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Mercedes Ashley’s Webcam Romances

Porn Valley- In a no bullshit, straightforward, non ADD-driven hour, Flexx delivered a great interview with Mercedes Ashley on Monday night’s Ebony Night Show. Hell, it was almost like listening to Larry King. Well, almost.

Ashley, whose sexy eloquence and sultry FM radio-style voice makes her a formidable spokeswoman on behalf of adult entertainment, touched upon a variety of interesting subjects. Ashley has been running her website since 2000 and has entered lucrative territory ever since she started her “Fan Fuck Off.”

“Then we started going for it,” said Ashley. “I started fucking my fans. It’s by my rules and I like to be the aggressor. I’m an aggressive-type chick so I get to direct the fuckin’ thing and tell the guys what I want to be done,” she laughed. Ashley would describe herself as a Fem-Dom. “I like to be completely aggressive, completely in control. I just like them to lay there while I fuck the shit out of them. I want to make the moves. I want to flip him and lick his ass, all that stuff.”

Ashley said she’ll bring a camera girl with her and show up at a fan’s door. “They all of a sudden kind of panic. They shy down where they talk shit on the damn e-mail of what they’re going to do when I get there. Then when I show up, it’s like eeeeeeeeeeke! I have to be the aggressor to get ’em going.”

Ashley also said she’d never talk down to someone and once the video is up on the ‘Net it speaks for the guy. Flexx imagined that any guy would be shocked if Ashley showed up at their door. Asked who she’d personally like to fuck, Ashley said she’s always wanted to do a scene with Eminem.

Flexx painted the scenario of Eminem coming to Ashley’s door with his pants down. “I’d snatch his ass up, flip him over on the couch and fuck rape his ass,” Ashley replied. “I’m not shy around people. I used to be but not anymore. Porn kind of breaks you in. You’re no longer worried about a damn thing. I’ve done it all. No big deal. What’s the big deal to be shy about.”

Ashley also does phone sex. “My house has cameras in it and my members can actually pull me closer to the cameras. They bother me all times of day and night but my life is dedicated to them.” Asked what part of the house these scenarios are likely to occur, Ashley commented that you’ll never catch her in the kitchen. “I don’t cook!” Flexx heard that Ashley has something like 5 cell phones and 20 pagers. “Yeah, no shit,” she said, sarcastically. “Two cell phones and 3 pagers, each differentiates where the call’s coming from, if it’s tech support, bachelor parties, personal life. And the cell phones are because some cell phones don’t work in certain areas. I always want to be in touch with everybody. I have to be contacted, baby.”

Ashley was quick to point out that it takes years of work to make money with a website and that fans will test you to see if you genuinely answered their e-mail. “Shit, I can’t lie because I’m sitting there and they’re watching me. They’re like, bullshit! You’re not in your office.”

Ashley was asked if she ever got what-the-fuck-was-that phone calls. “Like somebody calls with a pig noise in the back.” According to Ashley, nothing strikes her weird. “They’re slaves. That’s normal,” she said. “To me I see it all.” Ashley said she took a phone sex call one time from a guy who was sucking his German Shepherd’s dick. “And he wanted me to watch. That’s some cool shit. I want to see stuff that I’ve never seen before and that did it.”

Another time, she said, was when a guy was dressed in his wife’s panties, bra and dress and his wife walked in on him. “That’s normal!” Ashley said the guy wanted her to tell him to model and sashay. “I tell him all these things to cross his legs, show me his heels and he pretends he’s a woman.” Ashley explained that these are slaves in the Fem-Dom world.

According to Ashley, the weird stuff now turns her on having done the gangbangs and usual sex. Asked if she herself would do the weird stuff, Ashley didn’t think she’d fuck the German Shepherd. “But I would do a whole lot of that stuff. I’d try it to see what it felt like.” Ashley said she’s done little left to the imagination. “I’ve done Fem-Dom films and they introduced me to the world of fetish which is very weird. Very kinky.”

Flexx said he enjoys certain levels of kinkiness but once props start getting into the act, he’s inclined to back off. “Anything that has a spike on it, I don’t know! Anything with a dick on it, no, no. Anything with a buckle I’m not too sure about. Anything that will block my air passage.”

Ashley asked what if it was pussy or ass. “That can block your air passage.” Flexx was thinking more in terms of the red ball from Pulp Fiction. “Every time I see Ving Rhames I can’t get that image out of my head.” Ashley said she’s had balls in her mouth where she’s gagged on them, but never a ball gagger. Ashley said she won’t do a film if she’s asked to be a submissive. “I’ll tell them are you crazy?”

