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Van Damage Visits KSEX-final

Porn Valley- Van Damage was on KSEX’s The Wanker Show last week. Wankus kidded him about wearing Kurt Lockwood glasses and Damage right away said he didn’t want to be mistaken for him.

“That guy is too good looking,” Damage replied.

“And, besides, you don’t have a behind-the-scenes rate like he has,” added Wankus. “He has an extra rate. Craven Morehead was on one night and he was shooting a Peter North-thing. They’re walking around with a behind-the-scenes camera, whatever, drinking water, getting makeup on. And Kurt goes, hey, what are you doing? And the guy is, like, this is behind the scenes. And he’s like don’t shoot me. The guy is like, what are you talking about. This is behind the scenes. I shoot everybody. He goes, no, no. I have a behind the scenes rate.”

Co-host Taryn Thomas seemed flabbergasted to hear this Lockwood info.

“I respect him for that,” said Damage. Wankus couldn’t believe his ears

“Let me tell you something, man,” Damage continued. “These guys come on sets and they’re like we’re doing a documentary for HBO.”

Wankus argued that this was a production company doing BTS footage and that it was a different case.

“That’s like common in almost every porn.”

Then, Damage assumed, Lockwood was just being himself.

“But I won’t sign those releases for HBO,” Damage observed. “Because they make boatload of money and they won’t give you nothing.”

For himself, Wankus said he’d do it for HBO for the exposure.

Van Damage and Thomas had just shot a scene a day previous for Cass Paley.

“It was a girl-girl-boy scene,” said Damage. “And the highlight of the scene was when this little girl- this little prima donna- she yanks my cock out of her ass and sticks it in the girl’s mouth and says suck on it. The girls is looking aaaaagh. And she goes it’s okay, it’s just lube.” According to Damage the other girl was like a parrot and mimicking everything Thomas was saying. Wankus wondered who the other girl was and Damage said, “We can’t talk.” Asked if the girl did a good scene overall, Damage said no.

“Did I do a good scene?” Thomas asked.

“Yeah, baby- take your pants off,” Damage told her.

“How could a scene not be good with you?” Wankus told her.

Wankus asked Damage if he gets recognized and Van said he had one good story involving that.

“I’m walking down the street with Tiffany Mynx and this is probably four or five years ago,” he related. “Tiffany was really well known and some guy jumps out of his car- his Pinto with Oregon plates- he gets out of the car and he’s, like, oh my God, you’re Van Damage. Come here, you got to meet my wife. And he drags me to the side of his car and his wife’s sitting there. It’s looks like they’re on this mecca cross the country and the car’s full of shit. He’s remember Van Damage from the movies? He’s grinning at me. I go this is Tiffany Mynx, here. You want to meet Tiffany Mynx? He goes, hi, anyway, Van Damage, can I have your autograph? I was, like, oh God, you don’t want my autograph. Come on.”

Wankus then talked about a Tyler Faith movie Van Damage was in titled Full Exposure. Damage played a character known as Dr. Cuckoo, a sexual research doctor.

“I’m told you get recognized just as that,” said Wankus, noting that all Damage said the whole movie was, “Cuckoo-Cuckoo.” Damage said he gets really cute girls coming up to him about that.

“It’s a shame because the concept of this movie was phenomenal,” said Wankus. “But when they edited it, they destroyed it. It totally fucking sucks. Just the editing. They ruined it.” According to Wankus it was supposed to be like E! Hollywood stories but it turned out really bad. Damage recalled the movie as coming out toward the downfall of the company. Wankus said that’s why he edits the Team Tyler movies so not to have a situation like that.

Damage started working in the business during the summer of 1995. By contrast, Thomas started having sex [privately] in 1998. Damage began doing amateur stuff in San Diego and was asked by some porn companies to work for them.

“I was a doorman at a strip club down off of Midway in San Diego and picking up girls at the beach,” he recalled. Damage said he’d shoot videos of those girls romping around and shoving cucumbers up their ass.

“We’d have fun and they’d sell incredibly well- the market wasn’t flooded,” he said. “It was just so wide open.”

“Then I’d watch guys do scenes,” he continued. “Like Sean Michaels and Dave Hardman back in the day. And Ric Masters- those guys were like wolves that just got a sheep. They were going to throw me into that mix? Holy fuck. I’m a little more laid back than that.” Answering the question as to where all the guys came from since that small nucleus back then, Wankus said, “You know like every guy that comes up to you and says I can do that? Somebody finally let them in.”

Damage also noted that up until 1999 male performers had to work without medication like Viagra.

“I can name names of guys who were struggling, now all of a sudden they’re big names,” he said. “By the same token you see guys come on the set and they’re popping four milligrams of Viagra. Their eyeballs are about to pop out of their head.”

With all of that said, Damage noted that even with the influx of male performers he still has a good income coming in.

“I can’t complain.” Asked if he had a personal relationship, Damage said no, that he’s gone that route.

“I just don’t like sleeping next to people,” he stated.

Damage started talking about hi-def and Wankus felt that people don’t want to see pussy that detailed.

“You don’t want to see it that close and that clear.”

Damage also noted that everyone with a camera has become a director nowadays.

“A guy with a camera you’ve never seen before shooting for”

The subject got on to Mark Spiegler and Van Damage mentioned that Spiegler was raised by a black woman.

“And she used to put him in the yard and all the black kids in the neighborhood would pet him,” Thomas added. “He was like an animal for the black kids- they used to pet him.”

Wankus couldn’t believe what he was hearing and Thomas stated that Spiegler one time also got into a very bad car accident.

“That’s why he walks so funny. And actually on some of my videos you can see me do the Spiegler walk.”

Someone in the chat room brought up Tom Zupko and Damage said Zupko was a mad man and that he walked off Zupko sets twice.

“The last time I was on a Zupko set I was on the verge of walking out,” he continued. “And the girl said she quit.” Damage said that was a relief to him because he didn’t want to do it three times. Damage recalled one instance where he put on his pants to walk off and Zupko would go, “I love you, I love you, come back. You can’t be doing this to me, man.” To which Damage told Zupko he was a drunk.

Regarding his personal preferences, Damage said he wouldn’t play a submissive and tends now to avoid doing double anal scenes.

“What’s the point?” he said. “It’s you and this other fucking mope whoever it is and you’re going to fuck this girl in the ass- she’s hot. I don’t give a fuck who she is, I don’t want to stick two dicks in her ass.”

Thomas said now that she’s thinking about it more, she’s also come to the same conclusion, who wants to see this.


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