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Michelle Maylene Was Pestered in Maui?-final

Porn Valley- After trips that took her to Maui and New York, Taryn Thomas [pictured] was back at KSEX Tuesday night. Thomas, between fielding barbs from Steven St. Croix on their Saint & the Sinner Show gave a rundown of her activities. St. Croix said he was jealous that Thomas was in Maui.

“I was shooting in Maui,” she explained. “It’s not like I was on this wonderful Caribbean vacation. Or this Hawaiian vacation. I was actually working. I shot for Shane’s World and it was a very, very interesting trip. You can read all about it on”

“Some shit happen?” St. Croix assumed, his ears perking up. Thomas again advised him to go to the website. But St. Croix said he wanted to get his information from her first hand.

“You were there, it happened, tell us.”

Thomas again said what a great trip it was, noting that her best friend, Penny Flame was the director.

“She’s been directing for Shane’s World for about a year, now,” Thomas said. “It was a great trip. It was originally, me, Michelle Maylene, Penny, Sascha and Jack Venice. Michelle left the first day and she was replaced by Emily Evermore.”

St. Croix wanted to follow the forensics in Maylene’s situation.

“She left Hawaii the first day? So she took the 5 1/2 plane ride, got off the plane, got her luggage then went to wherever you guys were staying; then decided fuck it, I’m getting the hell out of Hawaii.”

Thomas said it was a long story and she didn’t want to get into it.

“I want to get into it,” stated St. Croix.

“For Michelle’s sake I don’t want to talk about it,” Thomas continued. “But I can tell you this much. Michelle was being pestered by another male talent on the trip and she left.” Thomas said, she herself, was “pestered” later by either Sascha or Venice but wasn’t saying who. St. Croix figured someone was taking too much Viagra, and Thomas said she was told she didn’t like to have sex enough.

“He had upset Michelle and knew that he upset me,” said Thomas. “It was a great trip but everyone’s friends and everyone’s cool. So everything worked out great. There’s going to be some amazing scenes.”

Thomas did one scene where she got fucked on a lava rock but she was concerned about getting bruised up because she had to sign for Adam & Eve in New York later that week. It wasn’t an anal scene and St. Croix wondered what was up with that.

“You’re like the anal queen of 2006,” said St. Croix. Thomas apologized profusely in a sarcastic way.

“What did you do, lose a bet?” St. Croix asked, her wondering if she was easing back gradually into anal. Thomas explained that she was just getting back into the swing of things and, prior to the trip, had done a d.p. and a scene where she stretched open Tom Byron’s ass “the whole time.”

“Honestly I was not ready for a trip like that,” she said. “I think I came back a little too early but I’m just going to keep pushing.” Thomas also passed some vague reference to the fact that she was now facing her problems head on.

“You don’t have any problems- you’re young, you’re beautiful, you’re horny,” St. Croix told her. “You’ve got a roof over your head. You’re way ahead of the entire population of Ghana right now.” Thomas said it was hard dealing with problems.

“You’ve been in this industry 25 years now,” she told St. Croix.

“Fuck off, no, 13,” he replied.

“You’ve been in the business less than Taylor Wane,” Thomas continued, stating that she loves Wane. And St. Croix was inclined to say that Wane looked better that a lot of girls getting into the business.

“She got into the business before me, and I kept missing her- I didn’t get to work with her until recently,” he mentioned. Thomas thought Wane looks amazing and then went into the fact they were on the Howard Stern show together.

“We both lost to Carmen Luvana but that’s okay,” said Thomas. Thomas was in Hawaii five days and got to do a lot of cool stuff, she said. Thomas, who was in Maui, told St. Croix he needs to go to Oahu if he wants to fuck and get down and party. St. Croix began some Hawaiian name-dropping, and Thomas said she has a rich aunt who lives in Honolulu. Thomas then went on to do a little self-analysis and St. Croix said he was getting jealous because everyone was having nervous breakdowns.

“I haven’t had one- it’s like an orgasm,” he said.

“They’re far from orgasms,” Thomas answered. “It’s something you don’t want to go through.” Thomas also thought she had acquired a tan and St. Croix wondered if she were in her hotel room the entire time.

“I got pretty tan, I think,” said Thomas, mentioning that Spiegler thought she got black.

“Spiegler is blind in one eye,” St. Croix quipped.

“Actually he is color blind,” Thomas conceded.

“You thought I was pulling it out of my ass,” St. Croix laughed. “Maybe at night you look black.” Commenting on her NY trip, Thomas said she got to sign for Adam & Eve as well as Genesis.

“I got to be with a lot of great people and I got to sign for two really great companies,” Thomas continued, showing off an Adam & Eve necklace she was given. St. Croix asked what sexual thing she had to do to get that.

“What happens in New York stays in New York?” he suggested. Thomas said that wasn’t the case and that she would be signing for Adam & Eve at La Erotica on Sunday. She’s working Saturday, however, and can only be there one day. St. Croix wondered if Thomas was under contract to Adam & Eve and asked her if they offered one.

“In my wildest dreams- I have too many movies out,” Thomas replied.

“You’re overexposed,” St. Croix concluded.

“Apparently so,” agreed Thomas. “But I have red hair underneath this black hair that has not be overexposed.” Thomas was wearing jeans and St. Croix chided her for not wearing a short skirt with no panties.

“I have to lose weight,” she protested, noting that during her sabbatical from porn she gained 15 pounds. Thomas said she’s doing Trim Spa and is back in the gym, explaining why she looked so grubby. St. Croix brought up Thomas’ little brother having given him a porn name, DeSoto Vincenzo. Thomas said her brother’s telling his friends how St. Croix’s going to teach him to do porn.

“I just have to go to acting school.”

St. Croix swore he never told her brother that.

“He thinks he’s going to do porn now,” insisted Thomas. St. Croix predicted that he would. Thomas didn’t think so because he just got some kind of job offer.

“He used to tour around the country for NASCAR and work for the vending companies,” she explained. St. Croix suspected his job was to sell Coca Cola in the stands. When Thomas explained that the job entailed more including lemonade and ice cream, St. Croix wondered why he just didn’t get a job with the circus. St. Croix voiced the opinion that watching NASCAR on TV is like watching traffic.

“It’s the same fucking thing and the only reason why you watch NASCAR is you’re hoping that somebody crashes.”Because Tuesday was the last day for voting, Thomas urged all her fans to vote for her for the FAME Awards including anal starlet of the year and rookie starlet of the year.

“You’re going to be pissed if you don’t win,” St. Croix predicted. “Because you promoted this thing so much that if you do not win you’re probably going to fucking commit suicide.”


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