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Michelle Wild Visits KSEX- final

Porn Valley- She’s shared a colorful menage a trois with Bisexual Britni and Dennis Ormond the past seven years. A member of Sex Addicts Anonymous, Michelle Wild was on KSEX Monday night- not to talk so much about her menage relationship which still exists, but Wild’s sexual addiction. During the course of the addiction, Wild had attempted suicide.

Wild figured the last time she was on KSEX was a promotion for Pink Kitty Video. That was at least a year ago. Since then her body has become a gallery of tattoos.

“You’re a regular roadmap,” laughed Wankus reading some of the signage she has incorporated.

“There will be more on the way on top of all the lesbian pictures on my calves,” said Wild.

“You’re a walking Penthouse,” co-host Rebecca Love agreed. Wild who’s from Denver originally, recalled how she went through sex addiction and rehab when she first moved here. She took the wrong turn by being abstinent, according to her. Wild discussed how she was raised to view sex as very taboo.

“I learned to hide it,” she said. “Now it’s coming out- me getting into porn.”

“You’re a true nympho,” Love told her.

“I love sex,” Wild agreed. “I was raised Catholic- that it was something you did in the dark, on your back for procreation only, with the person you’re married to and not for fun. Of course as a teenager your hormones are raging. I learned to hide it and got in all sorts of trouble.”

Wild remembered having sex the first time as a kid and was so weighed down with guilt that she washed herself out with rubbing alcohol.

“Talk about burning,” she pondered. “I couldn’t tell my parents about this.”

Wankus wondered if they were smokers, musing that Wild could have been lit up from that. Wankus, who imagined the mother in Carrie from the direction of the conversation, brought up Bisexual Britni.

Wild said Britni was back home in Denver. But with Wild’s sex addiction, she talked about how she also carried on affairs behind Britni’s back. In general, Wild agreed that she’s all about the women. Then she brought up how she tried committing suicide saying she has no qualms about discussing it.

“I prefer to talk about it,” she said, wondering how many other girls out there with a sex addiciton have tried.

“You hear about male sex addiction all the time- they make movies about it- but girls, it’s like drinking in the Fifties. Alcoholism was just as predominant in the Fifties as it is now but you didn’t hear about it because of the guilt and the shame. I think the same thing is going on now.”

For her part, Wild said she had to address the issue of how many people she hurt.

“I overdosed on pills and tried putting a gun in my mouth.” Luckily it was an empty gun.

“Then the pills took time to wear out,” Wild added. In her suicide attempt, Wild swallowed everything she could find in the house. Mostly aspirin.

“It did make me horribly sick,” she said. According to Wild she was in a coma for three days.

“Britni and Dennis were there- fortunately she stayed with me. If she hadn’t who knows what would have happened.”

Wild’s goal, now, is to let women out there know that they’re not alone and there is help.

Wankus wondered what sex rehab was like.

“Are they afraid to hug you because you might get too excited?” Wild, who’s very much into women, laughed about being put in a woman’s ward.

“That’s like going to a club,” said Love. Wild suspects that there’s some deep dark secret lurking in her past that hasn’t been discovered as yet to account for her addiction.

“I had a good childhood- the problem was I was raised that you’re going to hell if you have sex.”

Wild feels that her treatment gave her a start.

“Basically it comes down to myself. And no one’s going to be able to fix you except for yourself. But it gave me some guidance.” But the abstinency obviously didn’t work, she said.

It was then that Wild started getting the tattoos to compensate. Nevertheless she wound up in jail after a domestic spat with Britni.

“This isn’t good- I’m ending up in jail, but I like the tattoos,” continued Wild, noting that she was now taking better care of herself and trying to find a happy medium.

With fewer hangups, Wild said she no longer harbors guilt and shame and that she’s been getting requests to do videos. Britni has been encouraging her to do that.

“I’m secure with myself- I’m being honest,” Wild said. Wankus then compared what Wild was saying to drug addicts who’ve convinced themselves they could get by with just a little crystal.

“It’s like food- you need it to live,” stated Wild. “Your body is naturally driven to have sex. It’s just that I’m not lying about it any more. I’m not hiding it any more.”

Wild was asked about Pink Kitty Video and Wankus wondered if it was Ormond who started the company.

“It was AMA Content- he bought into that partnership and started from that, Pink Kitty Video,” Wild explained. “Which is still going strong.” Wild isn’t involved that much with the company.

“But it is doing really well and we’re running it from Denver,” she went on. “We moved back to Denver in September.” Wild explained that they lived out here for about nine months and the weather got from hot to hotter.

“We really missed the seasons and moved back home.” With a lot of snow on the ground, Wild said they belong to a motorcycle club and this is the longest they’re gone without riding.

“They say March is going to be even worse- March and April are our snowiest months out there.” On one occasion, Wild said the airport was shut down for a week.

“It’s been absolutely insane out there.”

Now that Wild has decided to start performing in movies, Wankus thought it sounded strange coming from someone who’s sexually addicted.

“How do you explain that?”

“Addicts lie, they cheat, they steal, they hide it, they cover it up,” said Wild. “Versus dealing with it and being healthy about it and being open and saying this is what I’m doing, I enjoy this.”

According to Wild, the thing that most upset her by the way she was raised is the fact she didn’t know about bisexuality until she got to college.

“All the pussy I passed up in elementary, junior high and high school.”


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