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Michelle Maylene Interviewed- final

Porn Valley- Porn newcomer Michelle Maylene was interviewed on The Wanker Show Wednesday night. Maylene is with L.A. Direct Models. And Maylene was just in the process of shooting her fourth scene Thursday. “I’m liking it so far.” Maylene said she was doing a b-g-g- although someone apparently pulled a fast one and told her it was just a b-g. “But it’s Brooke [Haven]- she’s hot.” Maylene said she wasn’t into girls unless they were really cute. Maylene said some of the girls weren’t so hot, let’s be honest.

Tyler Faith, who was the co-host, also noted that a lot of girls are camera friendly but in person look atrocious. Maylene said the first scene she shot was with Scot Nails for Robby D and Digital Playground. “At first I was scared- Derek promised me that I’m not going to put you with anyone too big. I looked at pictures on the website. Derrick, he’s huge. I’m scared to do the scene with him. It hurt a little when he put it in but after it was good. It was nice.” Maylene said she was excited to start working in the business. “I wanted to get into it.” Maylene said the scene was adlib where she and Nails played boyfriend and girlfriend. “It was really casual. He came in and wanted to take pictures of me. But I’m kind of mad at him- what are you doing? Get away from me. He’s taking Polaroids and we end up fucking.”

In her second scene, Maylene played a girl who would do anything to be in a music video. “I’m like flirting with a guy. I started grabbing up on him. I’m pulling my bra down and rubbing up on him. My boyfriend’s yelling at me. He’s yelling at me. I’m telling him he’s a director and I want to be in a music video. All of a sudden his tone changes. I want to be in it, too.” In the scene she did Wednesday Maylene was required to dress up like a cute little girl and get fucked. “They had me in pigtails. It was weird. It was for New Sensations.” Maylene is 18 as it is. She graduated high school three weeks ago. She said her friends knew she was being interviewed to come into the porn business. “It’s crazy- you’re a porn star and still in high school.”

Maylene, who’s from Palmdale, got kicked out of her prom, however. Wankus thought it was for shooting porn. “Someone poured some sugar on me and I got up on a table and started stripping. They kicked me out.” Maylene’s father is French and her mother’s Filipino. “She’s hot too. Derek met her. She’s a stripper.” Maylene’s mother still strips out of Chicago. “She makes a lot of money. Her boss wants me out there. I’ll have sex but I won’t strip for money.” Maylene said she advised her mother to do some MILF movies. “She’s, hot but she’s really self conscious about a little scar she has. She’s nervous and won’t do it.” Maylene said the thought about possibly working with her mother has freaked her out, but she wouldn’t do it. Wankus said don’t worry. Porn companies will try talking her into it.

“There are like father-son teams that will do it together,” said Maylene. “How could you do that?” Wankus said they want sisters and mothers and daughters to be together. “Remember? Who’s that psycho? Bisexual Britni. Remember, she used to get it on with her mom for real in the off time,” said Wankus. “She used to call the show an was getting it on with her mom. We’re in the hot tub right now. I’m eating my mom out. Swear to God. She wanted to come on the show with her mom and get it on with her. I told her she could. But it never worked out for some reason. Bisexual Britni retired. That’s some fucked up shit. You need Homeland Security for escorts? You need it for that kind of shit.” Tyler Faith wondered what kind of upbringing it took to eat your mother’s pussy. “Catholic?” Wankus asked.

Maylene started having sex when she was 15 and said her parents were generally pretty lenient with her. She’d stay out till 2 at the age of 12, running around. “I was never into drugs. I wasn’t out getting drunk and coming home. I was a good girl.” The guy she had sex with was a close boyfriend. He was 22. And she was disappointed in the experience. “It was just weird.” Maylene thought it would be something that you saw in the movies. “But it was just do it. He shoved it in.” She started sucking cock when she was 15 and was pretty skilled in that area. So far in the business she’s been working with guys who are pretty good and can’t deep throat. Maylene started laughing about the fact that she’d cheat on her boyfriends and would feel terrible about it. “I can’t help it.”

Asked about her senior prom, Maylene said she went by herself, a fact Wankus found hard to believe. She went with a bunch of girlfriends. “We partied.” Asked how she made the transition from high school to porn, Maylene attributed it to her current boyfriend who’s in the porn business. “I can’t say his name on radio. But he got me into it. First it was just us messing around. I cheated on my ex-fiance with this guy. He said you’re really good, you should be a porn star, do porn. Yeah, you think so? Okay. Why not. I love sex.” Maylene said the guy she’s dating right now is talent. “We cheat on each other all the time. I’ve cheated on him in our personal life. He knows about it. I can say it.” Maylene said she felt weird cheating on the guy the first time. “We’re laying there- missionary- I’m like what the hell is this guy’s name again. I met him at the Erotic convention. We went home together. He’s also talent.” Maylene said she cheated with a new porn guy named Cyrus though at first she thought his name was Cypress. “He’s very new.”

