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Mia Rose Re-Visits KSEX

Porn Valley- Mia Rose,, was a guest on The Wanker Show Friday night. Wankus noted that Rose rushed over to KSEX after being on a set all day and Rose asked for a tissue because she was “snotting”. Wankus asked if she did a snot series for her website.

“I should,” Rose answered. Because she has a sister, Ava, that’s also in the business, Rose said she’s seeing posts all over the Internet about “this incest-crap.”

“We know you’re real sisters so what?”

According to a conversation Wankus had with Ava, he learned that the closest they ever got, physically like that, was a photo shoot they did for Hustler.

“That’s out right now,” said Mia. “It was supposed to be January -now it’s the holiday issue. We didn’t even hold hands.” Wankus said what he got from the conversation with Ava was that they were very close but at other times they want to kill each other. Mia agreed.

Mia was in Tampa last week for the awards show and brought up the incident in which Anjelica Lauren apparently blurted out some cuss words on a radio show.

“It was me, my sister, Tricia Devereaux, Sunny Lane- all of us slipped a little,” said Rose.

“And Sunny Lane said, ‘Why the fuck are we out here?’ They said, that’s it. Cut the show.” Faith thought that every show has to have a delay button.

“We passed the delay button,” said Rose who had a great time there. But Rose also mentioned that she was put up in a “shitty hotel.”

“There was this bug- this freakin’ thing. We took a book and hit it out of the air and it splattered against the wall- that’s how big it is.”

Wankus couldn’t believe that after all the complaints in the past, talent still got put up at the Best Western. Wankus then told a story about how he and Faith were at the hotel and changed rooms a couple of times. Faith said she had to change her room five times. Wankus said they were asked to attend, again, but wouldn’t if they had to stay at that same hotel.

“Oh you’d love it- they remodeled the whole place,” he was told. “As soon as we opened the door to the room, we fell over.” Wankus said he asked to be covered for a difference in a room if they had to upgrade.

“They never paid us,” he said. “I host all kinds of events for free- fuck them- we’re not going to the Tampa Show.”

Faith said it was a silly show, anyway, and Rose was of the opinion that it was so unorganized and unprofessional.”There was some great people, but…” Faith felt that the event was for little kids and Wankus said it as an excuse to have people buy advertising for an award.

“For paying $10,000 this month here’s a cool plaque.” For that reason, Faith said she was anti-awards ceremonies.Asked who she was working with earlier in the day, Rose said Tommy Gunn, that it was for Suze Randall. Wankus wondered if Gunn got her into some creative positions that he’s known for.

“I can bend into some really awkward ways and Suze takes complete advantage if that,” laughed Rose. This was the first time she’s ever worked with Gunn.

Wankus noted that the last time Rose was on the show, she talked about how she woke from a crazy night, had whipped cream in her ass and 26 signatures all over her butt. On another occasion, the first time she was at the beach ever in her life she shot a scene.

“And my talent sucked so bad,” she said, noting that he was complaining about sand in his crotch or something like that. That’s when Faith chimed in and said most of the guys in the business were worse than the girls.

“Very good male talent deserves way more props than the girls,” Wankus was quick to point out.

“If you work with me you deserve more props,” said Faith.

“They should try living with you,” Wankus commented. Getting back to Rose’s beach story and the fact the guy couldn’t get wood, Rose said she got pissed because she likes getting off.

“It’s not about them, it’s about you,” argued Faith. It was unclear whether they were still discussing the beach scene, but Wankus was looking at a gallery of pictures featuring Rose and noted that she was fucking some guy wearing rabbit ears. Rose said it was Justin Syder.

“They were glued on- they were prosthetic ears,” said Rose. Faith said Syder’s got a friend who set her tits on fire one time.

“He put a lighter fluid thing on all over your skin – the flame would shoot across your skin- it was kind of neat.” Syder’s friend was then identified as Master Dominic. Rose then went on to describe how her beach scene was shot in Malibu but someone crashed into a telephone pole and there were eight helicopters circling overhead while they were shooting.

It was mentioned that Rose, while she likes girls, doesn’t go down on them.

“If Tyler wanted to take you home with us tonight you wouldn’t go?” Wankus asked her.

“I’d come over for a drink,” replied Rose. Faith said she doesn’t have a problem with drinking and drugging somebody.Again bringing up the fact that Rose has a sister, Faith said she’s always wanted to have two brothers at the same time.

“I slept with two brothers but a couple of days apart. But now I would like to sleep with two sisters.”Rose talked about how she did an anal scene for Jake Malone, working with a guy who had a monster cock.

“It’s not Blackzilla?” asked Faith. “Her ass would have been falling out.” Rose didn’t know who Faith was talking about, and Faith said it was Shane Diesel.

“It’s 10-inches long and eight fucking inches thick,” added Faith. Rose said she saw his cock, that he was fucking Crystal Clear one time on a set she was at. Wankus remembered Clear as Pipe One who came on KSEX the time with the Rob Spallone circus.

“She was on with another Crystal- they were the meth pipe twins,” laughed Wankus.

“She was in the makeup chair next to me,” Rose related. “She goes, dude, you can’t tell I’ve been up for four days, can you?”

“They couldn’t spackle enough fuckin’ makeup on her…” Faith thought. In any event, Rose said Clear’s scene with Shane Diesel was for New Sensations. And Rose was told you’re not going to believe this cock that you have to come see it for yourself.

“I’m, like, it can’t be that great- I walked in that room and walked straight back out. It’s not right.” Faith thought Diesel was about the size of her pet Chihuahua.

“It looks like an alien.”

According to Wankus, Diesel stays hard even with all that size.

Faith remembered Pipe One [Clear] as banging a bunch of old dudes in a Spallone gangbang.

“But Blackzilla in your ass?” said Faith. “It’s instant emergency room.”


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