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Michelle Lay Bids Goodbye to KSEX-final

Porn Valley- I’ll miss you most of all, Scarecrow.

In a night of reminiscing, Michelle Lay bid fond farewell to KSEX and The Wanker Show Wednesday night where she had been the reigning co-host for almost three years.

“I’m going to be the co-host [tonight] you always wanted me to be,” Lay told Wankus who informed his audience that Lay’s schedule wasn’t allowing her to commit to every week. Taryn Thomas will be the temporary replacement, according to Wankus. “It’s been crazy and a lot of fun.” Lay had often been the butt of KSEX jokes regarding the frequency of her periods and resultant tampon wearing.

“Do you save every string that you had in you every week?” Wankus asked, noting that Lay seemed to be on the rag every time she was asked to show her pussy.

‘I’m on a different pill now,” said Lay. “Some girls gain weight and grow boobs. I just have lots of periods.” Lay wondered how this move was going to affect their personal relationship.

“Are you going to be nicer to me now?” she asked Wankus. Wankus conceded that the last few months for him have been hell.

“The last couple of months is what prompted me to quit,” quipped Lay. Showing that she was only kidding about that last remark, Lay mentioned something about being a commentator on live KSEX events. Wankus said KSEX has had problems with those, experiencing anywhere from 30 second to three minute delays and that they tried going live from Ohio where Tyler Faith had been dancing and it was painful.

“I hated you that night,” said Lay, noting that she was making a top ten list of things she’s going to miss about KSEX.

“I don’t have any,” she laughed. “Kidding- I got to bust some balls.” Wankus was also hoping to show some of moments from Lay’s past on KSEX.

“Including the one where you made Powder eat the [chocolate] syrup off your ass,” said Wankus. “It made us physically sick but it was very funny.”

Watching the footage, Lay commented, “Why do I look like I got a big butthole? I don’t think I was doing anal.” Lay then compared herself to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

“At the end of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy goes back to Kansas,” she said. “Seriously, based on personalities, Batman’s The Cowardly Lion; Soxxx is one of the flying monkeys- he’s definitely not the Scarecrow. I think the Scarecrow would have been Plus One. Cytherea looks like the Scarecrow.

“I think you should be The Wizard, though,” she told Wankus. Lay said she was still working on the analogies. Asked what she would miss, Lay said every night she was at KSEX was fun.

“You and I- our relationship- started out so kind of weird,” she told Wankus.

Wankus reminded listeners that Lay started out being a guest on his show. And Lay said it was a while before she became a co-host but also remembers a few shows where Wankus made her cry.

“In the beginning you were on my show,” said Wankus. “Then you later said I want to be on Jacklyn Lick’s show. At the time my show just featured amateurs and her show was all about established porn stars and you were just starting out.” Wankus remembered Lay e-mailing him then supposedly going behind his back to e-mail Lick. Lay disagreed stating that somehow her e-mails were getting bounced back to her.

“They were getting to you but I was getting a message saying undeliverable.” Lay said she kept sending the same e-mails.

“You sent a note to Jacklyn Lick,” she said. Wankus remembered Lay sending an e-mail to Lick.

“Because I get a copy of everyone’s e-mails,” he added. Lay remembered the Wankus communique to Lick going something like, tell this bitch [Lay] to fuck off, she’s nobody. Somehow, Lay got a hold of the e-mail, thinking who the fuck does this “jock-loser” think he is.

“It made me sad- it made me cry,” said Lay. “I was emotional.” After the e-mail incident, Lay remembered seeing Wankus at an AVN show.

“I think I approached you- I’m the bitch- the one you told to fuck off. And we started talking and it’s all good.”

Lay said she didn’t want to make it sound the wrong way, but she thought her departure from KSEX was time.

“It’s a change but I’m still going to call in and try to win free porn.”


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