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“Michael Moz Has a Track Record of Doing Nice Things for Women and Being Shit On”

Brooklyn Lee has a lot to say on Twitter about Rob Black. In fact Lee tweeted me: @Adultfyi1 hahaha if you’d like to hear my rendition, feel free to give me a call. I guess Lee wanted to talk about this story:

I contacted Lee to get her rendition. Still haven’t heard back. So now here’s the context of the Rob Black statement that got her in a dither.

Black earlier this week made these comments: “Michael Moz who was at LA Direct was like the Derek flunkie. But flunkie because that’s how they treated him. The guy ran the office. His girlfriend was Brooklyn Lee, and Mike Moz pushed that girl and made her the biggest fucking star out there. You’re the biggest star and Michael Moz made that for you. Not LA Direct and not Mark Spiegler even though you got your award when you made it big and thanked Mark Spiegler. Mike Moz made you a star.”

Apparently Lee didn’t like the comment and tweeted: 3 Apr @RichardAbowitz @RealRobBlack @StevieJ102 rob is literally the only person to have flunked out of porn. What a joke. Bitter little turd.

Bitter little turd that he is, Black who hired Lee for Birds of Prey and apparently had bad experiences with her, took to the airwaves and elaborated:

“Brooklyn Lee, if you’re going to spout- cause the thing is I didn’t attack you- I love you. I put you in my movies. I made you the lead in my movie, and I hate you?

“I stated a fact that Michael Moz is a phenomenal agent. Michael Moz ran LA Direct and made that company what it is today. Michael Moz that is probably the only tolerable agent rep in the entire fucking business. And I know there are throughout the Valley shaking their head saying, yesssssssssss.

“So a man by the name of Michael Moz [pictured], I was saying something nice about this guy. A guy by the name of Michael Moz was married to Stormy Daniels and got abused in the press and made fun of by Stormy Daniels. This is a guy who has a track record of doing nice things for women and being shit on.”

Black said he was merely being nice to a friend when he said that Moz made Lee a star.

“What do I get for that? I get Brooklyn Lee saying horrible hurtful things about me. But they’re just lies.”

“Here’s my favorite line, I flunked out of porn. What’s the definition of flunked? My father flunked out of sixth or seventh grade. That’s what flunked means to me. You’re done, it’s over. I don’t know. I’m just an uneducated guinea from Rochester, NY. that likes to get hookers. So Brooklyn, you took up the mantra. So I flunked out of porn.”

Black said it’s a known fact that awards in the business are bought and paid for and that people like Lee care about them, nonetheless.

“We all want accolades. We all want people to give a shit about us. We want to be accepted by our fucking peers.”

Black pointed out that his movie Taxi Driver won a number of distinctions and an award for Tommy Pistol as Best Actor.

“But I flunked out of porn?”

Black also pointed out that Lee was the lead in his movie Birds of Prey where she played the Oracle and was nominated for a Best g/g sex scene but didn’t win. Nonetheless Black said people thought the movie was awesome. [It won an award for Best Packaging].

Lee also tweeted that it took months for Black to pay her. Black said, “I can tell you to collect money from those people who owe me money, and I can tell you to collect money from those people to pay the people that I owe. And the people that owe me money are the biggest motherfuckers in this business, but you’ll be hearing that when the lawsuits come.”

It’s not clear, but Black alludes to the fact that Lee was possibly getting some of her misinformation from Kagney Linn Karter who was also in the Birds of Prey Cast.

“Kagney Linn Karter is a consummate professional,” said Black.

“You couldn’t wear Kagney’s fucking underwear. You created drama and guess what happened? You got your ass fired by Derek, and I know right now Derek’s laughing his ass off. Then you left, whatever, and went to Spiegler.

According to Black he used Lee. “Just like the entire business used you.”

“Right now you should have a target on you from every girl in the business because you took work from those girls because you were sucking on Mike Moz’s cock. You were fucking Mike Moz so Mike Moz made sure he put you in every good movie. Mike Moz made sure you were the focus of LA Direct, not Kagney Linn Karter. Not Sarah Vandella. Not Gracie Glam.”

“But what’s Derek going to do? Mike Moz runs that place. Without Moz you don’t have LA Direct.”

Because he can’t deal with Derek, Black said he called Moz since he can’t use girls that get fucked for $400.

“So I’m talking to Mike Moz, and who’s his girlfriend? Brooklyn Lee.”
Moz told Black he’d get a deal if he used Brooklyn Lee.

“So now we’re all cool and life is grand.”

What came as a surprise to Black is that Lee is a redhead.

“I hate redheads. Yuch.”

“I call Moz, ‘I didn’t know your old lady had red hair.’

“That springboards to Birds of Prey where Brooklyn is the fucking lead. Remember this girl says I don’t like her because I had to pay her money and it took months to pay.”

According to Black, Lee seems to have a lot of selective memory going for her in her recall of events. She showed up to the set as a redhead.

“In a wig,” Black adds, noting that there’d be no wigs on the set.

“No wigs, no wigs, it’s gotta look natural,” Black told her.

“I didn’t no it was a wig. I said, Moz, ‘I could have gotten any fucking girl to wear a fucking wig!’”

“All you LA Direct girls that always thought Brooklyn Lee got what she got because of Mike Moz, it’s true! I would have hired anybody. I didn’t want to go the wig-route.”

According to Black his makeup artist chilled him out.

“She made that wig look good, and I had Brooklyn Lee do the movie.”

“Then she gets into a huge fight with LA Direct. I have no idea what happened. And out of the blue she leaves LA Direct and goes to Mark Spiegler.”

Black said when he saw Lee momentarily wearing a Batgirl outfit he could see why Bill Clinton wants to fuck her and why she’d go to Dubai to be a prostitute.

“But then I snapped into reality and said this is Mike Moz’s old lady.”

According to Black, if Lee keeps running her mouth, he’ll remind every girl in the business that everything she got was from Mike Moz.

“Then it branched over to John Stagliano and Evil Angel. I wonder why? Voracious, the vampire movie. Hmmm. Okay.”

“Hey, Brooklyn, asshole, when you open your fucking mouth, just remember who put you there. The guy that flunked out of porn.”


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