Cardillo signed her name to “Master Drew’s Slavery Contract” on July 9, 2007, not long after traveling to Port Richey from her home in Silver Springs. She pledged housekeeping services, her body and life to Kobak for five years.

“My control over your life shall be unhampered and without limit,” the contract reads. It also dictated what Cardillo could wear, her schedule, how she would act and the punishments for violating the terms. Those punishments included “slapping, ear or nipple piercing, nipple pinching, cropping, hair pulling, going to bed early, time-outs.”

Back story- The Tampa Tribune, July 12, 2007: PORT RICHEY – She calls him “master.” He calls her “slave” or “Jessica,” the name he chose for her.

Alyssandra “Aly” Cardillo said she was looking to serve a man. He was looking for a mistress.

Their paths crossed on a bondage, discipline and sadomasochism Web site. Weeks later, the 19-year-old packed her bags and took a cab from Silver Springs to Drew Kobak’s home in Pasco County.

They had sex right away, she said. By Monday, Cardillo had signed “Master Drew’s Slavery Contract,” pledging housekeeping services, her body and her life to him for five years.

It didn’t last five days.

On Tuesday, detectives from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Vice and Narcotics Unit arrested Kobak, 34, and Cardillo on prostitution-related charges, effectively voiding the contract.

The illegal part wasn’t necessarily the slave-master relationship, authorities said. It was the men who answered an online ad offering after-work massages and reportedly ended up sexually satisfied.

Andrew Michael Kobak, of 7601 Jasmine Blvd., faces charges of deriving proceeds from prostitution, maintaining a place for prostitution, cultivating marijuana and marijuana possession after deputies reported finding the plant growing in his backyard. He was released from the Land O’Lakes jail early Wednesday after posting $15,150 bail.

“Please don’t call this number again. Thank you,” Kobak, whose occupation is listed as “disabled” on the arrest affidavit, told a reporter before hanging up Wednesday.

Cardillo was issued a notice to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge of prostitution.

She doesn’t want to return to Silver Springs, and authorities have told her to stay at a domestic violence shelter, she said by cell phone. Cardillo said she’s afraid, confused and upset about the prostitution charge but plans to stay in the S&M world.

“I don’t understand why that lifestyle is wrong,” she said.

Cardillo said she willingly signed a 10-page contract in which she promised to do anything he wanted, sexually and otherwise. She would be permitted to sleep about four hours a night. The other 20 hours would be devoted to cooking, doing laundry and pleasing “Master Drew.”

“My control over your life shall be unhampered and without limit,” the contract stated. It dictated what she could wear – which often included a dog collar – how she would behave and how she would be punished if she disobeyed or disrespected her master.

Weekly “special training” would include: “Owner’s complete control in her use of humiliation, surprise discipline, cage/bondage time, gags, hoods, etc., cleaning, servant feeding, retraining. … Owner will prepare progress reports on the training of the slave as she desires,” the contract said.

A copy was found in Kobak’s house among S&M items such as chains and whips, sheriff’s office spokesman Kevin Doll said. Kobak, however, didn’t sign the contract.

Cardillo signed, stating she fully understood it and promised to fulfill her obligations.

She said a relative began sexually abusing her when she was 15, which led to bipolar disorder – for which she’s on medication – and her involvement in S&M.

“I had to get away,” Cardillo said, “and through pain, that’s how I … escape.”

Authorities spotted Kobak’s ad for “Jessica’s” services on a Web site and sent a confidential informant to Kobak’s home to see what was happening inside, Doll said.

Cardillo’s arrest affidavit accuses her of sexually massaging a man in exchange for $60.

“I’ve had 20 men since Friday,” said Cardillo, adding she didn’t know she’d be pimped out but went along with it.

“I did it because that’s what he wanted. He said it would make him happy,” she said. “I trusted him.”


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