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Max Hardcore on KSEX: Vows to Beat Feds to a Bloody Pulp; “We’re Going to Kick Their Ass” – final

Chatsworth- It’s just past 7 pm on Friday night, and Lorrainiac was getting a bit nervous. As advertised, Max Hardcore, was supposed to have been in the KSEX studios by now.

Besides, Lorrainiac just shelled out $25 bucks for a bottle of Vodka for Max, whose body, still fairly lean, is a divining rod for the stuff, and Rain hated the thought of it going to waste. Wasted in the sense that Rain’s a beer drinker. Her body’s a divining rod for Budweiser.

Max calls in, finally. He got stuck in traffic. But he doesn’t call Lorrainiac with this news. No, it’s Heather Pink he’s talking to, and Lorrainiac gets Pink on air wondering what that was all about. Rain’s thinking Heather’s got something romantic going with Max and grills her on air like it’s some Senate subcommittee investigation. With an air of I know something you don’t know, Pink’s denying all and saying she and Max are just friends.

Another hour goes by, still no Max. And Pink’s now on with the program she shares with Powder when Max walks into the studio. Walks in the sense that his body’s subconsciously searching out the vodka.

As predictable as a sunset, Max is with Layla. Layla’s looking phenomenally glamorous. On the other hand, Max [he and the cowboy hat have parted company] is looking tired. His face is pinched and his voice has an emotional ring tone to it. Max is saying he made the drive from downtown L.A.

“With my super car,” he smiles. “We were able to allude the authorities. They’re trying to take me down again.” Max is being glib. In a moment he won’t be so glib.

Powder’s turned the show back to Rain because she was the one who got Max to agree to come on in the first place. Rain wants to know all the skinny about Max’s latest battle with the government.

“Didn’t I beat their asses bad enough last time?” he asks. “They charged me in 2001 with three counts of obscenity. We beat them bloody.”

I may be wrong, but I seem to recall another case Max won in Cincinnati, in the interim, when a juror in the courtroom fell asleep during the showing of one of his movies. But that’s neither here nor there.

Max continues to talk about his 2001 case which was tried in Los Angeles.

“They gave up when prosecutor Michelle Anderson was taken out of court on a stretcher,” Max is saying. “The DA called three days later to make a deal.”

Max says such deals involve some kind of quid pro quo and his quo was to accept a lesser charge of disturbing the peace.

“I took great pleasure in doing that,” he recalls. “We beat ’em fair and square.”

Max’s latest beef with the government is ten counts of obscenity, five years per count, regarding five movies.

“I face 50 years for making dirty movies,” he tells Rain. Max also notes that obscenity is misunderstood and not a clearly defined term, though he boils it down to the basics: “Obscenity is too much for the public to handle.”

“They consider my sex acts beyond the pale and should not be allowed,” he continues.

“The problem is a lot of governments have historially suppressed speech. In some places they lock you up and execute you.”

Although he was also willing to concede that the founding fathers drafted a nearly perfect document called The Constitution, Max said “clowns” like bathroom Larry Craig need to be thrown out of government.

“He’s a bible-thumping, storm trooper. If it wasn’t for Freedom of Speech guys like him would be getting away with it.”

Addressing the five movies that the government has on its hit list, Max was willing to concede that perhaps the scenes are less sexy and more outrageous.

“I hold nothing back,” Max explains. “Girls know what the deal is. We go over what they need to know. But I was also pushing them beyond what they thought they were capable of. It’s performance art. Some people have told me this is too much, and I say fuck you. I throw it in their faces.”

What particularly riles Max is the fact that the Catholic Church continually allows priests to “ass rape young altar boys” while the government set an example with him.

Max, likewise, concedes that he got into the adult business pretty much by a fluke.

“But its allowed me to make videos and throw it in their [the government’s] face. We have the right to do it, and I’m going to do it. I feel honored that they came after me, but they’re fucking with the wrong guy.”

Crediting his defense team of Lou Sirkin, Jeffrey Douglas, Jennifer Kinsley and Jamie Benjamin, Hardcore further stated, “We’re way too organized. We’re going to kick their ass and beat them bloody. We’re going to teach these motherfuckers they’re wrong and they need to be stopped.”

“There are people in New Orleans after Katrina that need to be taken care of. There are evicted nuns in Santa Barbara [Max is referencing a case where the Catholic Church put nuns out on the street to sell a building to pay legal fees].

According to Max, the Federal case is “fucked from the get-go.”

“I don’t know if they know what they’re doing half the time.”

Noting that his next court date is mid-March of next year, Hardcore’s also confident that no jury would convict him if it went to trial.

“We’re going on to attack and challenge every step of the way,” he added.

“We’re fighting these motherfuckers for every inch of ground. They’re out to destroy anyone who disagrees with them. And the puritannical nature of this country needs to lighten up and allow people to have sex.”

Estimating that his latest defense may cost him at least $500,000, Max said he was giving this all he’s got and is not done.

“But I’m going to embarrass these guys,” he goes on to say. “The money is meaningless, and I’m going to make more and enjoy life. In the end they’re making me a bigger celebrity than what I am.”

Hardcore also felt that he was fighting for the industry and changed the way porn was being made.

“Though some people said I was going to run off the edge of the earth and when I didn’t, they started crying.”

Whatever the outcome, Max was profoundly philosophical on another point.

“You can always find vodka.”


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