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Mia Rose to Tyler Durden: “You Turn Me Off”

Porn Valley- During her appearance on Tony Batman’s KSEX show, I Don’t Think So Buddy, Mia Rose,, was telling a story about her and Tyler Durden. Rose said she told Durden he didn’t turn her on so he walked off the set.

Co-host Monica Mayhem said Durden was a friend of hers. And Rose explained that during a point where they were taking a lot of stills, Durden kept talking about his ex girlfriend.

“I said you’re not even turning me on,” said Rose. “He goes, fine. I don’t even want to work with you. I said go. And we had this kid argument.” According to Rose, she replaced Durden by calling Erik Everhard.

“He rocked my world- he choked me out. I passed out.”

Earlier in the show, Batman and Mayhem were talking about a bottle of booze at KSEX that evaporated and Batman said Gene Ross must have snuck in a drank the whole bottle.

“Who?” said Rose

“The Adultfyi-guy,” replied Batman. “He’s the one that’s going to write the very nice story about you after this interview.” Rose said she heard of Gene Simmons, and Mayhem said she was in Simmons’ magazine but they put the caption under her picture as “Monica Mavis.”

Rose had been on KSEX before but on a different show. Asked what she has been up to, Rose said she was serving as her own agent.

“All I’m doing is working on e-mails and more e-mails.” Batman said from the sounds of it both Mayhem and Rose need to get assistants with Mayhem commenting about “all the backstabbers.”

“Like who the fuck can you really trust?” Mayhem asked. For her part, Rose said she’s never been fucked over because she’s more of a stay-at-home type.

“I am not a social butterfly because I’m shy,” Rose said. “I don’t get out too much.” Batman had to laugh because he’s been putting out press to make it sound like Rose was accompanying him everywhere including supermarket openings.

Batman also announced that Rose got a brand new “bad ass” sports car.

“You’re making me sound bad here,” Rose protested. “It’s because my other car died. I take care of my cars. I detail it myself every three days.” Mayhem said her car was like that until someone took it from her.

“Who was that?” Batman asked.

“I’m not going to talk about that!” thundered Mayhem. Batman wondered if that was the guy with the Mohawk. Mayhem also announced that she just got her permanent green card and can become a citizen if she wants.

“You don’t have to marry another American, Monica?” Batman chuckled.

Asked where she was from, Rose said Alaska. Rose said it wasn’t fun and the people are all woodsmen and “fuckin’ nasty assed perverts.”

“These are like lumberjacks,” she added. Batman wondered if Rose has been in a committed relationship, and Rose said she’s been single for three years. Rose went on to talk about an industry party she attended.

“I meet this spine doctor and he text messaged me today. He was you’ve got too much going on right now. I don’t know if I can handle being in a serious relationship. I’m, like, you called me once.”

Rose said she’s also getting the same treatment from a celebrity but not naming names. Mayhem said as far as she’s concerned, everybody’s a booty call in her book.

Rose noted that she’s been shooting a lot for Evil Angel and how she cried when she met John Stagliano.

“Seriously, I was in tears,” she said. Rose talked about an anal scene she did with Manuel Ferrara in a movie titled Slutty & Sluttier.

“I do anal just for Evil Angel,” she explained. Rose also talked about an anal scene she did with Steve Holmes in Anal Romance.

“He came twice in the scene- the first 40 seconds and again,” said Rose. According to Rose she didn’t think anything was disgusting in porn but there were some things she, personally, wouldn’t do.

Rose says she doesn’t do girls, that they don’t do it for her.

In the interview, Rose mentioned that she has a video on her site featuring her and a random, non-porno guy who’s wearing a mask. Batman was politicking to do a scene like that with Mayhem and Mayhem stated that she doesn’t mix business with pleasure.

“If Monica and I went home and fucked and next week we came back and we were bickering with each other it would make for a horrible show,” Batman explained. “She wouldn’t want to talk to me on the air.”

“Maybe I’ll get your spot,” Rose said to Mayhem


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