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Maxx Diesel = Christian

> posted on sexyguys only: In the world of straight porn, Maxx [Diesel] is known as Christian XXX. He’s a male performer who currently maintains that he only works with females and goes out of his way to be seen as ‘straight’.

Unfortunately, the facade appears to be crumbling. An escort ad posted by Maxx was discovered and posted on a straight porn discussion site. Click here for a screenshot of the ad.

On another straight porn discussion site called, a female porn star decided against using Maxx Diesel/Christian in an upcoming film, after members of her personal posted links to Maxx/Christian performing hardcore sex with different transsexuals. Here is a link to the discussion, which has since been locked.

On the thread, Maxx/Christian writes:

“wow i cant believe i go on holiday and suddenly i am the big topic of discussion. lets clear up a few facts first.

1. i have met sophia rossi one time at AVN and she was super hot and very nice and of course i wanted to work with her

2. i have NEVER worked for club jenna a single time, nor will i probably ever work for them because the PM doesnt like me for reasons other than the ones mentioned.

3. i have not totally positive that sophia is actually even writing these posts

4. and of course i cant ever complain when a girl doesnt want to work with me if she doesnt know me….BUT

I STRONGLY take offense to this statement by sophia rossi about me and my sexual orientation. let me be crystal clear for you all. she makes not one but TWO references to the fact that she thinks i sleep with or date men off camera. what a crock of shit. there is a HUGE difference between exploring your sexuality ON CAMERA and picking up guys off camera. i like girls, i date girls, and i only date girls off camera. i find it hard to consider myself bisexual because that term implys to me that i could go into a club and either come out with a man or a woman. thats false, i would never be with a man off camera.

so, in summary, i am not upset about this post or this thread at all, but i am a little perturbed that sophia implies that my performances suck because i am looking at the male director holding the camera and i am not into the girl i am working with. how fucking dumb is that? i think she, jenna, jay shanahan, and anyone else could ask any of the girls i have worked with and ask them if my scenes suck or lack heat.

last, she has done exactly one movie to date, so lets not pretend she is a girl who does a lot of scenes and can make or break me or anyone else, i work every day and thats going to continue. i would care MUCH MUCH more if Georgia Peach, Leah Luv, Hillary Scott, Lauren Phoenix, Gia Jordan, Isabel Ice, Shannon Kelly, Brooke Haven, Tory Lane, Kinzie Kenner, or any other of the real porn girls in this business (I could go on and on). she will work with Scott Nails, just like all of the DP girls, Vivid girls, Wicked girls, and Club Jenna girls all do, and life will go on for both of us. me even being mentioned as a possibility is ridiculous. okay, i have to catch a flight from berlin to los angeles…see you all in 13 hours!”

Maxx/Christian is missing the the real issue at hand. It has nothing do with his on-camera sexual performance or his behavior on set. The rates of HIV infection are higher during male to male contact than male to female contact and his ongoing behavior is of interest because he has a history of male to male sexual intercourse. He has topped and bottomed bareback with transsexuals on film before. He has worked as a male escort who is ‘versatile’ (either topping or bottoming) since late 2004 (look at his escort ad).

Maxx/Christian has worked in the straight porn industry constantly during that period all the while stating that he is a straight male who did some gay for pay work, but does not have any sexual contact with males off camera. The evidence provided (i.e., the escort ad, the information from about him working for the site this year) has shown his statement not to be true. Essentially, he’s a liar.

> Bobby Rinaldi posts on Marco Banderas (Direct Models) has quickly become one of my all time favorite performers. Not only is he always on time and ready to fuck, he has the best attitude of any performer I have EVER used. He NEVER complains, does what is asked of him and MORE. Used him several days this week for long hours and never once did her bitch and moan. He is one of the performers who I can say is well worth his rate.

> Kaylani Lei posts on MySpace: when asked what i thought, i answered honestly…. Current mood: horny

There’s always been debate on who cheats more, men or women, and for some reason it’s always been a touchy subject for those who are sensitive. Personally I don’t give a shit who does more, I’ve done it, I’ve had it done to me, and I’m sure it won’t stop there. But when I was recently asked by someone who was taking a poll and discovered that women cheat more than men, and asked for my personal opinion, I answered this….

I think as result of many broken hearted women in the past, current day women are learning more and more how to shut off their emotions from some men to avoid repeating history. (getting hurt) So yes, in today’s society more and more women may be cheating and having more casual, detached sex. Is that a bad thing? Not for the men who are looking to have amazing 2 nights a week sex with someone who is not their winy girlfriend, and for a girl who doesn’t want to deal with the headaches of a dishonest, unfaithful relationship, but wants to just get off and give the vibrator a rest. Women need sex too, yes we get horny too. Duh. If you’ve ever received a drunk text from my ass you’d know!!! lol. But would I rather find Mr. Right and have a normal boy/girl relationship? Sure, but I am sooooo cool with Mr. Right the fuck now. Ha ha! So I feel the statistics on women wanting to have more solid, monagamous (spelling) relationships if given the chance and trust would be greatly higher than the men. Afterall, men will be men, and boys will be boys, but we gotta admit it ladies, we LOVE them!!!! xoxo



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