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Nikki Nine Visits KSEX-final

Porn Valley- Hustler contract girl Nikki Nine was a guest Friday night on KSEX’s The Young & The Curious hosted By Jason Sechrest,

Sechrest explained that he met Nikki earlier in the week on the set of Hustler’s Barely Legal 68.

“She told me I reminded her of her gay little brother who also happens to be barely legal,” said Sechrest who said he wouldn’t mind being a third wheel in a manage where he could lick Nikki’s clit and lick the other guy’s dick or his ass. Nine then was brought on and mentioned that she just turned 18 in June. Nine signed with Hustler October 5th and before that worked with several websites prior. Asked why she went with Hustler, Nine said she wanted, originally, to get back at an ex boyfriend.

“He cheated on me with my best friend [a girl] who I was cheating on him with,” she said. But Nine’s position was that she wasn’t herself cheating.

“That’s sharing,” Nine stated. Either way, Sechrest thought the girl friend was a shady bitch in that situation.

“That is awful- your best girlfriend was having sex with you and your boyfriend,” said Sechrest. Nine said she and the girlfriend were friends for two years.

“She got hers in the end,” Nine added. “I did Adam Carolla and I totally put her on blast on the radio, and her parents heard.”

Nine’s friend is named Lindsey but she isn’t in the business. Asked why posing for Hustler would be a good idea to get back at her boyfriend, Nine said he had a subscription. Besides the fact that he’d see it, his mother would too.

“And I hate his mom,” Nine laughed. “It hasn’t come out yet but he knows.” Then Nine’s boyfriend broke up with Lindsey and apparently came crawling back.

“And she’s so hardcore lesbian,” said Nine. “Like closet lesbian. She was trying to convince me to break up with him.” Nine said her ex-boyfriend was pretty good looking and she liked the fact that he was tall- 6’5″. Sechrest noted that Nine brought her “fuck buddy” Christopher into the studio and wondered what that entailed. Nine said it means he has sex with her whenever she demands it. She met him four months ago through a friend. And Nine began telling another involved dramatic threesome story.

“You like to find yourself in these situations,” Sechrest concluded. Otherwise, Nine said she pretty much does straight boy-girl on camera. Sechrest noted that on the Hustler set, Nine’s partner in the scene, TJ Cummings, rubbed his cock on her asshole and she freaked out. Nine said that’s because she hasn’t tried anal. For his part, Sechrest said he liked crazy, rough sex, and Nine said she liked aggressive men.

“He was slowly thrusting and making love to you,” said Sechrest of the TC Cummings episode. “It was really everything I could do to not come up and spit on you or put my hand on your throat. It was a good scene and came out great, but I personally like something a little rougher.”

Sechrest observed that when Cummings was going down on Nine he was sucking on her lips.

“And he paid no attention to your clit- he didn’t even touch your clit.” Nine said she was touching it and Sechrest said that’s because she was left no choice. Sechrest felt Cummings should have at least smacked her.

“You sucking on her outer lips is not doing anyone any good.” That being said, Nine thought that Sechrest would have loved her scene with James Deen.

“He was really aggressive,” she said. “And he’s whispering in my ear- you’re a dirty little slut.”

Asked about her sign, Nine said she was a Gemini but doesn’t get along with other girls unless they happen to be Geminis. Nine noted that the other Hustler contract girls are Mya Luana and Memphis Monroe.

“I’m sure they’re wonderful people- I’ve never heard of them,” quipped Sechrest. “But I never heard of Nikki Nine until this week, either.”

Sechrest laughed about getting an award for being the person most in the know about the adult business and not hearing about Nikki Nine.

“This girl is fucking gorgeous. And you have the perfect petite figure. You are so tiny I just want to throw you up against the wall and have people do awful things to you.”

Sechrest also heard that Nine’s “fuck buddy” likes rims jobs. Asked if she licks the guy’s butt, Nine said, maybe. Nine said she’s never had sex with two guys who were on each other but might want to try it. Gay porn is also hot to her and Nine said she wanted to give it to a guy in the ass one day.

“I would totally suck a guy’s dick with you,” volunteered Sechrest. “Or the very least lick his butt while he’s fucking you.” Nine said she and her fuck buddy have gone dirt bike riding together but she’s not allowed to any more because the last time she came back bruised.

“I’m a tomboy,” she declared. Sechrest thought that was interesting because Nine looks so glamorous in his opinion. Nine said she’s been trying to tone down the tom boyism.

“You’re a glamour queen,” Sechrest told her.

“Thank you. You’re a glamour queen too,” Nine laughed.

If she had her choice of doing any kind of sex scene, Nine said she’d like to do something in the mountains, in a jacuzzi.

“I want to do a location in Havasu where I’m like this girl that’s on a boat picking up on random dudes.” In her private life, Nine said she was a sex fiend and even had sex before she came to the studio and would have it later. If she’s not on camera, she has to have it at least three times a day, she said.

Sechrest wondered how many times her fuck buddy could do it, and Nine said he could go all day. Sechrest mentioned how he’d like to chase hot straight boys with Nine.

“Here’s the thing- if you want her- you don’t have to suck me off but I have to be involved somehow.” Nine said she’s seen two guy kiss in person and thought that was pretty hot.

Sechrest noted that Nine had cute, tiny boobs and wondered if she was going to get implants. She said no.

“I don’t mess with nature,” she stated. Besides, she said, Hustler told her no fake boobs or tattoos. Christopher then came into the studio. He’s 20 and Sechrest asked what it was like to have sex with Nikki.

“Nympho,” he answered. “That’s the easiest way I can put it. Like she said, we came out of the house today and she’s all pretty and stuff. I’m sitting there and she walks right up to me, bends over and lifts up her skirt. That’s how it is daily.” Christopher said he could keep up with her for awhile.

“That’s what’s so great about her being a porn star,” he added. “Because she’s just as hard as me.” Nine was also of the opinion that Christopher was a man-whore. But Christopher claims she took his virginity. Nine said having sex with Christopher was hot.

“He treats me like a little dirty bitch,” she said. Nine claims she can’t even bend over in the shower with Christopher.

“It’s like fucking prison with him,” she laughed. Asked what he did for a living, Christopher said he was a welder and could build a stripper stage if the case may be. Nine said Christopher was going to make her a metal dildo.Nine also talked about her next project and said it was titled Nikki Nine: In Your Dreams. She’s also doing an all-girl movie the end of the month and said she likes working with girls a lot more.

“That’s always a fun set,” she said. Sechrest wondered if she had yet to bring another girl into the Christopher mix and Nine said she doesn’t share well.


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