Ashley said she was doing a film with Nick Manning one time. “He was pulling my hair and choking me. Before you knew it I had his ass on the fuckin’ ground and I’m choking him, slapping him!” she laughed. “We’re going to play rough, huh? I like all that rough stuff.” Ashley said she’s curtailed her pace to where he does maybe one or two films a month and is working more now on her site.

“I started filming my Fan Fuck Off, and The Ho Show. It’s a one-hour show I film weekly. You follow hos around. Me and my girlfriend. It’s a diary of us and everything we’ve done for the week. We go to bachelor parties. We got to niteclubs and you see what we do. Half the shit is just heinous. It’s funny as hell.” It can be found on her site in the tour area.

Ashley said there’s a segment where she and her friend are dancing in a chicken coop. “It was funny.” Ashley gets a kick from doing that show because she does so much porno and for her this is a startling change of pace. “I thought maybe we’d mix some comedy in there.”

If she had to state her sexual preference, it would be men. Flexx applauded the comment. “It seems like women are jumping on the whole lesbian bandwagon.” For her pleasure, the dick has always got to be in the room, Ashley stated. Ashley first started having sex at 14. “Teenagers when I was having sex at 14, we didn’t know what the hell we were doing. We didn’t know what the hell it was. He came, not even realizing that he was supposed to eat my pussy before he started sticking it.” Ashley remembered being grossed out at the thought of sucking a dick.

“The guys were two-pump chumping me to death.” Flexx said he was consistently a two-pump chumper after his first time out of the gate when he was like a stallion. “For some reason I was nervous because of the circumstances.” Flexx said he was always staying up late to catch the breast movies on Cinemax. “But I didn’t start masturbating until I was 19 years-old.” Flexx said he put more thought process into sex before even having sex. “The stuff I didn’t read or learn I figured out on my own.” Flexx had a girlfriend who was the high school ho who’d be watching soap operas bored out of her mind while he’d be pumping away on her.

Ashley remembered times attempting to fit the dick between her lips because she didn’t know another hole existed for the purpose. Ashley who’s now in her ‘dirty thirties’ is inclined to say that women even in their twenties don’t know the score they think they do. Ashley’s way hornier than she used to be. “Big time. That’s why I fuck my fans instead because I don’t have a boyfriend to go home and fuck.” Ashley says it’s because of the adult-thing that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. “They’re willing to get with it if you’re willing to allow them to allow you to get with it. But I feel sorry for them.” Asked what she meant, Ashley said, “Because it’s hard to tell them I got to go fuck somebody. I’m not going to do that to them.”

Ashley’s had boyfriends in the past but doesn’t want to put anyone through it. “I just had a gangbang, baby. I can’t fuck you tonight because my pussy hurts. I’ve been on the set getting my pussy ripped wide open. How do you tell that to a husband or a boyfriend? You can’t.” Ashley said you also get into the whole ridiculous cheating issues where you have to make the work/play distinctions. “No boyfriends in the industry. Just cut it out,” she advises. Ashley is also Puerto Rican and very possessive which probably makes it worse, according to her. “Jealous. My boyfriend would be locked in the closet and he can’t come out. I’ll just bring him out when I need to bone him.”

In a moment of self-analysis, Ashley confides that she never thought herself good enough that her boyfriends deserved something better. “Something more than some chick who’s fucking everybody.” None of her boyfriends were in porn, said Ashley. “Normal dudes. I like normal guys. I don’t like the millionaire-stuff. That’s hard to deal with. Most girls like millionaire guys. I don’t because then I’ve got to battle with fuckin’ 50 other girls. Fuck that. I’ll take a normal dude any day.” One stipulation, said Ashley, is that he has to be self-sufficient. “He’s got to be independent- goddamn! Get a job. Get a car and you’re right up my alley!

In her spare time, Ashley stays at home claiming she can meet a guy in front of her computer as well as in a club. “I like home. I live very well, nice. I party once a week every Thursday.” Ashley said she’s surrounded by guys- e-mailers. “Fuckin’ Yahoo chat. The computer’s like a niteclub. All you got to do is bring your own booze. Turn up the stereo. Blast the music. Get your grove on. Drink some liquor and everybody’s b-ring, b-ring. It’s like a guy walking up to you in a niteclub. You’ll meet people that way. It’s a niteclub but you’re not hurting anybody. Nobody’s really fucking.”

Flexx suggested you might not want to see what’s behind the Yahoo messenger names. “That’s why they created the webcam,” said Ashley. “You don’t have a webcam, we’re not talking to ya.”



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