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We had the opportunity of chatting with Carina on the set of EvolutionErotica’s Teen Meat 3 Thursday afternoon. Carina’s been in the business about three months and hails from Arkansas. Yes, we did ask her if she knew Gauge- the answer was no.

Gene: No website yet?

Carina: No website. The guys from Simon Wolf said they were going to help me make one and they haven’t yet- those old bastards! LOL. I’m just kidding.

Gene: I hear an axe-sant. Where do you hail from?

Carina: Arkansas.

Gene: Our Kansas.

Carina: No, Arkansas

Gene: So what were you doing there?

Carina: Going to school. And dancing.

Gene: A student by day, stripper by night.

Carina: Yeah.

Gene: What made you decide to strip.

Carina: I was like on the drill team all through high school. Why not make some money with it.

Gene: Now there’s a background being on the drill team. Did you have like a dancing background.

Carina: I was on the drill team all through junior high and high school and middle school.

Gene: How long were you a stripper.

Carina: A while.

Gene: You’re really putting a fine point on that.

Carina: Actually I started underage.

Gene: A lot of girls do. That makes for the better story. Did you audition? How did that come about.

Carina: The first time I ever stripped I went in there with some jeans shorts and some flip-flops on. And they let me go on stage. I ended up going to work after that. It’s very addictive. If you make good money at it, and you’re good at it and have a lot of regulars, it’s hard to quit.

Gene: So you made pretty good money.

Carina: In fact girls at here don’t make any more than I did back home which is weird to me.

Gene: In fact many of the clubs out here don’t do nearly as well as clubs in the rest of the country. So what put it in your mind that you wanted to become an adult film star.

Carina: All my friends are guys and I’ve always been around porn. I saw Jenna on a cover of a magazine when I was 15. I said I can do that. I entered a Beaver Hunt with Hustler, got picked and got flown out here for that. Then I did a few projects with Clive McClean. Now I’m out here on my own.

Gene: Jenna got her start underage so you two have something in common. It gets a little competitive with other dancers in a club, I understand.

Carina: Very.

Gene: Maybe a little backstabbing.

Carina: Oh yeah. I had one girl who broke a mirror over a customer’s head trying to bust it over mine. That’s pretty rowdy! Poor guy. LOL.

Gene: Did this guy ever sue.

Carina: I don’t know. It was my last night in the club.

Gene: What prompted that little argument.

Carina: Because she could never make more money than I could. It’s always about the money and very competitive.

Gene: How would you sum up your time so far in the adult business.

Carina: It’s been pretty good. There’s jackasses everywhere you go and I’ve run into a few in this business.

Gene: No, really?

Carina: Yeah!

Gene: That’s not what I’ve heard. Everyone is so nice, warm and wonderful.

Carina: To your face! LOL.

Gene: Have any jackass stories? You don’t have to name names but if the story sounds pretty good, we might have to ask you.

Carina: I had a guy flip out on me in the middle of a scene. He wanted me to just lay there like a dead fish while he was pounding the shit out of me. He hollered. I was like, okay. Go on with yourself. Whatever.

Gene: It must have sounded like a pretty strange request for you.

Carina: That’s basically what he wanted me to do and I did it to get the scene over with. And then he was like, you’ve got my stamp of approval- like I really needed his. This is one guy out of a shitload of people.

Gene: Recall what your first scene was like.

Carina: It was actually a lot of fun. It was for Barely Legal. HBO was doing a thing and they had all their production people there. It was like double the crew people on my very first set. It was a boy-girl-girl and it was a lot of fun. I pretty much expected it to be like that but I didn’t know so much went into making a porn.

Gene: What went into making you. What were you like growing up as a kid.

Carina: I was always trying to get my girlfriends to make out a lot.

Gene: How old where you when you had your first girl.

Carina: Not until I was 17. She was pretty much a whore. She was like the biggest whore I’ve ever known. We used to call her the coin operated beaver but now I’m one! She had this one party where you could buy a bunch of dildos and invite a bunch of people.

Gene: A lady in Texas just got arrested for doing the same thing. So like in Arkansas did they have these crazy laws like the one that got this woman arrested?

Carina: Some porn companies out here don’t ship to Arkansas.

Gene: Which is funny because a lot of girls from Arkansas wind up working out here. Maybe that’s the reason because you don’t get to see a lot of porn. You think that’s what it is? Curiosity, maybe?

Carina: There’s a bunch of country sluts down there.

Gene: Speaking of country sluts ever wind up having sex in crazy places like the proverbial haystack or in the backwoods?

Carina: In somebody’s driveway. They were kind of in the backwoods by the lake.

Gene: So you had sex in the driveway?

Carina: In the driveway.

Gene: How old were you were you lost your virginity?

Carina: I was 15. I picked him up at a concert. I think it was like Pantera or somebody. I took him home for the night and I lost my virginity the next day. he had the smallest penis I’ve ever seen.

Gene: That’s what you get for picking up strange guys at Pantera concerts. They all have small dicks from what I understand.

Carina: LOL. I don’t think so!

Gene: Ever go to other concerts trolling for guys.

Carina: Yeah!

Gene: Ever screw anybody famous?

Carina: Yes. And I’ve lapped danced for somebody, really, really famous.

Gene: Name names.

Carina: Can I?

Gene: If you wanted to.

Carina: Puddle of Mud. Marilyn Manson. Jared Leto. I did Marilyn Manson’s guitar player. And I did the bass player for Puddle of Mud and I lap danced for Jared Leto. And I lap danced for his brother as well.

Gene: Who says nothing happens in Arkansas.

Carina: Yeah, really.

Gene: That’s pretty impressive. Now, do you do anal?

Carina: No.

Gene: Have you ever been asked?

Carina: Hell, yeah. Everyone might as well have do you do anal tattooed on their forehead out here in the industry. But I don’t because I’ve seen girls bleed for hours. It’s not a turn on for me. A finger feels great but any more than that I’m not willing.

Gene: You ever have a bad experience?

Carina: I had a guy do the wrong hole on a set.

Gene: I guess it was by accident.

Carina: I don’t think so. I think he wanted to see if my asshole was as tight as my pussy was.

Gene: How far did it get in.

Carina: I know the head went in. I was like, wrong hole, wrong hole. Excuse me. He knew.


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