Asked if her boyfriend has been on Wankus’ show, Maylene said no but that he should be on the show. “He just works with Playgirl TV. He doesn’t have an agent. He wants to sign with L.A. Direct.” Maylene was told they have enough guys. “But they don’t have enough hot guys.” Wankus suggested Maylene call him. “It’s kind of weird,” she replied. “he’s married.” Faith was loving these revelations. Maylene explained that the marriage was strictly for papers. “She gets kind of jealous. First they got married and it was for paper. As time went buy she fell in love with him. They still fuck. They’re probably doing it right now.” Wankus asked for the guy’s name. Maylene said it was Niko. “He’s Romanian- sexy as hell. He’s a stripper.”

Faith said with a name like that you’re a male stripper and that every stripper she knew was either a Niko or his dog was named that.

Asked if there was some girl from the LA Direct stable that she’d like to fool around with, Maylene said her girlfriend Tiffany Taylor. “That would be really natural.” Maylene said Taylor was half Pakistani and French. Wankus said the smell alone would scare him. “Let’s be honest- the French stink. Be honest there’s some serious stink going on with the French side of your family. How much cologne can you cover it up with?” As far as Pakistanis, Wankus said they got to stink. “They don’t even know what deodorant is.” Faith said she didn’t know any Pakistanis and Wankus said she’s been in a New York subway recently. After she was urged to remove her shoes, Wankus complimented Maylene on her feet because they weren’t fucked up; and Maylene proceeded to put one of them in her mouth.

Talking about where she wanted to go with her career, Maylene said she wanted to be the next Tera Patrick. “I really enjoy doing this.” Maylene aid that Derrick at L.A. Direct was helping her set up a production company. Faith said she’s had pretty good experiences in the business, as well, considering that Jill Kelly is her best friend. “I felt really lucky.”

In her perspnal life, Maylene said she liked sex rough and have her hair pulled. “And choke me until I die. “But I want to shoot a bit of both [including passion and eroticism]. Maylene said she wanted to shoot with her boyfriend. “We put on a great show.” Wankus said some companies hate hiring couples, feeling that the couple is so used to one another they’e not going to give the best scene. Asked if she did anal, Maylene said right now she doesn’t because she’s pacing herself. “That keeps your longevity. Right now I’m shooting boy-girl. In a year I’ll add girl-girl and anal.” Maylene said she doesn’t shoot interracial. Asked her reasoning, Maylene aid it was about the black guys having really big penises. “That’s like the reason. I’m not prejudiced. I love black guys. They’re really beautiful.”

Wankus said it was kind of weird talking about interracial with Maylene because hers was a pretty weird mix. According to Maylene, her father was in the military and met her mother when he was stationed in the Philippines.

Wankus wanted to run down some of her other yeses and nos. Asked if she’d take two grand for a ten-guy bukkake, Maylene said no. “My base rate is a thousand already and that’s just for boy-girl,” she said. “I put on a good show.” But in her personal life, Maylene confessed that she does everything. “I’m saving it for the industry- I actually really enjoy anal in my personal life. I jusr lost my butt hole virginity two months ago.” Maylene won’t do cream pies and won’t swallow.

In her personal life he just started swallowing. “I tried with one guy. It tasted like rotten beer. My new boyfriend I could do whatever.” Asked if she’s lost any high school friends, Maylene said it’s more like she’s gained friends. “Everyone wants to be my best friend now. All my high school friends, they love it and support it.” The only person who isn’t cool with it is her sister. But I don’t really get along with her so I don’t care. She’s 23. She goes through weird phases. She was a witch once. Now she’s a hippie. She went through a phase where she wanted to be me. She’s out of that. She’s a hippie now. She’s like I’m a mom- I’m married. I’m such a good person. But when she was younger she was doing exactly the same- dating strippers. My dad is cool with it.

Maylene said she has a brother who’s gay. “I love him, though. I love taking him shopping. We have a lot of fun together. Her brother is a phlebotomist for a living. Maylene said her family’s scattered all over the place. Her brother, who lives in Florida, is 22 and very supportive of her work. He gives her fashion advice. Mayloene said the family knew he was gay from the age of 2 when he was playing with Barbie Dolls. “He came out when he was 19.” Maylene remembered catching him masturbating to an MTV show one time. He was jamming a dildo up his ass. Wankus asked if Niko liked his ass played with. Maylene said sometimes she’ll toss his salad but doesn’t want to fuck him in the ass. Faith told her she will when she gets older. “Don’t do it with your boyfriend- do it with random guys,” Faith advised her. Maylene asked how do you find one. Wankus told her stay in the business long enough you’ll find one.

A conversation then ensued about if you’re a guy and what you’d let another guy do to you if untraceable money were involved. Wankus said he’d let a guy suck his dick for $2,000. “You give me $2,000, you can suck my dick all you want- as long as I can kiss Tyler while I’m doing it.”



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