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Memphis Monroe on Adam Carolla-final

Porn Valley- Although it was Tera Patrick who was announced Friday as being a guest on the Adam Carolla Show, it was Memphis Monroe who showed up Monday. Monroe is featured in Hustler’s Aphrodisiac. Monroe was described By carolla as not just porn-hot but hot-hot.

“You could be the neighbor in a sitcom,” Carolla told her. The show’s Oswaldo Castillo hung out on the Aphrodisiac set, and Carolla noted the $250,000 budget.

“Yet you only got $900 of it,” he told Monroe. “Are you being well-compensated?”

Monroe said she was a contract girl for Hustler, that she gets an income. Carolla was wrong on the notion that the contract girl-thing is a relatively new twist in the business. [Vivid had contract girls in the 1980’s as well as CDi.]

“Maybe Jenna Jameson got things going ten years ago- I don’t know,” said Carolla. “Instead of getting paid 700 bucks for a girl-girl scene or $1300 for a double D.P.- the point is you get $250,000 a year and are contracted to do nine movies.” Monroe said it was more like she was contracted for 24 scenes which pretty much evens out to 12 movies.

“What do you get ballpark?” asked Carolla. Monroe said about $70,000.

Carolla assumed that the compensation was mid-range.

“You’re not exactly getting rich but it’s a decent living for working how many days out of the year?” he asked. Monroe said it varies and there are times she doesn’t work at all in a month.

“Like these past two months I’ve been working every other week,” she added. Besides that, Monroe makes income from club appearances and signings. Asked about guys she would or wouldn’t work with, Monroe said she’d work with Castillo. Looking at her bust, Carolla was guessing that she was a natural C-plus, D.

“All natural,” laughed Monroe.

“And an ample areola,” added Carolla. Asked about his presence on the shoot, Castillo said he saw one scene, “Weeth Mempheese.”

“She eating popsicle.”

Carolla took that to mean Monroe was performing on a guy but Ozzie said oral was all he saw although Monroe did take her clothes off for him.

“Very nice. Very sweet.”

Monroe was asked if the “short man from Nicaragua” standing there threw her game off any.

“Not at all- there could be a hundred people in the room and I’m still on top of my game,” she answered. Carolla said he liked the fact that she was focused and had the eye of the tiger. Continuing his broken English review of what he saw, Ozzie said he was about 12 to 15 feet away from Monroe.

“I went to the porn set – Hustler vi-day-o- and was surprised to see people screwing in two and three and orgies,” Ozzie continued. Monroe explained that was Sandra Romain and that Ozzie just happened to walk in at that moment.

“It was a d.p.- he got a little bit taken back,” Monroe laughed.

“What happened in your pants when you walked into this orgy?” Ozzie was asked.

“I saw the beautiful porn star Mempheese Monroe,” he continued. “She have one and a half year in the career.” Monroe said she’s done about 35 movies that she’s aware of. She couldn’t remember the title of her first one, believing that it was Lethal Hardcore that shot it.

“It just came out,” she said. Monroe said she watched one of her first movies to critique herself.

“I noted to myself to stop saying, oh yeah,” she laughed. “Because I just kept repeating myself over and over again. I’m, like, this has to be annoying to whoever is watching this.” Carolla suggested that next time she break up the oh yeahs with ‘that’s the ticket.’ Continuing with his review, Ozzie noted that Monroe was a “mutt-le” translated as model.

“I was a nude model,” explained Monroe, “and I also did a little bit of fetish- pantyhose, stockings, that kind of stuff.” Meanwhile, Carolla was coaching Ozzie on the correct way to pronounce video and vagina. Carolla also thought that 70 grand sounded a little light for doing 12 videos.

“Of course if I sign again I get a little bit of a raise,” Monroe suggested. Then Carolla suggested what if he and some buddies kicked the money in, they could have Monroe for a year. Ozzie continued to give his report noting that Monroe did a scene with Tommy Gunn.

“How is he doing in the junk department?” Carolla wanted to know.

“He’s doing very well,” she replied.

“It was a very good scene- I like a lot,” said Ozzie of the blowjob Monroe gave Gunn. “Mempheese Monroe is fantastic.” After a commercial break, Monroe and Ozzie did the ice cream truck scene out of Hustler’s The DaVinci Load, although Monroe wasn’t in the movie.

Asked if her parents were good to her, Monroe said yes and that she grew up in the south.

“And this is how you repay them?” asked Carolla. Monroe said her father and her stepfather know she’s in porn. But thinks her mother chooses not to acknowledge it.

“How does your dad find out and your step dad for that matter?” Carolla asked. “The step dad was in the first movie, but other than that…”

According to Monroe her father found out when his friend was looking her up online to find out where she was.

“My real dad and I don’t really keep in touch too much,” she explained. Carolla said that was a shocker.

“He [her dad’s friend] pulled up my first website- and there it was, my first Hustler layout,” Monroe continued. For his part, Carolla said he would never tell someone about their daughter being in porn in a billion years.

“He’d either not hear it or hear it from somebody else.”

Monroe said she keeps getting questions from her step father as to when she shoots next. Monroe explained that they are all from Kentucky.

“But step dad calls you and tells you I was checking out your spread in Hustler,” said Carolla. Monroe was 17 or 18 when her stepfather came into her life. Carolla assumed he was attracted to her.

“I don’t want to think about that,” said Monroe. Carolla assumed her step father was checking her out coming out of the shower with towels on.

“Did he ever come on to you?” Carolla asked her. Monroe said no and the more she talked, Carolla said her story was getting sad and creepy. Monroe mentioned that she has a fiance but he doesn’t work in the industry.

“He’s a good ol’ Southern boy,” she said. Monroe’s real father is in Louisiana. Asked why they weren’t talking she said, “I guess he has more important things to do.” Carolla threw it out there that if fathers don’t pay attention to their daughters, they’ll find it, possibly, in the adult industry. Noting that he just had a daughter, Carolla said she was going to pay someone to pay attention to her.


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